Review of Junior’s Produce by TexasRealFood

When Junior’s Produce opened its doors in February 2019, there was quite a buzz around Houston. It was going to open at the location of a well-loved produce store, and having operated since 1958, a Houston institution. The owner-developers of the popular Houston Farmers Market had decided to redevelop the area and the produce store’s original owners decided to retire as a result. About a month after the announcement of the original store’s closure came the announcement of Junior's Produce's grand opening. The new owner, Junior Saldana, comes with over 30 years experience in the produce industry. He promises to carry on the closed institution’s legacy of providing customers with an excellent source of quality products from local and out-of-state farmers. Some of the changes he promised to implement include expanding the exotic and organic fruits and vegetables offerings of his store as compared to his predecessors.

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