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La Vaquita

Artisan Food Producer in Houston

Also known as Castro Cheese Co in Houston, TX. Maria Castro founded and oversees the "La Vaquita" brand of “Hispanic cheeses”. Her artisanal, small-batch process was based on a recipe she learned from her mother on their family farm in Mexico. As word soon spread among friends and neighbors about the authenticity and quality of her cheese, requests for it began to trickle in. The cheeses from La Vaquita are made to order and have a homemade, authentic, hand-wrapped presentation. They make a variety of Hispanic cheeses and creams including Quesco Fresca, Cuajada En Terron, Panela Fresca, Cuajado Fresca, and Queso Quesadilla that brings delicious, authentic flavor to everything they touch – from dishes prepared in home kitchens to chef-crafted culinary creations.

(713) 460-0329