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Local Food Businesses in Meyerland - Houston, Texas (2)

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BarJax Confitures

Artisan Food Producer in Houston

Enjoy high-quality confitures made from the ingredients that are surely fresh and flavorful. “Our recipes are both old and new, taking from old family recipes and popular seasonal trends.” Their confitures have no preservatives, no artificial flavors colors, and no corn syrup. “It can be used for more than just spreads.” Soothe your throat with a tablespoon of honey lemon ginger jelly into some hot water or tea. Top your hamburgers with their best-selling onion jam or finish your cream cheese with some sweet and spicy peppers.  Their top two “garlic confit is incredible too!” Punch up your pasta sauce with it or throw some to your sautéed vegetables. “The pineapple jam is amazing and the candied pumpkin is so tasty,” you can’t get away with it. “The watermelon jam was so good and light” too. Whatever you can think of, “you’ll get addicted to her jams - you’ve been warned.”

(713) 444-7933

Rikah Cuisine

Artisan Food Producer in Houston

Rikah Cuisine is an artisan food vendor that specializes in fresh homemade zhug, arisa, and preserved lemons. Although her business is still quite new, her recipes were exactly the opposite as it was cultivated from her late grandmother’s secret recipes. Zhug is a Yemeni hot green pepper paste that can be used in several ways but especially “great” with “hummus chicken pita sandwich.” Arisa, on the other hand, is a Moroccan hot red pepper paste that pairs perfect with burgers and chicken wings, and as an instant rub on meats. Lastly, lemon preserve is a Moroccan style confection that is not only used throughout Morocco, but also in the Middle East and India to add flavor to a variety of dishes from meats to salads, stews, and sauces. You can find her at Braeswood Farmers Market or contact her to order these goodies.