Review of Lee-Lynns Farm & Ranch by TexasRealFood

Terry Lundburg and Rick Tantlinger started the Lee-Lynns Farm and Ranch last 2013 with one thing in mind, providing the best and freshest products to everyone. They used the pasture-raised approach, where they allow their animals to roam freely. They're just getting the nutrients that they need from grass and forage (other plants), in addition to non-GMO feed. While their other animals, such as their chickens, get additional vitamins and proteins from insects. Apart from freshly farmed eggs and pasture-raised broiler chickens, the farm also offers Heritage Broad Breasted White Turkeys, Heritage Narragansett Turkeys, in-season veggies, fresh homemade cheeses, rustic bread, pies, and other natural products! One of their happy customers said, "Excellent products. I am delighted, and I would recommend this ranch to anyone." Find them at the Dallas Farmers Market, every Sunday, and at the Waco Downtown Farmers Market on Saturdays.

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