Review of Latte Da Dairy by TexasRealFood

Latte Da Diary is a producer of award winning “Farmstead Goat Cheeses” at DFW area Central Markets & Cowtown Farmers Market. The American Cheese Society has graced them with multiple ribbons, including a 3rd place for their “Goat Caerphilly in 2012”. They makes Gouda, Caerphilly, Cotswold, and Manchego that are all nuanced in flavor and texture. The goat Gouda - aged between four and six months it is firm, but the mouth feel is rich, not dry or waxy. It's sweet and delicate in flavor, with hints of salted caramel. Drier and tangier, the goat Caerphilly is perfect shaved over salad or pasta.If you want to try their cheese, it may be time to take a trip to the Da area!