Review of Ktonic Kombucha by TexasRealFood

Founded in 2015, Ktonic Kombucha is known to be the “Home of Texas's first and only hand-crafted, all-tea low-sugar kombucha.” They develop and create, healthful and beneficial beverages for Austin, San Antonio and the surrounding region. Ktonic Kombucha produce a “100% organic, single-fermented beverage” that is entirely tea based with nothing added once the fermentation process is complete. All of the beneficial bacteria and acids remain unadulterated. It is properly brewed from the beginning with a balance of flavors that are combined to make one of the most unique Kombucha beverages on the market today. They have the “Original Raw Kombucha” with a tea-forward flavor and bright finish, and other flavors including “Master K, Flor de Jamaica, Golden Flower, and Cherry Blossom.