Review of La Waffalata by TexasRealFood

La Waffalata is a "charming restaurant attached to the burger place next door". "They have gluten-free carry-out bakery items, along with traditional desserts and LIVE music playing on a Saturday morning". "They have gluten-free bread for their sandwiches, and all of their meats and dressings are gluten-free too! And, "everything always tastes fresh and flavorful". Also, "staff members are super friendly", and they "are knowledgeable about their gluten-free options". And, "they seem to truly care about your dietary restrictions/needs". It also recommended trying "the gluten-free pita, pepper gouda soup, egg salad and tuna salad!!" Try the "tuna salad sandwich on toasted honey wheat bread, plus the chicken tortilla soup". These are "very good". Plus, "the food is very fresh and flavorful. So, "make time to visit this lovely place". Plus, "you can even shop in the antique gallery within this multi-business-entity".

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