Review of Jubilee Farm by TexasRealFood

Ben and Jade Chessman manages and owns the Jubilee Farm. They have been farming in the north part of Texas since 2012. However, it was not as easy as they thought. Thus, they decided to ask for help in raising funds. Everybody loves the couple for their vibrant character. In 2016, they raised $27K through Kickstarter that helped them fund their needs in the farm at that time.The 18-acre farm is brimming with rich pastures, a living place, and 3/4 acre lot for cultivating veggies. Ben focuses on producing best-quality vegetables do he hand-weeds and hand-turns his plot. Furthermore, the couple raises hogs, sheep, and chickens that freely graze in their spacious pasture so they can sell lamb, pork, beef, and eggs.Today, they produce sustainably-grown non-GMO produce. Watch out for them at Denton Community Market.