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01 Farmers Market at Woodlawn Pointe

Farmers Market in San Antonio

01 Farmers Market at Woodlawn Pointe, which is located in San Antonio, Texas, is a state-certified neighborhood producers-only market. There are many vendors present here during market day, selling different kinds of goods like farm-fresh produce (Roma tomatoes, potatoes, jalapeños, cucumbers, and more), baked goods from local bakers (check out the banana nut and apple pecan bread from one of the vendors!), pickled food, pantry staples, and many more. So why not schedule your market day on a Wednesday and come by at the market any time from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM at Woodlawn Pointe. Or visit the market every last Thursday of the month at the Deco Pizzeria along Fredericksburg Road from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM. If the weather gets a little bit hot, don't worry because there are stalls here selling refreshments and beverages, like fresh fruit juice.

(210) 549-6768

Cake Thieves

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio

Don't be misled by the name. Cake Thieves is a vegan and vegetarian restaurant that sells a wide range of food. They have baked goods and pastries as well as burgers and sandwiches too. They often set up shop in farmers markets and other selling events. A must-try is their Chick-Fil-Ain’t sandwich. You should also sample their Juicy Lucy Burgers, a quarter pounder burger made with plant-based Gouda cheese, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, and Cake Thieves' very own special sauce. And for your sweet tooth, try their pastry cream cronuts, Tres Leches cakes, Blueberry Cream Cheese Danishes, Mixed Berry Pop Pastries, and more.

Cereal Killer Sweets

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio

Cereal Killer Sweets is “San Antonio’s best” local bakery that crafts “awesome sweets” and desserts. They have “plenty of treats for everyone to choose from savory kolaches, pet treats, large people cookies and crispy treat goodness.” They are “big enough to share if you want to,” or must I say, if you can. “If you enjoy cereal delectables check her out; they are perfectly sized, in such a wide variety of flavors, that you’ll be sure to find something for everyone on your list.” Their “chocolate pecan cookie” will definitely “hit the spot” of your “sweet tooth too!” Oh, and “that Abuela's brownie was amazing”; it’s “so moist with just a little kick at the end.” You’re going to “love this place” for sure. “Everything has been incredible”; they’ve got the “sweetest treats filled with love and smiles in every bite,” they’ve got a “great atmosphere, friendly service,” and a “great owner.” 

(210) 753-2032

Crema Bakery and Cafe

Bakery in Austin

Crema Bakery and Cafe describes itself as "Southwest Austin's one-stop shop for amazing baked goods, custom desserts, exceptional café fare, locally roasted coffee and more, all wrapped up in a space that welcomes guests and invites them to stick around for a while". That is an amazing sales talk. I would surely want to get in, have a drink, and have a bite! If you are wondering what to order, how about a Fredericksburg Peach Cobbler and a Cappuccino? If it is warm outside, you can order a cold brew instead. And if you are planning to stop by, why not bring your family and friends too? I'm sure they too will enjoy the food and ambiance here.

(512) 282-1300

Gemelli Gelateria

Artisan Food Producer in Ben Franklin

Located in East Austing, Gemelli Gelateria offers “Amaro, Espresso, and Gelato” that is rich, creamy and flavorful. They make their Gelato in small batches using organic milk and cream from “Organic Valley Coop”. The shop sources only the best ingredients, often from local suppliers such as Austin Orchards, Springdale Farm and others. Gemelli Gelateria is small and cozy with plenty of seating area and a relaxing environment. Everything is fresh and their flavors change with the seasons. Controlling the pasteurization process allows them to ensure the “highest quality product possible” with no commercial stabilizers or emulsifiers. They make each flavor by hand in small batches, always with a cohesive flavor profile in mind.

(512) 535-2170

Hortiprocess LLC

Artisan Food Producer in Houston

Hortiprocess is a local coffee roaster that roasts their own house blends as well as offering roasting services for business owners who want their own brands. They carry a wide range of roasts as well as  Great Colombian Coffee, grown on the slopes of the mountains of Caldas, Quindío, Risaralda, Valle del Cauca and Tolima, in Colombia.

(832) 659-5025

Jacoby’s Restaurant & Mercantile

Restaurant in Austin

Jacoby's Restaurant & Mercantile is a family operated restaurant with simple, Southern, and rustic roots. It boasts "majestic" views of the Colorado River and rustic interior completed with wooden fittings. They take great pride in their Jacoby Brand Beef, a family-raised beef on the Jacoby Ranch and dry-aged up to 28 days, which goes straight into the kitchen to produce dishes such as "chicken fried steak" and "stuffed hamburger steak". The menu features traditional Southern fare like "deviled eggs", "crispy brussels sprouts", "baby kale caesar", and "gulf shrimp & grits". They also offer a selection of gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and dairy-free options. Happy hour takes place on Tuesdays from 5:00 to 9:00 PM.Jacoby's Restaurant & Mercantile continued to deliver farm-to-table goodness even in the middle of the pandemic! They’ve been featured as one of 15 farm-to-table delivery options in Austin During Quarantine.In the mood for grass-fed burgers? Check out Jacoby's Restaurant & Mercantile, they have been featured as one of the 7 Restaurants for The Best Grass-Fed Burgers in Austin.

(512) 366-5808

La Maceta

Food Truck in San Antonio

La Maceta is a food truck claiming to be the only one in San Antonio serving tacos tapatios.  La Maceta became popular because they serve freshly made, delicious Mexican street food. They gained a lot of rave reviews in the process. Customers commend La Maceta for its amazing food and friendly staff, some going so far as claiming La Maceta has the best food in San Antonio. The customers also found the drinks served here delicious and worth a return trip. If you are in San Antonio looking for a place to eat, try La Maceta. 

(210) 999-1229

Lick Honest Ice Cream (Hemisfair)No Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio

Ice cream is always inviting because it promises to make you feel good. That is why it is disappointing if you have to choose from the same set of flavors every time. That is where artisanal ice cream maker Lick Honest Ice Cream distinguishes itself. There are new flavors available all the time, inspired by peak-season ingredients available from local producers. Guessing what new flavors to choose from next makes it exciting, to look forward to eating ice cream with family and friends soon.

(512) 382-0745

Lick Honest Ice Cream (Historic Pearl)No Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in San Antonio

We used to think of ice cream as a sinful delight. We grew up thinking "ice cream is bad for us" because it makes our teeth rot and makes us fat. Lick Honest Ice Cream wants to change that into something positive. Here is how they do it. First, they do good to their customers by making ice cream without using chemicals. No fructose. No corn syrup. None of that. Secondly, they do good to the community by sourcing the ingredients of the ice cream from local vendors. So the next time you enjoy eating ice cream, make sure it is Lick Honest Ice Cream. Only then is eating an ice cream not a guilty pleasure.

(512) 382-0745

Lick Honest Ice Cream (South Austin)No Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Lick Honest Ice Creams creates small batches of “artisan ice cream” with only the finest local and seasonal ingredients available. They do not use artificial colors or flavors, high fructose corn syrup or preservatives, ever! All of the milk and cream used to make ice creams comes from a local, family-owned dairy in Central Texas; and everything from the sauces, syrups, cookies, cakes and marshmallows is made by hand in their own kitchen. The coolest thing about Lick is that they come up with the craziest flavor combinations that is truly delightful and mature - Bourbon, mint, beets, ash, peppers. Very creative and visually appealing! They allow as many samples as you'd like so do not be afraid to be adventurous!

(512) 382-0745

Lick Honest Ice Creams (East Austin)No Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

A cone of Lick Honest Ice Creams is a feel-good food with a feel-good story. Since it opened shop, Lick Honest Ice Creams has grown and became successful simply because the ice cream and other treats sold here at delicious and customers keep coming back. This is good karma at work. Local businesses provide Lick Honest Ice Creams quality ingredients which are transformed into a wide array of delicious treats. The business is successful. The customers are happy. The local community is thriving. All that and all you need to do is eat ice cream.

(512) 382-0745

Lick Honest Ice Creams (North Austin)No Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Lick Honest Ice Creams gives the locals in North Austin, Texas a taste of seasonal flavors. Although it is ice cream, you can be sure it is guilt-free because the ingredients are sourced from local farmers and artisans. By doing this, Lick Honest Ice Creams helps in making the community where it does business sustainable. Lick Honest Ice Creams also makes cakes, cookies, sauces, syrups, marshmallows, and waffle cones. These are made from scratch using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, just like its ice cream.

(512) 382-0745

Moriarty FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Dale

Moriarty Farms, which is located in Dale, Texas, is a local, family-owned private farm. The farm raises chickens and ducks. The farm offers hatching eggs, farm-fresh chicken and duck eggs (sold by the dozen), 2-week-old chicks, roosters, chicken hens, laying hens, duck hens, and drakes, among others. Contact them if you want an updated list of what's available on the farm. An important aspect of this farm is its role as a rescue farm. They receive what they call "surrendered livestock." They take care of these animals and find a new home for them. They call it the rehome and rescue program. Judging by the fact that their rescue pens go full many times, it means they are doing important work. If you want to help the farm, they are accepting donations. It could be money or it could be something they can use on the farm, like seeds, like what West Coast Seeds have given the farm recently.

(512) 855-3773

Skull & Cakebones

Bakery in Dripping Springs

Skull & Cakebones is a "plant-based" market, bakery, and eatery all in one spot. It specializing in serving "all-natural" food and products that are both vegan and non-GMO. It offers a seasonal menu that showcases the best of every season, featuring brunch food like "avocado toast", appetizers like "cauliflower wings", greens like "caesar salad", sandwiches like "grilled cheese", and entrees like "roasted tomato & pesto gnocchi". Baked goods are also available daily, and you can enjoy "gooey cinnamon rolls", "seasonal quiches", and more "savory" treats. The core of Skull & Cakebones is built around locality and partnerships, thus, it is committed to incorporating local ingredients that are sourced from local farms and artisans into every meal and product it offers.

(512) 348-8346

Sundaze Food Truck

Food Truck in Austin

Sundaze Food Truck is is a food truck that offers food options for the vegan and the omnivore alike. For example - they have a fried chicken sandwich and its vegan counterpart, the fried seitan sandwich. They have real chicken nuggets, and for vegans, they have seitan nuggets. The goal of business partners Raine and Kara Hopper (who are also sisters) is to open a food truck that brings together vegans and meat-eating customers. They also have buffalo bites, fresh-cut french fries, Sundaze Salad, and drinks. Sundaze Food Truck is located in Austin, Texas.

(512) 999-1988

Tamalitoz by SugaroxNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Conroe

Tamalitoz by Sugarox are a fiery, fierce candy inspired by the sweet taste of Mexico. It’s a fruity ribbon-style hard candy filled with mild chili lime seasoning, the only candy on the market to put seasoning on the INSIDE. It all started in a tiny candy store in Mexico City. Husband & husband team, Jack and Dec, wanted to come up with a unique blend of flavors that represented both of them. With the tangy flavors of Mexico and traditional sweetness from Britain, Tamalitoz was born. All their flavors are naturally flavored and colored. Nothing artificial here. Try all 10 sweet and tangy flavors!

(310) 717-0844

The Esquire Tavern

Restaurant in San Antonio

San Antonio is rich in history. You can find many cultural and historic landmarks here. And even if you are just out for a drink, there is a chance you will end up drinking somewhere that has a rich history. The Esquire Tavern is one example. The Esquire Tavern has been open since 1933. According to its official Facebook page, this bar serves "luscious libations and tasty elevated American fare". The bar has undergone renovation in 2011 but it still has that old-world atmosphere, like stepping inside a time machine and teleporting several years back. It has great drinks and more importantly, it serves delicious food as well.

(210) 222-2521

Viva Vegeria

Restaurant in San Antonio

Viva Vegeria is a "vegan paradise" serving all vegan and gluten-free dishes. With Viva Vegeria's very own Portabella Chicharrón Street Tacos featured as the best tacos in the city in San Antonio Magazine, the restaurant has since earned its popularity for serving Mexican inspired dishes. Among their best-selling items off their menu are the "nachos del picadello", "spinach and kale enchiladas", and "wild buffalo wings made from cauliflower". If you have a sweet tooth, they also make "gluten-free cupcakes and cheesecakes". Who would've thought vegan and gluten-free dishes could be so delightful?

(210) 465-9233

WD Deli

Restaurant in San Antonio

WD Deli promises "great fresh food at reasonable prices served in a fun and funky atmosphere." This business started in 1990, and with more than three decades of experience, it is reasonable to assume that one of the reasons for staying in the business is fulfilling the promise to the customers. To provide delicious, fresh food, and to make sure customers get generous portions of soups, salads, sandwiches, and desserts all made from scratch. WD Deli is located in San Antonio, Texas, and they're open from 10:30 AM to 4:00 PM Mondays to Saturdays.

(210) 828-2322


Artisan Food Producer in Austin

Wunderkeks is a local bakery that is known for providing the “best cookies ever!” Oh, you should see how their orders pile up every day. They can literally fill an entire UPS truck with all these goodies! And although their online presence is really taking off, their little stand at the farmers’ markets’ is still up and running. At Wunderkerks, “chewy is always better than crunchy.” Therefore, I must say that these cookies are “so freaking good”; they’re huge, gooey, and so flavorful! And even better, they also offer DIY cookie doughs and other treats like brownies and snickerdoodles. So, if you want some delicious bonding time with your kiddos, the make your own cookie will certainly be a hit. You can order via their website or you may catch them at select farmers’ markets in and around Austin. Remember, they ship nationwide!

Wurzbach Ice House

Restaurant in San Antonio

This is a great place for both the hungry and the thirsty. Wurzbach Ice House, which is located in San Antonio, Texas, has over 200 beer selections. They have delicious food too. There is almost zero chance you won't find here what you are looking for in beers. Looking at the beer menu, they seem to have everything. They have boch, pilsner, IPAs, six different kinds of lagers (amber, light, brown, Belgian, lambic and fruit, and pale), porters and stouts, ESBs, shandy, ales, wheat beer, and lagers. As for food, they have a long list of appetizers enough for your hunger, which includes wings, onion rings, nuggets, mushrooms, fries, and nachos. You can also order a custom burger or hotdog sandwich. They also have salad and other sandwiches.

(210) 877-2100

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