Review of I O Ranch Lamb by TexasRealFood

Jeff founded the I O Ranch Lamb in 2012. He has always loved the sweet and mild flavor of Dorper Lambs. These lambs do not have an oily ad wooly mutton taste. Therefore, cooking the lamb does not require a lot of overpowering sauces. Aside from that, the lambs did not have fur. Thus, they do not need a regular trim. And oh! They do not have that 'lanolin smell.'Like what you are reading so far? It gets better!The farm produces lamb all year round. Every day is lambing season! The farm is lucky to be in a location where there are foliage and green pastures all year!Facebook comments are hands up to their lambs! Most excellent lamb and great advice on the best ways to prepare cuts. Sausage is A+++!

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