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Moondrop Mushrooms

Farm & Ranch in Houston - 0.00 mi

Moondrop Mushrooms is an urban mushroom farm producing gourmet and medicinal mushrooms. Moondrop Mushrooms is located in Houston, Texas. If you are looking to buy mushrooms, Moondrop Mushrooms is a good choice. Looking at the mushrooms they are growing, you can see these are really mesmerizing and intriguing at the same time. They frequent farmers markets like HTX Market in Katy, Texas. If you placed an order or looking to buy on-site, do so on a Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday. Feel free to follow Moondrop Mushrooms on social media and leave them a message too, if you want to buy or if you have other concerns.

(409) 504-4817

Baugh Family Farm

Farm & Ranch in Houston - 0.00 mi

For generations, the Baugh Family has farmed with the mission to supply the freshest and best produce possible to the people of the North Texas area. They have "great, fresh, natural, sustainable and heirloom fruits and vegetables". These are "kind and generous folks too". Also, "they have the best peaches". You will also have "the best tasting tomatoes anywhere". Some folks even "try to get there around 8 AM on Saturday to find a parking place and get those incredible Heirloom Tomatoes, Early Girl Tomatoes, and great peaches". Don Baugh, the current still has the same passion for picking fresh produce. He also continues to tirelessly provide consumers at the Dallas Farmers Market with his trademark heirloom tomatoes.

(903) 316-6190

Fresh Life Organic

Farm & Ranch in Houston - 0.00 mi

The Houston-based company Fresh Life Organic is a real success story because they were able to grow and expand their products and services. They are not just selling farm-fresh produce, but they are also offering consultancy, giving professional tips, and helping out other people in their pursuit of adopting an organic and sustainable approach to life. They are a success story because they were able to positively influence the lives of the people who depend on them. Lastly, they are a success story because the cornerstone of their approach to business is helping the people and helping the community. Great people, great produce, great outlook.

(832) 439-9487

NuWaters Co-Operative

Farm & Ranch in Houston - 1.82 mi

Open Now!

Celebrating its 5th year in 2019, NuWaters is a retail food cooperative in Houston, TX that’s about to embark for bigger things. They announced it on Facebook page and they will be posting more details as plans firm up. Part of the plan involves their move to a bigger, better location. This co-op is member-owned and operated, and run by volunteers. It is nesting in Houston’s historic 3 Ward – an area once popular as one of Texas’ “food deserts”. The co-op carries organic, local, conventional, and transitional foods for the community. They also run their own 3-acre urban organic farm, and build tiny homes in its 2-acre build project site. The owners describe the last five years as challenging, but say “the hills and valleys strengthen” them – referring to reversals they endured along the way. These reversals include overcoming calamities like Hurricane Harvey that destroyed their supplies.

(832) 807-3738

The Last Organic Outpost

Farm & Ranch in Corpus Christi - 1.91 mi

The Last Organic Outpost is a project-based, non-profit organization created to develop community resources through urban agriculture. When you visit, you will be astonished because "this place is a breath of fresh air, energy, and intellect". They "have a pretty diverse offering of food" and will even allow "to pick out" your "own produce". They are also "very knowledgeable on growing and taking care of plants". Also, you will notice they are "extremely friendly with any questions". The place is also "kid-friendly as well" and "pretty relaxed and laid back and just let the kids run free and roam around the property as they pleased".

(832) 517-0418

Junior’s Produce

Farm & Ranch in Houston - 3.51 mi

Closed Now!

When Junior’s Produce opened its doors in February 2019, there was quite a buzz around Houston. It was going to open at the location of a well-loved produce store, and having operated since 1958, a Houston institution. The owner-developers of the popular Houston Farmers Market had decided to redevelop the area and the produce store’s original owners decided to retire as a result. About a month after the announcement of the original store’s closure came the announcement of Junior's Produce's grand opening. The new owner, Junior Saldana, comes with over 30 years experience in the produce industry. He promises to carry on the closed institution’s legacy of providing customers with an excellent source of quality products from local and out-of-state farmers. Some of the changes he promised to implement include expanding the exotic and organic fruits and vegetables offerings of his store as compared to his predecessors.

1(713) 360-7295

Finca Tres Robles

Farm & Ranch in Houston - 3.51 mi

Day Off!

Finca Tres Robles is owned and operated by SMALL PLACES LLC, a Houston based social impact business. Also, Finca Tres Robles is Houston’s only private farm inside 610 Loop, located in Houston’s East Side just 4 miles from Houston’s City Hall. "Locally grown, in the city, they carry a wide variety of fruits and vegetables". "Kind farmers, yummy vegetables, fun classes and farm dinners here". "This farm is also very involved with the community". And also "open Saturdays, very convenient for picking fresh vegetables in the morning". "Plus they give you a discount if you live in that zip code". Their farm "produce is amazing and the space is brilliant for very special events!" It is "a gem in the most unexpected of places!"

(847) 281-6553

Old School Produce

Farm & Ranch in Houston - 3.57 mi

Day Off!

Old School Produce specializes in growing and harvesting "hard to find vegetables and herbs for restaurants and individuals." The owner, "Jacob is one of the most knowledgeable horticulturists" you will ever meet. They "have kohlrabi, lettuce, fennel, cilantro, kale, arugula, microgreens, radish sprouts, kumquats, pumelos, and Mexican oregano". And, "if you have never had a kohlrabi, it’s very similar to jicama". "As always", they "do have cool little plants like" the "Gasteria that’s very easy to grow and can survive in a container for years". The farm is also "dog friendly". Old School Produce also provides one-of-a-kind garden arrangements and green walls. Their social media is always updated, so don't forget to check it out.

(713) 336-3438

Tejas Heritage Farm

Farm & Ranch in Houston - 3.88 mi

With 20-acre farmland, Cheri and David produce the most exceptional quality wild boar and rabbit in Southeast Texas. The location of Tejas Heritage Farm allows them to pasture-raise and woodland-raise all of their wild animals. It also sits 35 miles away from the market. This advantage allows them to reduce transport costs through a lesser environmental impact in transporting their products. Aside from wild animals, they also have french guinea hens, heritage turkey, American blue rabbits, Embden geese, Texan pioneer pigeons, Asian black chicken, Grimaud muscovy ducks, and Pekin ducks. The two hard-working farmers work together to bring the most nutrient-dense products they possibly can. Julia attends the Sam Houston University during weekdays and helps at the farm on weekends bu helping feed animals and prepare homemade products. Try them out today!

(281) 961-4777

Bee2Bee Honey Collective

Farm & Ranch in Houston - 3.88 mi

Day Off!

Nicole Buergers, the founder of Bee2Bee Honey Collective, decide to leave the corporate world and do something different, like being a beekeeper. Since 2015, The Bee2Bee Honey Collective in Houston, Texas, focuses on helping the local Houston honey bee population. They are increasing beehives and provides honey bee education for those who are interested in bees and honey. Nicole, together with her team, wants to give a healthy, sustainable habitat for pollinators and promote urban beekeeping. One of their clients says, “The Bee2Bee cares about bees and has a real passion for helping people to learn how to care bees. The bee population is necessary for human survival, and the tasty honey is just a bonus. The local honey has been a wonderful addition in teas, bread, and other cooking adventures! So glad that the owner started this!” Drop by to Bee2Bee Honey Collective and experience the real raw honey!

(281) 845-4069


Farm & Ranch in Houston - 3.88 mi

Wagyuru sells consistently outstanding Wagyu beef raised by a small group of cooperating Wagyu ranches in Texas. They have customers who already "bought several times from Wagyuru and have been exceptionally happy with the outcome". Also, their "ribeyes, flank, whichever, always comes out incredible!" They also have the "best quality beef. even lesser cuts eat like the prime cuts". You can also proceed to their online store or the markets they joined to personally grab their products. You will be able to "taste the full-blood Wagyu fat difference".

(713) 300-9584