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Local Food Businesses Accepting SNAP in Texas (32)

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Bastrop 1832 Farmers Market

Farmers Market in Bastrop

The Bastrop 1832 market is a project of Bastrop Sustainable Agricultural Community (BSAC) and is on a mission to promote small family farmers, ranchers, producers, artisans, and the economically disadvantaged to sell their own farm and ranch products, artisan wares, ready-to-eat foods and other homemade products. The market’s efforts include various side projects such as scheduled events for cooking demos and recipe handouts, pet adoption events 3-4 times a year, Change for Food which raises much-needed funds for the hungry, drop-off points for non-perishable canned goods to help feed the hungry and for plastic bottles and aluminum cans for recycling, and even a book exchange program. Find the usual freshest produce and the best artisan crafts the area has to offer and enjoy the occasional featured live music in a covered indoor setting year-round. They welcome food purchases using Texas Lone Star Cards.

(512) 237-0553

Da’ Shack Farmer’s Market

Farmers Market in Waco

Da’ Shack Farmer’s Market is a new (est. 2018) operation in the East Waco area. Owned and managed by Donna Nickerson and her mom Melba, both avid gardeners, they grow their own organic veggies in the land Donna’s parents owned since the 1990s.“Da’ shack” is actually a small store where they sell the produce they grow, which is supplemented by surplus produce from local growers whose farming practices Donna makes sure to be in line with her organic gardening practices. Besides fresh produce, Da’ Shack also sells herbs, canned items, nursery plants, health and wellness products, and homemade fresh pastries. They also offer potting services and gardening classes, and help you with your gardening needs. In a backroom in Da’ Shack, Donna – a licensed psychotherapist – provides counseling and therapy services. (They plan to add a smoothie bar soon!)Da’ Shack accepts cash, debit, credit, and SNAP.

(254) 300-5001

Dallas Farmers Market

Farmers Market in Dallas

In typical Dallas Fashion, the Dallas Farmers Market is much more upscale than what one would expect at a traditional farmers market. While some people might find this to be "inauthentic" it is still a very good concept for an urban area.

The Dallas Farmers Market has two areas:

  • The Shed: Which is your typical outdoor covered farmers market. Here you can find small vendors selling food, honey, cheese, desserts and so on.
  • Indoor: This is the more upscale part of the Dallas Farmers Market. This area is climate controlled and is home to many fixed restaurants and booths.
The market is open every day of the week but the Weekends are the days to go. If you're with friends and family, nothing beats the atmosphere of going to this farmers market. The outside venue is packed with local eateries and entrepreneurs. You can also get seasonal fruits and vegetables, homemade jewelry, plants, and other artisan food products.  It's a melting pot of culture, flavors, colors, and there is something for everyone. There are even vegan options!

(214) 664-9110

Desserts Only LLCNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Richardson

Desserts Only LLC, in Richardson, Texas, is a family-owned-and-operated bakery shop. This bakery specializes in making pound cakes and other old-fashioned baked goods made from scratch. Just looking at what they've been making is enough to make you salivate. They have Butter Cream Pound Cake. They have Deep Dish Peach Cobbler with extra crust. Every cake they make here is moist and delicious. That is because every ingredient is fresh and only the finest.

(972) 833-4220

Farmshare Austin

Farm & Ranch in Cedar Creek

Farmshare Austin is not just a local farm that produces healthy and sustainable food for the community. They want to increase access for healthy produce, educate new farmers, and continuously preserve the land.With this goal, they have created the Farmer Starter program. In the program, they help new aspiring farmers gain knowledge on sustainable methods. Scholarships are also available for this 18-week program.Also, the farm created a program called Farm Land Link, where they connect new farmers to a land that is suitable for agriculture.Best of all, Farmshare Austing offers mobile markets where they bring fresh produce to places unreached by organic food.

(512) 337-2211

Fresh for Less (Dove Springs Southeast Branch Library)

Farmers Market in Austin

Fresh for Less Dove springs is run by non-profit, Farmshare Austin. Prioritizing areas that "face geographic and/or economic barriers to buying fresh produce". The markets also sell produce from local Austin farms and staple goods like pasta, olive oil and beans. The City of Austin has partnered with Farmshare Austin for fresh, affordable, convenient, and nutritious food. At Dove Springs, the Austin Public Library Southeast Branch is the location of this Fresh for Less mobile market. Along with reduced prices, all markets also accept SNAP benefits. They also offer "the SFC Double Dollars program to help with affordability".

(512) 337-2211

Fresh for Less (St. Elmo Road)

Farmers Market in Austin

SFC Farm Stands are now Fresh for Less Mobile Markets. This market is just one of its locations. Families are able to purchase locally-grown, and low-cost produce at this market. They can also engage in the local food system and also gain access to knowledge about cooking healthy, affordable food. Also, Fresh For Less Mobile Markets accepts Double Up Food Bucks, which doubles the value of purchases made using SNAP benefits. You can also pay in cash. Each Fresh for Less Mobile Market is also operated by "Farmshare Austin". It also has promotional support from Sustainable Food Center and a dedicated group of community volunteers. You can find this market at St. Elmo Road (Sierra Vista Apartments), 4320 S Congress Avenue.

(512) 337-2211

Fresh for Less (St. John’s Episcopal Church)

Farmers Market in Austin

This mobile market is hosted by Fresh for Less Mobile Market and St John's Episcopal Church Austin, Texas. This is also in partnership with the City of Austin, Sustainable Food Center, Farmshare Austin, and GAVA (Go Austin!/Vamos Austin!) for fresh, affordable, convenient, and nutritious food. You can "buy your local fruits and vegetables, natural honey, organic eggs and shelf-stable goods (pasta, olive oil and more) each week". They "accept cash, debit and credit cards, Lone Star SNAP cards (food stamps) and SFC Double Dollars". Also, "families paying with the Lone Star SNAP card get more with SFC Double Dollars". This program also "matches up to $30 in SNAP, WIC and FMNP benefits that can be used to purchase fruits and vegetables". You can find this market at the St John's Episcopal Church located at 11201 Parkfield Dr, Austin, Texas.

(512) 337-2211

Fresh for Less Farmers Market (COA/YMCA North Austin)

Farmers Market in Austin

Fresh for Less Farmers Market is the place to be if you're looking to satisfy your local, organic food and produce fix. This mobile space enables families to purchase locally-grown and low-cost produce. It is also very helpful in engaging the families to the local food system. They also gain knowledge about cooking healthy, affordable food. In partnership with the City of Austin and operated by Farmshare Austin. It also has promotional support from Sustainable Food Center and a dedicated group of community volunteers. This is located at COA/YMCA North Austin, 1000 W Rundberg Lane, Austin, Texas. You can also check out the social media page of East Communities YMCA | YMCA of Austin since they also host this mobile market.

(512) 973-9622

Get Moving Houston Farmer’s Market (Acres Home Multi-Service Center)

Farmers Market in Houston

The Get Moving Houston Farmer's Market in Acres Home Multi-Service Center which is "great for seniors in the area", is located at 6719 W Montgomery Rd, Houston, Texas. Also, the market offers "a mutual benefit to farmers, shoppers and local economies". The market also allows "farmers to sell high-quality fresh fruits and vegetables directly to the community". This leads to "meeting the area’s demand for fresh produce". You will also "love the place" because they have "very helpful people". This market also accepts cash, credit, debit, Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) vouchers and the Lone Star Card (SNAP). You may also check out the website for an updated schedule of the market season.

(832) 393-4145

Get Moving Houston Farmer’s Market (Denver Harbor Multi-Service Center)

Farmers Market in Houston

"Get Moving Houston brings in local Texas farmers with fresh fruits and vegetables for you to choose from at the Farmers Markets". One of this is in Denver Harbor Multi-Service Center located at 6402 Market Street. It can be found in a "fantastic facility to help serve the community". You can visit them and buy fresh fruits and vegetables. "Just keep an eye out for the orange tents". The place is a "great spot" with "lots of services". It is also "very clean and pretty space!" Also, "cash, debit/credit, WIC, and Lonestar accepted". You may also visit their website for more updates and information.

(832) 395-0895

Get Moving Houston Farmer’s Market (Hiram Clarke Multi-Service Center)

Farmers Market in Houston

The Get Moving Houston Farmers Markets offer a variety of food incentives and vouchers to increase the purchasing power of participants while supplies last. This is just one of their convenient markets. This market is also located in a "beautiful easily accessible facility", in "a well-thought-out center. And also, "Vision Neighbourhood Public Library is located there" too. They also accept cash, credit/debit cards, WIC FMNP Vouchers, and Lone Star Card (SNAP). Check out their website for more updates. This is also sponsored by the Houston Health Department. When you visit the market, just look for them with their bright orange tents!

(832) 393-4240

Get Moving Houston Farmer’s Market (Magnolia Multi-Service Center)

Farmers Market in Houston

This branch of Get Moving Houston Farmers market is Sponsored by the Houston Health Department. This is located in Magnolia Multi-Service Center at 7037 Capitol Street. "This center is always clean and the people that work here are very helpful". This is also a "great place to visit for your community needs". Also, "these markets provide a mutual benefit to farmers, shoppers and local economies by allowing farmers to sell high-quality fresh fruits and vegetables directly to the community, meeting the area’s demand for fresh produce". The markets also accept cash, credit, debit and SNAP/Lonestar EBT. Also, more information about the Get Moving Houston Farmers Markets, incentives and health programs is available at

(832) 395-3380

Get Moving Houston Farmer’s Market (Northeast Multi Service Center)

Farmers Market in Houston

The Houston Health Department helps communities by making fresh fruits and vegetables more affordable. They do this via their Get Moving Houston Farmers Markets program. Because, they believe "fruits and vegetables help prevent or delay the start of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease while helping people maintain a healthy weight and just feel better". They also "accept cash, credit, debit and SNAP/Lonestar EBT". The schedule of the market is also available on their website. This market is also located in Northeast Multi-Service Center at 9720 Spaulding Street. Also, "this center has many different programs you can take advantage of". "Customers using SNAP and D-SNAP" also have "benefits". "Buy items at the markets" and they "will receive the dollar equivalent of their purchases in Healthy Houston Bucks to spend on fruits and vegetables".

(832) 395-0470

Get Moving Houston Farmer’s Market (Southwest Multi-Service Center)

Farmers Market in Houston

"Get Moving Houston Farmers Market season" also has a spot "at the Southwest Multi-Service Center". This is found at 6400 High Star Drive. The center also houses multiple services for the community such as the Houston Public Express Library. As for the market, they "have music, activities, and most importantly fresh fruits and vegetables". This market event is also "the perfect time to meet and greet your local Texan Farmers while picking up fresh produce for the family!" The market also accepts cash, credit, debit and SNAP/Lonestar EBT. Operated by the Houston Health Department, you can check out their website for more updates and information.

(832) 395-9900

Get Moving Houston Farmer’s Market (Sunnyside Multi-Service Center)

Farmers Market in Houston

Get Moving Houston is Urban Harvest, Rebuild Texas and partners innovative solution to one of Precinct One’s biggest public health issues. By opening farmers markets in areas designated as food deserts and doubling the impact of SNAP benefits". They promote the Double Up Houston program that allows families to use their SNAP benefits. SNAP benefits are also useful for bringing home double the amount of fresh locally grown food from participating farmers markets. One of these markets is the Get Moving Houston Farmers Market at Sunnyside Multi-Service Center, 9314 Cullen Blvd. The center also "has smaller meeting rooms and auditorium that seats a few hundred people". Operated by the Houston Health Department. With a mission of providing easier access to affordable and high-quality fresh fruits and vegetables especially in food deserts. You can also check out their website for more updates and information.

(832) 395-0069

Growing with Sara Farm

Farm & Ranch in El Paso

Growing with Sara Farm is a 100-year-old Farm. It has a farmer’s stand, called Bodega Loya where you can buy fresh produce harvested from the farm. This farm is located in El Paso, Texas. If you are very particular about the fruits and vegetables you buy and eat, consider buying from this farm. All fruits and vegetables from the farm are grown following certified organic practices. You can visit the farm so that you can see for yourself where your fruits and vegetables grow. That's not all. When you visit, you can also take part in other activities here, like Yoga on the Farm. If you can't visit the farm, they also sell at the Moonlight Adobe Hall farmers' market. They sell there from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

(915) 269-6277

Ma & Pa Kettle Korn

Artisan Food Producer in Spring

Ma & Pa Kettle Korn, which is located in Spring, Texas, has been making low cholesterol kettle and corn since Thanksgiving 1995. It is not rocket science to assume that the reason they are still loved by customers is the delicious sweet and salty taste of Ma & Pa Kettle Korn. If you are looking for a healthier snack option, try Ma & Pa Kettle Korn. It contains 44 calories and 1.66 grams of fat per cup. If you haven't tried Ma & Pa Kettle Korn, don't worry. Once you see that iconic gazebo all decked out in red, white, and blue, you'll see a sign there that says they give away free samples. So taste it and see for yourself!

(281) 570-4958

McAllen Farmers Market

Farmers Market in McAllen

The McAllen Farmers Market is a non-profit 501(c)(3) operating since 2007. It was established to promote regional agriculture and to provide the McAllen community with fresh, nutritious, and locally grown food. It also hopes to be able to give small family farms a viable venue for their produce.The market opens on Saturdays from 10:00 to 1:00pm beside the McAllen Public Library. The market is a Texas Department of Agriculture Certified Farmers Market and a member of the GO TEXAN program. It accepts SNAP Benefits (Lone Star) and participates in the Farmers Market Nutrition Program (WIC Vouchers). Most vendors accept credit cards as well.

(956) 255-0190

Mid-Plains Farmers Market

Farmers Market in Plainview

Mid-Plains Farmers Market encourages the community to “eat fresh” and “buy local” by supporting homegrown business owners, farmers, and producers. Stroll by the set up in Gebos Parking Lot to check out fruits and vegetables, jams and jellies, snacks and desserts, bread and other baked goods and other yummy finds and great deals! A visit to the Mid-Plains Farmers Market brings you everything fresh, natural, and homemade!  

(806) 729-1557

Munchie’s Bakery

Artisan Food Producer in Lubbock

The key selling points for Munchie’s Bakery are two things: freshness and variety. Every week, they promise to sell a variety of loaves of bread, pies, cinnamon rolls, and other baked goods at Wolfforth Farmers Market. What they bring there to sell are items freshly-made. And the choices aren't just limited to what you want to eat, there are also options offered to those who have specific dietary considerations.  They can also choose their preferred pick-up location for their orders. Most important of all, they can order custom-made baked goods tailored to your preferences. No wonder they are successful since they opened in 2017. Note: All of their gluten-free and special dietary items are custom ordered only.

(806) 620-4765

Palm Center Farmer’s Market

Farmers Market in Houston

Open every 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month, the Palm Center Farmer's Market is a community-based market supported by non-profit organizations and community partners. The Center's mission is two-fold:
  • Enhance the community and its members
  • Champion the education of the community to learn more about farm-to-table nutrition
Established in 2012, the Center also operates the Palm Center Community Garden. This garden is a working garden adjacent to the Center, and the source of most of their organic produce. They also sell fresh baked goods, homemade products, and handmade accessories.Shoppers have a chance to buy double their SNAP benefits (up to $20) through the Center’s Double Up Food Bucks program. “This is (...) needed in all our neighborhoods”, says a regular customer. This market is “truly for the community by the community”, says another.

(832) 821-6645

Rancher’s Fed Beef

Butcher in Granbury

Rancher's Fed Beef, which is located in Granbury, Texas, is a full-service meat company. They sell choice, prime, grass-fed beef. They have brisket (sliced and chopped), pulled pork, and ribs (beef and pork). They also have pork and beans. This is a family business, and it has been operating for 50 years. If you are serving in the military or a first responder, you get a 5% discount if you buy meats here. They are selling different packages. Choose which one is suitable for you. They have the Breakfast Pack, Sample Assortment, Steak Lovers, Family Savers, Half of Steer, and Split Half of Steer. If you want to buy from this ranch, feel free to come. Or you can call ahead to place your order. Follow them on Facebook, so you'll know when they are selling hot, delicious, slow-smoked barbecue, or when they are offering a sale on select items.

(817) 964-3255

Rural Reverie LLC

Farm & Ranch in Carthage

Rural Reverie LLC is a first-generation family farm providing the community with agricultural products. The farm specializes in providing meat - beef, pork, and lamb.  They offer a wide selection, including options for wholes and halves. They also have discount boxes which you might want to check out. The family that owns and manages Rural Reverie LLC is open to visitors who want to tour the farm and stop by for a chat. Rural Reverie LLC is located in Carthage, Texas.

(903) 263-1512

SFC Farmers’ Market at Sunset Valley

Farmers Market in Austin

The SFC Farmers’ Market at Sunset Valley is one of two current locations where the Sustainable Food Center (SFC) operates its farmers’ markets. With the mission to “cultivate a healthy community”, the SFC is continuing the aim of its predecessor, the Austin Farmers’ Market, to make Austin a food-secure community. The SFC's weekly markets feature over 100 vendors, including dozens of local farmers. This number ensures that SFC is cultivating a “just and regenerative food system”. It also adds to their distinction as two of the largest weekly farmers’ markets in the state of Texas. "Everyone is so nice. Always fun to sample and walk around. Trying new things is fun for the kids and bringing home the fresh foods is always the best." The market accepts SNAP, WIC, FMNP and SFC Double Dollars benefits.With the kids in Austin and looking for grass-fed beef? Check out SFC Farmers' Market at Sunset Valley and others as they were featured in Kim's 5 Places to buy Grass-fed beef and Entertain the kids in Austin.

(512) 236-0074

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