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Old School Produce

Day Off!

Old School Produce specializes in growing and harvesting "hard to find vegetables and herbs for restaurants and individuals." The owner, "Jacob is one of the most knowledgeable horticulturists" you will ever meet. They "have kohlrabi, lettuce, fennel, cilantro, kale, arugula, microgreens, radish sprouts, kumquats, pumelos, and Mexican oregano". And, "if you have never had a kohlrabi, it’s very similar to jicama". "As always", they "do have cool little plants like" the "Gasteria that’s very easy to grow and can survive in a container for years". The farm is also "dog friendly". Old School Produce also provides one-of-a-kind garden arrangements and green walls. Their social media is always updated, so don't forget to check it out.

(713) 336-3438

The Last Organic Outpost

The Last Organic Outpost is a project-based, non-profit organization created to develop community resources through urban agriculture. When you visit, you will be astonished because "this place is a breath of fresh air, energy, and intellect". They "have a pretty diverse offering of food" and will even allow "to pick out" your "own produce". They are also "very knowledgeable on growing and taking care of plants". Also, you will notice they are "extremely friendly with any questions". The place is also "kid-friendly as well" and "pretty relaxed and laid back and just let the kids run free and roam around the property as they pleased".

(832) 517-0418