Review of Heart Of Texas Farms by TexasRealFood

The Heart of Texas primarily produces eggs. They raise lots of pasture-raised pampered chickens and collect healthy eggs from them. They allow all their chickens to live on large pastures to enjoy native grasses, forbs, and all tasty insects they find. Because of the high supply from the chickens, eggs are available all-year-round.The farm also has a blackberry orchard. They are in season in June. During the peak harvest time, the farm allows U-pick services. If you plan to go in June, be sure to wear long sleeves and wear a pair of rubber shoes; not to stay protected from thorns but insects. A good dollop of insect repellant on your skin will also do.Currently, the farm is raising grass-fed cows that will be ready by 2020. 

Farming Methods, Practices & Certifications

Grass Fed / Pastured Grass Fed / Pastured
Naturally Grown Naturally Grown

Locally Grown and Raised Farm Products by Heart Of Texas Farms

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