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Discover local Texas food businesses in Downtown - Houston, Texas

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1600 Bar + Grille

Restaurant in Houston, Texas

1600 Bar + Grille is “open-air and connected to the lobby of a very nice hotel”. It is “very nicely decorated, including some vegetation, which provides some barrier to the lobby traffic”. It features locally-sourced seasonal fresh produce, plus Certified Angus Beef and Gulf seafood dishes prepared from scratch to guarantee farm-to-fork freshness. Their “breakfast […]

8th Wonder Brewery

Craft Brewery in Houston, Texas

When the world was introduced to the Houston Astrodome in 1965, it was the world’s first air-conditioned domed stadium. People dubbed it the “8th wonder of the world”. The founders of 8th Wonder Brewery jokingly named their company after the moniker of this Houston icon as they brewed craft beers in a dome-like warehouse, 8th […]

8th Wonder Distillery

Distillery in Houston, Texas

What does the 8th Wonder Brewery do when it reaches icon status for its craft beers? It moves on to distilling spirits, of course! Brewing craft beers in a dome-like warehouse, the founders of 8th Wonder Brewery jokingly named their company after the old moniker of the Houston Astrodome. In 1965, Houston Astrodome was the […]

Black’s Bodega

Store in Houston, Texas

Black’s Bodega is a funky little shop in Houston, “serving everything you need” from beer and wine, cold pop, prepared foods, and free hugs! As soon as you walk in, it will make you feel good. Owner “Courtney Blackmore” really goes out of her way to take care of her customers. Black’s Bodega is a […]

Blue field market

Farmers Market in Houston, Texas

Blue Field Market starts at 4pm and runs until 10pm. Enjoy this market with Houston as the backdrop and have a relaxing, fun night. Grab a drink, make friends. and enjoy the community vibe while doing your shopping. They also have live entertainment, yard games, sand volleyball, and free yoga. Some people complain on the […]

Bonnie & Clyde Hummus

Artisan Food Producer in Houston, Texas

Bonnie & Clyde Hummus is not just selling fresh and delish hummus but also serves pita bread, Bahn Mi sandwiches, and fresh coffee. “It’s a killer hummus” that is “made with sterile water,” and made fresh before every market. Try their “traditional hummus and its simply the best hummus” you’ll ever have. But better “grab […]

Cakes By Fran

Artisan Food Producer in Houston, Texas

Cakes By Fran is a local and home-based business that specializes in soul baking. “When you order Cakes By Fran, you eat to the crumb because even the crumbs are priceless delicacy.” She just got “absolute cakes, bar none!” Her “unicorn cake filled with confetti” was always “a hit” and her “coconut cake” was just […]

Cherry Block Craft Butcher & Kitchen

Restaurant in Houston, Texas

“Cherry-Block is a pop-up style restaurant in Houston’s Bravery Chef Hall, specializing in grilled meats”. “This is a foodie stop” because “from owner to butcher they take the steps to make culinary art”. And, “every dish has care and soul”. They have “delicious, mouthwatering steak”. Their “Shrimp + Cracklins” has a “very nice kick to […]

Chocolate Wasted Ice Cream

Artisan Food Producer in Houston, Texas

Get ready to be wasted with the “award-winning” small batch creamery and Houston’s first urban ice cream truck! Selling artisan and handcrafted ice creams, popsicles, and other frozen treats, Chocolate Wasted Ice Cream has the “best ice cream in Houston.” They have an “interesting selection of ice cream” and some of which is “chocolate and […]

Dish Society (Houston Downtown [Finn Hall])

Restaurant in Houston, Texas

Dish Society is a multi-concept restaurant: a counter service for breakfast, lunch, and brunch, and full service on dinner and social hour. Committed to incorporating the finest, freshest ingredients available, Dish Society sources from nearby farms, ranches, and other local businesses. It offers a seasonally-changing menu featuring classic breakfast food like “avocado toast”, hearty salads like “brussels […]

East End Farmers Market

Farmers Market in Houston, Texas

The East End Farmers Market is a wonderful place to buy not only fresh produce, but handcrafted items as well. It also boasts a good number of food vendors which are incredibly interesting and diverse. The residents of the place did an excellent job of developing the esplanade into a place for art, market, beauty, […]

Flavors Indian Fast Food

Restaurant in Houston, Texas

Flavors Indian Fast Food in Houston, Texas is a “great place for fast, high-quality Indian food”.  Try out their take on Indian menu staples like the chicken tiki masala, lamb curry, chicken biryani, saag paneer and more!  Make sure to drop by for a “good quick Indian lunch” to have an “overall great lunch experience”. […]

Grizzaffi Coffee

Artisan Food Producer in Houston, Texas

Grizzaffi Coffee is a Houston based Coffee Catering Company dedicated to bring the “Gourmet Coffee experience” right to your doorstep. Founded in 2008 by Nicholas Grizzaffi, their mission is to provide its clients and customers with the “freshest products and best customer service” possible. Their baristas had extensive training in the art of mastering the […]

Hebrews Community Coffee – Houston

Artisan Food Producer in Houston, Texas

For Hebrews Community Coffee, it is not just about the drink you sip to energize your day. Each cup from their mobile trailer and café can be the start of friendships and meaningful relationships. And that is how Hebrews Community Coffee does it: serving their community by offering “ethically sourced, locally roasted and fair trade coffee.” It does […]

Inglorious Vegan

Food Truck in Houston, Texas

The Inglorious Vegan specializes in their vegan burgers and fruit infused water. Try out “one of the best burgers” in the Houston Texas Market, “hands down”. They use biodegradable packaging for their food so you won’t have to worry about wastage. This is also a great place for non-vegans to try out plant-based burgers—it’s mind-blowing! […]

Jolly Roger Sweets

Artisan Food Producer in Houston, Texas

Jolly Roger Sweets is literally “the best in town” in making ready-to-eat cookie dough with the highest quality organic vegan ingredients. You will be “blown away by how accurate these flavors taste”; it’s not the taste “vegan things” are used to be known for. These aren’t “bland” with some “odd textures” going on. “The chocolate […]

Local Foods

Restaurant in Houston, Texas

Local Foods aims to provide nutritious foods without compromising its quality and flavor. And it achieves its goal by sourcing fresh local ingredients and preparing the meals with honesty. It serves brunch 7 days a week, featuring traditional brunch plates like “avocado & egg toast”; small plates like “brussels bowl”; sandwiches like “banh mi”, salads […]

Lone Star Bee

Artisan Food Producer in Houston, Texas

Committed to sharing the beneficial contributions of bees, Lone Star Bee is a “locally owned and operated” business that offers small-batch, handcrafted, and Texas-infused honey to the community. Inspired by their love for the honey bee, their products are undeniably sweet and unique. It comes in three “delicious” and “creative flavors”: Fiery Sweet Mesquite, Lucky […]

Oddball Eats

Restaurant in Houston, Texas

Oddball Eats is serving the “best Falafel in Houston” 7 days a week. It showcases a Mediterranean-inspired menu, along with vegan and gluten-free offerings. The menu mainly consists of brunch fare, sandwiches, salads, sides, and drinks. Aside from the “famous falafel”, other best-sellers include “lamb chorizo fries“, “full Egyptian breakfast” and “chicken shawarma sandwich”. The drinks […]

Phoenicia Specialty Foods (Downtown Market)

Store in Houston, Texas

Enjoy urban YUM at Phoenicia Specialty Foods Downtown Market, a “state-of-the-art gourmet market” on the ground floor of One Park Place. It is an “award-winning cultural and foodie experience” at the heart of Houston’s Downtown revitalization, carrying all of staple gourmet foods, along with household basics for Downtown residents and employees. The Downtown Market features […]

Pythagoras Conscious Food Philosophy

Food Truck in Houston, Texas

For all you vegans out there, are you ready for something that’s “out of this world”?  Pythagoras Conscious Food Philosophy serves mouthwatering food that just leaves you wanting more. Their chefs “truly step out of the box with their vegan creations!”  But you don’t need to be vegan to enjoy their dishes.  Pythagoras Conscious Food Philosophy […]

Riba Foods

Artisan Food Producer in Houston, Texas

Riba Foods provides the highest-quality Fire-roasted, traditional Mexican salsas and dips; non-roasted salsas and dips; picante sauces; pickles; peppers, chipolatas and barbecue sauces. They pioneered the open-roasted process in which they “Fire-Roast” fresh vegetables in order to produce the best tasting traditional Mexican salsas and dips on the market today. They took this unique process […]

Strato 550

Restaurant in Houston, Texas

Situated above the downtown skyline, Strato 550 is a staple power lunch destination serving Mediterranean-inspired cuisine paired with “impeccable” cocktails and wines. This chef-owned restaurant boasts an “expansive” and “elegant” dining area with “spectacular” views as you enjoy a “delicious” meal and a “spacious” lounge where you can unwind while indulging in after-work drinks and snacks. […]

The Baker’s Man

Artisan Food Producer in Houston, Texas

The Baker’s Man is a small mom & pop shop in Houston, Texas that specializes in miniature bundt cakes. It is a direct to customer bakery; thus, they bake the cakes in a commercial kitchen, then courier straight from the oven to the customer. Currently, they offer eight cake flavors to choose from and I […]

The Pupusa Bar

Food Truck in Houston, Texas

Serving “fresh, all-natural, gluten-free Pupusa menu with a modern twist”, the Pupusa Bar is a great option to try out Salvadorian food for the first time. The owners traveled around El Salvador to research and encapsulate the authentic taste of pupusas. By taking the traditional recipe and putting their own twist on, their food is […]