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156 produce

Closed Now!

156 Produce is a farm store in Krum, which has become a reliable and trusted source of the freshest local fruits and vegetables, milk, cheese, honey, homemade ice cream, jerky, and a lot more. Having a “wide variety for such a small place” helps its loyal patrons, and even first-time visitors to find what they need to stock up their pantries and complete their grocery lists. Customers trust 156 Produce as “they know exactly where their fruit comes from,” making them the ultimate “go-to for fruits” and even for other items as well!

(940) 368-9262

1915 Farm

24 hours open

1915 Farm has "the best quality meat" you will ever have "along with the convenience of home delivery". Their "grassroots club variety box includes various cuts of meat that allow you to get creative with your meals, without having to plan too much ahead". "It's worth every penny". Some of the "favorites" that you can "cook" also "include pork chops, chicken thighs, and Wagyu beef steaks" and "everything is delicious". They also "have the most amazing cuts of meat and sausage". They have "extremely high quality of meat that tastes delicious!!!" You will be "so impressed with the quality of the meat, and the handwritten note added an extra special touch". "Catherine and Tanner are rock in’ the farm!"

(361) 212-3255

2Knight Ranch

Closed Now!

In Goldthwaite, Texas, you'll find 2Knight Ranch that raises superior, grass-fed and Omega3 beef.  Their meat is free from preservatives, hormones, and antibiotics. With their products, the owners Charles and Nancy Knight offer the health benefits of an optimum Omega 6:3 ratio like grass-fed beef and has excellent flavor. Moreover, through their beef cattle program, they focus on retaining and enhancing natural Omega 3 content. Besides, based on their research, Omega 6 and Omega 3 are necessary for our diet, but Omega 6 is inflammatory, while omega 3 is anti-inflammatory. On their farm, you can buy 1/4, 1/2, and whole beef. A beef half is about 160-210 pounds of packaged meat. Call them if you want to inquire, and they will be happy to answer your questions.

(512) 924-9011

3BN Ranch

The 400-acre 3BN Ranch is a family-owned ranch in Texas. They raise chickens out on the pasture that puts natural fertilization down, and their pigs break up the ground and will mix in the natural chicken fertilizer. Their quest quickly leads them into full-time ranching. The Ranch loves raising their animals in the old fashion way. Furthermore, they have a passion for environmental stewardship and animal husbandry. They raise their animals in pasture and not in confinement barns. Also, they utilize low-stress animal handling techniques for happier and healthier animals. Happy client says, "Everything we have tried so far in 3BN Ranch is so good! From the ground beef to the chicken and the eggs. They are all amazing!! Plus, we love that they are local, and we love knowing where our meat comes from and how it raised. As long as 3BN Ranch is operational, they will have us as customers!" You can shop online for home delivery, local pick up locations, or visit them in the farmers market, and more! 

(903) 399-3199

44 Farms

Closed Now!

44 Farms is a Black Angus cattle operation established by S.W. McClaren way back in 1909. He is known for “developing new agricultural practices and sharing innovation with others,” a standard which they have been adhering to until now. Through their cattle, 44 Farms fulfills their mission to provide consumers “the very finest eating experience” through their prime cuts as well as the best and most responsive customer service. They have also pioneered several programs including their Angus Strong program, which is designed “to provide a well-balanced genetic profile” through cattle that are “reproductively healthy, fertile and efficient.” The performance of these cattle is guaranteed from birth to weaning and harvest.

(254) 697-4401

4C Farms

4C Farms is family owned and operated specializing in pasture-raised chicken, pork and grass-fed beef, as well as eggs and raw honey. And the most important thing:  their products are free from any chemicals, hormones, antibiotics or steroids.  This farm has "amazing awesome people and product". Check out their Facebook page for updates regarding their farm.

(214) 536-4636

4MG Farm

4MG Farm is located at Sanger, Texas and it is Veteran Owned and Operated. They raise all of their animals on pasture and feed them only what comes from nature - no chemicals, no additives. They have Grass-Fed Beef, Pasture-raised Eggs, Pastured Chicken, Turkeys. You will be "so very excited for local fresh eggs and organic Broilers" that they offer. It is an "amazing, family ran farm" and "you can know exactly what goes into the food you are purchasing". You can even get "a beautiful, gigantic turkey that" you will be "so thankful for" because it is "delicious". Also, "kids could even tell a difference" because their products are "very fresh and flavorful!"

(469) 919-8786

5G Farms

Closed Now!

A hardworking generation of family farmers has been running the 5G Farms since 1990. They operate with an exceptional goal: ‘To put farming back into its original glory.’ From planting cotton, peanuts, apricots, pears, nectarines, and plums in its humble beginnings, the farm now produces organic fruits, eggs (from turkeys, ducks, chicken, and quails), and dairy (from cows and calves). Reviews on their Facebook page show they are worth the distance. However, if you do not like to go through the hassles of traveling long distance, you can also book a pickup and delivery service directly on their website. Don’t forget to try their watermelon jams and jalapeño jams. Regular and first-time customers say these are an absolute must-try! On a side note, handymen and women out there might also love their Grim workshop sessions!

(940) 488-6238

5L Farms & Dairy

5L Farms & Dairy offers Seasonal Vegetables, Pasture Raised Chicken Meat and Eggs, Raw Goat's Milk, Goat's Milk Lotions and Soaps.... and much much more. You should "stop over at the 5L Farms and Dairy/Marble Falls and get some" if you want the "best goat's milk EVER!" They also use "use hydroponics and aquaponics" on this farm. They also offer "Pickled Beets". You can also buy their products "at the Highland Lakes Farmers Market in Marble Falls". You can also check out their social media page to get more updates about their farm and products.

5N Farms

Closed Now!

The Nuendorff Ranch and Jasek Ranch are under of 5N Farms in the heart of Texas. And both ranches are certified part of the Family Land Heritage Program by the state Texas. The 5N Farms provides grass-fed beef straight from century ranches, and you can find them most of the time at the Round Top Farmer's Market. Their goal is to produce healthy and high-quality beef in the market that people will surely enjoy! To know more about 5N Farms, visit their website or Facebook Page. Rest assured that you will love buying their products. Call them, and they will be happy about answering all your questions about their farm. Check them out! 

(214) 536-4636

6195 fm 515

Closed Now!

At 195 P.R. 5263, Yantis, you can reach 6195 FM 515. 6195 FM 515 is a farm that grows purple pecans, hull peas, cantaloupe, watermelons, pumpkins, and different kinds of vegetables. Some of their vegetables are carrots, cauliflower, collards, cucumber, green onions, hot peppers, onions, peas, pumpkins, sweet peppers, and tomatoes. For more than 90 years, farming has been part of their family. They have heritage breeds and use organic farming methods (although not yet certified ). In 2017, they started selling CSA shares. Moreover, their harvesting season is from May through October. When goods are in season, you can find them at Winnsboro and Sulpher Springs Farmers Markets. Contact Vincent Cunningham for available produce and more information.

6J Ranch

Are you looking for a naturally raised meat? The 6J Ranch is a third-generation ranch in Central Texas. They raise their animals and their other products on their own that is why you can make sure that it is 100% hormone-free, antibiotic-free, pesticide-free, and GMO-free. Also, all their meats are state inspected. Usually, you can buy their products in Waco Downtown Farmers Market, Pflugerville Farmers Market, Sun City Farmer's Market, Georgetown Farmer's Market, River Valley Farmer's Market, Round Rock Farmer's Market and many more! Come and find them! You can also visit their website if you want to buy their products. They always give updates on their website where you can find their products! 

(512) 898-2715

7 Fat Cows Farm

In Hempstead, 7 Fat Cows Farm "sells bulk pasture-raised pork & grass-fed beef". Besides, their livestock goes under a strict management intensive grazing program to provide the highest quality pork and beef possible. Currently, they are "raising Brangus cattle", and "their pigs are mainly Red Wattle" crosses either with Large Black or Berkshire. Moreover, they "grow a limited amount of Dwarf Nigerian goats" for their egg and milk needs. To schedule a tour or place an order, contact them via email or website. A few delighted customers said, "The uncured bacon is the best!" and "We purchased different cuts of pork, and everything was wonderful".

7B Family Farms

The 7B Family Farms is homegrown fruits and vegetables in Texas. The farm is an excellent producer of consistently high-quality vegetables and fruits at the Canyon Farmers Market. The owners are friendly and intensely focus on quality and at the same time, a pleasure to do a business thing. Also, most of the people enjoy their bread for different meals and for snacking. One of their clients says, "I love the bread of 7B Family Farms. My favorite is the Pecan Praline and Jalapeno Cheddar. I look forward to getting more. I will repurchase it soon!" Drop by to the 7BFamily Farms and try their most delicious fruits and vegetables! For more information about 7B Family Farms, you can visit their website or call them for inquiries!

7D Ranch Texas

Closed Now!

Keith Debault, the owner of 7D Ranch in Navasota, has had farming and ranching in his veins from day one.  Straight out of high school, he began his ranching career by purchasing a small herd.  Realizing the potential prosperity that ranching could provide, he ventured out on his own to launch a career in beef.  From the start, his vision was to breed premium quality cattle while offering the best replacement females available.  After years of husbandry trial and error, Keith has developed a premium catalog of F1 Tiger Stripes, Brangus, Black Baldie, and Braford heifers. Cattle from 7D Ranch are sought after by ranchers all over Texas, as well as Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Kansas, and New Mexico.

(936) 870-5114

9-1 Produce Farm

Closed Now!

9-1 Produce Farm is a family-owned and run farm that produces only organic fruits and veggies! Not only do they practice organic growing, but they use non-GMO seeds as well! They have cucumbers, heirloom tomatoes, watermelons, okra, colored carrots, peaches, and a large variety of fresh organic vegetables! Catch them at the Alamo Heights Farmers market every weekend and get the best organic vegetables around!

A Bar N Ranch

Closed Now!

The Bar N Ranch is known as a farm that is committed to producing one of a kind Wagyu Cattles. 'Wagyu' is a Japanese beef cattle; where 'Wa' means Japanese, and 'gyu' means cow. Gregg and Van Nichols own and operate the farm. The farm is a cross American Black Angus based Cattle developing one of the best herds of Wagyu/Angus cross cattle in the US. Moreover, they raise their animals in the best way that they can be. The farmers never give their calves growth hormones. There are more reasons to love their Wagyu! In addition to being chemical-free, their beef is incredibly high in marbling because of its high percentage of monounsaturated fats and has lower cholesterol than commodity beef. Furthermore, their Wagyu beef is suitable for a well-balanced and healthy diet. Buy yours now at in just a few clicks!

(972) 273-0310

A Garden in Every Home

Closed Now!

A Garden in Every Home is "a small working farm in Bandera, Texas", for many years now. The farm provides "seasonal vegetables and fruits, that is 100% organic". They are using nature’s herbs and oils, minerals along with beneficial bugs to keep their product healthy. Aside from that, the farm also "offers about Plants Education and Training Consulting Edible Landscape design".  The main goal of the farm is to help people become more self-sufficient and learn how to plant and produce healthy food. A Garden in Every Home is keeping on developing a more “edible/ herbal” landscape. They want to maintain the high-quality products that they offer since they started farming. Contact them for more details!

(210) 413-7392

A.Y. Raam Farms

Closed Now!

The farm opened in 2007. Seth and Rachel Armstrong run the A.Y RAAM Farms. They started the farm with the principles of love, respect, and integrity. As Seth would usually say, he married the farmer's daughter. The farm name stands for Rachels' siblings, including her (A-aron, Y-itchak, R-achel, A-bigail, A-na, and M-oriah) For the couple, Australian Shepherd puppies make the best dog in the world, probably the reason why they have been breeding this line for over ten years. They also breed Yorkshire Terriers. These experienced and licensed breeders also raise the highest-quality grass-fed chicken, pork, and beef. They also house Nubian goats and paint horses. Aside from that, they offer a wide variety of organic crops. If you want a one-stop-shop local farm, A.Y. RAAM Farms is the best source for your needs. From lots of veggies and meat to the kindest dogs, they've got you covered!  

(512) 644-0828

Acacia Farms Growing in Harmony with Nature

This farm has unique ways in growing fresh vegetables and greens year round. No one comes close to their variety, freshness and ability to get their product to market while still maintaining the quality of product their customers have come to expect. They also maintain their own grapefruit orchards by hand. They also do all the work themselves. "They have their spring/lettuce mix at South Padre island Brewery.. Its delicious & addictive !!!!" Also, if you are "making plans to meet" the "Farmers from Acacia farm's anyone is welcome". You will have "an enchanted weekend and perfect location!" You will be taking home "the best veggies", "fresh/organic", and "healthy choices".

(956) 755-9770