Local Food Businesses in Myerland - Houston, Texas

Discover local Texas food businesses in Myerland - Houston, Texas

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Avocado Crack

Artisan Food Producer in Houston, Texas

Avocado crack is an all-purpose seasoning that is initially made for avocados but turns out to be perfect on everything. Knowing that “this product was used by Tabitha Brown,” you’ll know you can’t get away without it. “The spice combination is balanced, flavorful, and the spices complement each other.”  Sprinkle them on steak, seafood, tacos, […]

BarJax Confitures

Artisan Food Producer in Houston, Texas

Enjoy high-quality confitures made from the ingredients that are surely fresh and flavorful. “Our recipes are both old and new, taking from old family recipes and popular seasonal trends.” Their confitures have no preservatives, no artificial flavors colors, and no corn syrup. “It can be used for more than just spreads.” Soothe your throat with […]

Braeswood Farmers Market

Farmers Market in Houston, Texas

Braeswood Farmers Market is found in the heart of Meyerland. This is a Texas of Agriculture Certified Farmers Market. Their goal is to bring fresh produce, delicious prepared foods, and a variety of food trucks weekly Rain or Shine. It is a “wonderful location and the vendors are very helpful and knowledgeable”. It is “right […]

Rikah Cuisine

Artisan Food Producer in Houston, Texas

Rikah Cuisine is an artisan food vendor that specializes in fresh homemade zhug, arisa, and preserved lemons. Although her business is still quite new, her recipes were exactly the opposite as it was cultivated from her late grandmother’s secret recipes. Zhug is a Yemeni hot green pepper paste that can be used in several ways but […]