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“Best of the Blessed” – – Denton TX Healthy Food Co-op

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Best of the Blessed Is a “healthy food co-op and a sustainable food store” in Denton, Texas. They provide “weekly organic produce” from certified farms and farm fresh local dairy & eggs. Best of the Blessed Healthy Food Co-op brings you the very best of God's blessed, that we may eat foods as full of life as possible. Some of their products includes “Oregon berries, Texas raw pecans, local raw honey, raw California almonds, and whole Montana grains.” If you have been thinking of giving a produce co-op a try, be part of Best of the Blessed Healthy Food Co-op and join local families to get this fresh, healthy, organic fruit & vegetables delivered to your neighborhood every 2 weeks!

1890 Marketplace (Dallas)

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If you are looking for great spices and olive oils, visit 1890 Marketplace in Dallas, Texas because they have different “flavored oils, vinegar, and spices.” The expansive spice collection fills a whole wall of shelving, and tables filled with vats of olive oil resembling mini beer vats at a craft brewery fill in the rest of the space. Each vat has “its own label of a specific flavor of olive oil”, which is made by infusing the crushed olives with various herbs and spices. They also offer “Thai Lemongrass Mint, Honey Ginger, Aged Basalmic,” and pretty much everything. The service is super attentive, and very informative on all the options. The highlights are their house-blend spice, and the Cranberry Pear and White Balsamic Vinegar Dressing.

(214) 306-6766

1890 Marketplace (Granbury)

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Located in Granbury, Texas, 1890 Marketplace offers “high-quality flavored olive oils, vinegars, and spices” from over 100 countries. The original inspiration for the marketplace came from a “signature spice rub” made in Texas over twenty-five years ago by the father of 1890 Marketplace co-owner “Jason Emerson.” They used the spice blend in cook-offs around Texas, and their cooking won award after award. Jason Emerson saw the potential to “introduce it to the restaurant scene.” Although he is hesitant to sell it, he eventually opened a small spice shop selling their special spice rub, olive oils, and other products. They have a ton of “small batch, high quality olive oil” from a few different regions, and some of them are infused with different flavors.

(817) 533-3400

Abner’s Nutrition Center

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The owners have been educating people about the way white flour and bread is leached of all the vitamins and minerals. They have been promoting organic foods, raw sugar and honey, stone-ground flour, and vitamin supplements. This was even before gluten-free, vegan and Paleo diets became popular. "Always the best customer service" since 1970 with "super helpful, kind, and incredibly knowledgeable staff". They can also help you find "exactly" what you are "looking for within minutes". They can also give "a bunch of literature" for your "specific health problems". You will "absolutely love this place". Their "prices are great and the staff is very professional they don't mind answering questions, and they are friendly they genuinely appreciate your business".

(940) 766-1371

Agege Farmer Market

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Agege Farmer Market is an African-centric ethnic food store in Katy that offers a wide selection of African goods, ingredients, and foodstuff. They also have a selection of textiles, cosmetics, and other non-food items available for sale. They even have international phone cards! There is a $10 minimum spend according to one review and complaints of “messy shelves, slow service” but customers give a generally positive sentiment on their delicious home-cooked meals available at their full-service restaurant onsite.

(281) 717-8179

Ann’s Health Food Center & Market

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Ann’s is a family owned and operated “Health Food Center & Market” Located in Dallas & Waxahachie, Texas. They provide the quality you're looking for when it comes to a health food store. They offer a “wide selection of products” from healthy food and organic produce to vitamins, supplements, and natural body care products. Whether you're stopping by to pick up some “fresh produce for your next meal” or if you're looking for “healthy snacks for the kids lunches,” their grocery store has a lot of options available at a price you'll love. From personal customer service and a knowledgeable staff to their quality products, Ann's Health Food Center & Market provide the very best in town!

(214) 942-9483

Antonelli’s Cheese Shop

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Your charcuterie board just got a whole lot better. Antonelli’s Cheese Shop is at the heart of Austin’s cheese scene. It is owned by storytellers of “artisan cheese and good food makers”. They offer cheese platters that are curated with love and decades of knowledge by experienced cheese-mongers, and include a diverse selection of “local, domestic and international cheeses” with accompanying meats, veggies, fruits and nuts. They also have complimentary cheese tastings daily, cut-to-order services. Antonelli’s prides itself on working only with farms that focus on sustainability, fair and humane treatment of animals and ethically sourced materials. You can make sure that you are getting the finest ingredients made with minimal impact on the environment. As if you needed another reason to love cheese.

(512) 531-9610

Arlan’s Market

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Arlan’s Market can be found in several locations in Texas, and in all of them, “excellent quality service” from their staff can be expected. Drop by any of these branches, or order online for delivery or curbside pickup, to shop for farm-fresh produce, quality meats, other grocery and pantry staples, and even an “international selection of beer and wine.” Arlan’s Market is established by Ames Arlan, who has gone up the ranks, from being a sacker to a supervisor, and found his passion in this industry. The grocery started in 1991, and has been owned and operated by the Arlan Family.

(281) 326-4363

Artista Rosso

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Artista Rosso is a restaurant slash full-service grocery slash marketplace making it the neighborhood one-stop-shop. Patrons are assured that all the items in Artista Rosso are of the highest quality, the produce organic and without any add-on chemicals and the meats humanely raised and free of any antibiotics or hormones. They are also big supporters of local businesses by getting local, artisanal producers from Austin. An Executive Chef also meticulously plans the meals, which are of contemporary American-Italian cuisine.

(512) 520-8339

ATX Homemade Jerky & Artisan Market

Are you looking for some great jerky? You can’t go wrong with ATX Homemade Jerky & Artisan Market with their “traditional beef jerky" to their more unique flavors such as Teriyaki or KC BBQ flavors. It was crafted to perfection in the Capital of Texas. Beef Jerky varieties are sure to bring your taste buds joy with every bite. It is easy to eat due to its soft texture and tenderness. It’s surely delicious! The beef jerky artists are testing each flavor to perfection, alongside their unique texture, and tenderness is their recipe for amazing jerky. It all began in the northern woods, making jerky for their trips to the wilderness using a simple dehydrator with pre-mixed flavor packets. Aside from jerky, they also have whipped honey, plain bacon jerky, raw honey bear, and ATX artisan market pickles.

(512) 229-3036

Austin Cheese Company

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Are you a cheese aficionado? Well, this place is your heaven! Austin Cheese Company is dedicated to inspiring people by providing the highest quality “artisanal food products” including cheese, meats, jams, wine, beer, sandwiches, salads, mac and cheese, wine & beer by the glass paired with exceptional service and education. The company is about great food. It is a place that cares about the story of where the food comes from. They have convenient location, very “knowledgeable staff”, an exceptional assortment of “cheeses and pairings”, and simply a fun and friendly place. You can also visit the tasting room to sample before you buy, enjoy a salad or sandwich and a glass of wine at the shop, or order a cheese plate and bottle of wine to make your cocktail party a hit.

(512) 649-4711

Bandera Pointe Artisan Market

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The Bandera Pointe Artisan Market started in 2018. The organizers of this market started out as vendors themselves in different markets. After learning what it takes to run a market, they decided to run their own. Their goal is to bring together artisans where each can sell their own unique items. There are produce growers, meat producers, jewelry makers, truck food vendors, honey farmers, and more. These different artisans are all welcome to sell at the market. Held on Saturdays and Sundays, the market continues to grow as the organizers add new vendors. Their only promise is that you will find an assortment of unique items – handcrafted, handmade, or homegrown. Don't know where to go for family time? Check out Bandera Pointe Artisan Market as they were featured as one of the 7 Farmers Markets in San Antonio for the Family!

1(210) 541-2501

Bar & Garden Dallas

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Bar & Garden Dallas is a “small-batch spirits, natural wine and craft beer store” that also sells barware, glassware and plants. They only carry wine, spirits and cocktail mods “free of artificial colors and flavors.” All of their wines are, at minimum, practicing organic, and many are biodynamic. That means no herbicides, pesticides or fungicides used in the vineyards. It also means you’re not drinking toxic chemicals! As a leader in the “Texas natural wine movement,” Bar & Garden supports the artists, farmers and makers of raw wine. They also carry small-production of “chocolate, bitters,and shrubs”, but nothing that uses any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

(214) 774-9620

Barton Hills Food Mart

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Barton Hills Food Mart is a great convenience store location for “Imported Beer, Craft Beer, and Wines.” Their selection of items is crazy good! They have everything you can think of. The beer selection is off the charts, and if there is a specific beer you want, they try to order it for you. The wine selection is just as big. Both their wine and beer and competitively priced. Their foodstuffs are unique because they carry all the normal things associated with gas stations but they also have so many “local and different food items” including natural and organic options to “grab and go” including delicious frozen pizza. The staff are great too, always kind, courteous, and helpful, and the place is always clean.


Barton Hills Market

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If you are looking for a store where you can find “one-of-a-kind and affordable products,” head to Barton Hills Market! This highly rated grocery store in Austin has “great selection of beer, wine, pantry staples, deli, and beyond.” They literally have almost anything you need, including produce and meat! They also have a wide selection of oil and vinegar for all of your cooking needs, such as sauces and dressings. You can also find a “variety of tasty frozen food items,” all of which make a great meal solution for busy families. The staff at Barton Hills Market are super friendly and know all the neighborhood regulars by name. Despite being a small market, they surely have the obscure thing you’re looking for!

(512) 707-8656

Bayside Fresh Market

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Locally owned and managed, Bayside Fresh Market is the “Texas hill country’s finest grocery” featuring quality food like “Akaushi beef, excellent seafood, fresh produce and groceries” to their customers. Started in 2012 as the vision of over 20 members of the Horseshoe Bay community to provide a “convenient, high-quality grocery experience” to the residents and their guests of the community. Most of their products are unique to their store and not available elsewhere in the Texas Hill Country, especially their selection of Heartbrand Akaushi Beef, as well as, many of their fine wines and European Cheeses. Bayside Fresh Market provides “exceptional service and fair prices.” They also offer prepared daily entrees, soups, fresh deli sandwiches and salads made by their Bayside Chefs.

(830) 598-6300

Becerra’s Tamales at Saint Michael’s Farmers Market

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Becerra’s Tamales at St. Michael’s Farmers Market was originally established in 1963 and now owned and managed by Chef Victor Valdez. Becerra's Tamales was named after Victor’s grandparents who originally owned the tamales-making business. As a young child, Victor learned the recipes handed down by his grandparents while helping at their business, eventually perfecting and innovating on the recipes, and turning his business into the success that it is today. Social media review sites are filled with rave reviews for Victor’s award-winning tamales and salsas, with reviewers trying to outdo each other and almost unanimously agreeing his products are the best they’ve ever tasted. Aside from his regular Saturday presence at the farmers market, Victor maintains a storefront in Fort Worth open only on Fridays from 11am-5pm for pickup of orders. Check out his social media presence for other special appearances via popup stores.

(214) 454-8952

Beckendorf Mercantile and Meat Market

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The rustic look and feel of Beckendorf Mercantile and Meat Market's interior take you back to the past. This is one of the reasons why this place is appealing because it is charming and a welcome break from doing groceries inside modern stores. It also helps that the food they sell here smells good and tastes good. The pies, the cooked meat - they blend perfectly with the smell of old wood and old cluttered items that serves as part of the aesthetic of the room.

1(903) 549-2336


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A unique neighborhood market, Belden’s is a local family owned business that “brings the very best the community.” Beldens offers fresh meat, produce, seafood, deli, baked goods, beer and wine, specialty and kosher food at an affordable price. The store is always clean, it is not too crowded, and everyone is upbeat and cheerful. This refreshingly independent store is a treasure trove of surprises. They have amazing and super fresh pastries and breads, and almost everything you need! If you're in the area and need a quick grocery item or two, Belden’s Food Market got you covered! They have the “most extensive kosher meat selection” and best prices in Texas.

(713) 723-5670

Berdoll Pecan Candy & Gift Company

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Berdoll Pecan Farm has been family owned and operated for 38 years. All of the “delicious pecans” they offer come straight from the orchard that is located right behind their retail store in Cedar Creek, Texas. They have wide selection of menu including canned goods, crackers & shellers, jerky snacks, pecan oil, sweet treats, baked goods, and gift items. All of the chocolates, flavored pecans, and candies are “made fresh daily” in their very own kitchens next to the retail store. Their famous pecan pies are also freshly baked daily to “ensure the freshness and quality.” Berdoll’s pecans have been featured in magazines, including most recently, the Texas Co-Op. They have also been featured in various news articles, television programs.