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Rio Grande Organics

Farm & Ranch in Houston

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Rio Grande Organics is home to the best-tasting pecans in the US. With a location blessed with ideal weather conditions and fertile soil, the pecans they grow in Quemado and Crystal city are one of the tastiest around. The farm opened in 2001 and became certified organic in 2004. Today, they offer a USDA certified all-natural organic pecan which you can get by 30lbs. Also, they have three kinds of matured pecans trees (Wichita. Western, and Cheyenne) growing in a 1200-acre land. On the other hand, they have more baby growing in another 200-acre area. With time-honored traditional methods and a third-party auditor, the farm ensures that all of their actions conform to the National Organic Practices.

(713) 465-5081