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Local Family Farms & Ranches near Alto, TX (15)


Hassell Cattle Company

Farm & Ranch in Rusk - 8.95 mi

Hassell Cattle company located in Rusk, Texas offers top-quality Texas Wagyu perfect for meat lovers out there. They have “awesome wagyu beef at prices that won’t break the bank!”  Their high prime beef is raised hormone-free and antibiotic-free. Hassell Cattle is the perfect place if you want to cook up some quality beef. Their steak has a “great taste and super tender”. To make things even better, Hassell Cattle offers “very fast” delivery services straight to your door. Enjoy the “exceptional flavor and texture”! If you’re looking for an ethically sourced and high-quality wagyu beef, Hassell Cattle is a must-try!

Texadus Family Farm

Farm & Ranch in San Antonio - 10.57 mi

You will "love this Texadus Family Farm" because "they have the best bread, the sweetest baby goats, and the most wonderful smelling soap"! Plus, "they are informative and friendly and take the time to educate you and answer any questions on any of their products". You can find them "at the Nacogdoches farmers market". "The soap lathers well" and "smells WONDERFUL" and can even make your "skin so soft". They have other hand-made natural potions and lotions, delicious baked goods, jellies, and more. You can call them for an appointment or place an order because they can also ship your orders.

Great Entertainment Farms

Farm & Ranch in Douglass - 10.75 mi

Great Entertainment Farms is a highly regarded destination in East Texas, celebrated for its exceptional full-blood Boer bucks. Beyond our esteemed Boer goats, we proudly offer a diverse selection of breeds, including Nubian, Spanish, and LaMancha. Our goats thrive in a pasture-raised environment, ensuring their well-being with quality hay, fresh water, essential minerals, and specially formulated goat feeds. Moreover, we proudly supply fresh eggs from our free-range chickens, available from February through November. If you have any inquiries about our farm or our offerings, please don't hesitate to contact Jerry or Diana at (936) 715-9811. Our satisfied customers consistently praise us for providing healthy, sound, and reasonably priced goats that are exceptionally well-cared for.

Good Roots Garden

Farm & Ranch in Rusk - 11.09 mi

In about 10 miles Southwest of Rusk, you can find Good Roots Garden. It is a locally-owned farm serving East Texas with high-quality produce since 2010. Moreover, they follow the National Organic Program guidelines, growing nutrient-dense food using ecological farming practices. The owners, Larry and Jerri Berry, both manage the small ranch and grow seasonal vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers without harmful materials such as synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or transgenic seeds (GMOs). Besides, they have been doing land farming for over 150 years. With their advocacy, they believe that nourishing the soil and land means taking care of ourselves. Update: They are not currently offering CSA or Produce for the public. Check back in the future for more updates.

Api di Volo ApiaryNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Reklaw - 14.88 mi

Api di Volo Apiary is making good use of their honey and beeswax. They make and sell raw honey which is very good for the body. Honey is the perfect remedy for everything, from cough to wounds. It pays to always have a jar of raw honey in the pantry. Api di Volo Apiary also has other items for sale. If you need beeswax candles for when the electricity is down, go visit and buy from the apiary. Beeswax candles do not melt as fast as ordinary candles so this is a good buy! They also sell lip balms, salves, and creams.  

Poppa Skinny’s Farm

Farm & Ranch in Jacksonville - 17.56 mi

Established in 1904, Poppa Skinny's Farm, originally John Acker's wedding dowry, carries on his legacy of sustainable farming. Today, his descendants employ a blend of traditional and modern techniques to nurture healthy soil and grow happy, nutritious food. With a focus on chicken, hogs, cattle, goats, and seasonal produce, they offer heirloom vegetables, raw goat milk, and cheese. Explore their acclaimed pastured pork, beef, chicken, and eggs. Join us in celebrating a century of sustainable farming excellence.

Preacher’s End Farm

Farm & Ranch in Jacksonville - 18.64 mi

Preacher's End Farm specializes in salad greens, cooking greens, and root vegetables in cool weather and heirloom tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers, okra, and eggplant in summer. Also, from October to May, they make some of their produce into deliciously composed salads with freshly-made dressings. They then sell them through a subscription format. And, they have an "excellent salad subscription". They also make crates and craft boards from scrap pallet wood and also, sharpen kitchen knives. They also make soap and occasionally do some canning.

Stoney Brook Farm

Farm & Ranch in Nacogdoches - 20.34 mi

Stoney Brook Farm's owner "is so awesome! He takes time to talk to you about his products, answers questions and has the best blackberry and muscadine jellies". He will even tell you "how to plant, grow and prune the strawberry and blackberry plants we bought. I will always buy something from his table always!" They also have pick-your-own plums in late May peaches first of June to late July. Blackberries, blueberries, figs, flowers, melons, nectarines, peaches and plums are also available when in season. They also sell blueberry and blackberry plants. Always call before you visit. Cash and check payments are accepted.

Elliott Family Farm

Farm & Ranch in Grapeland - 20.36 mi

One of the most famous farms nearby Grapeland is Elliott Family Farm. They specialize in Southern peas (especially purple hull and cream peas), grain, and milled flours. Moreover, the family has been farming since 1854. Currently, they are transitioning to organic. This means that they use no chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Also, their Southern peas are sold fresh shelled by the gallon, quart, and pint, or unshelled by the bushel basket. Furthermore, they shell, force air clean, and bag their product. A satisfied customer said, "I baked oatmeal cooking using the oats that we got from your farm, and the kids loved them!"

Moon and Sun Farm

Farm & Ranch in Rio Medina - 21.30 mi

Moon and Sun Farm is owned by "great people" with "great ethics" and they offer "great canned goods". They are also "passionate about what they do and take a lot of care to do it well". Their "Bread and Butter Pickles" are "fantastic". They also have fresh goat milk and cheese for sale or trade. There are also available chickens for sale. Chicken breeds include heritage layers like Rhode Island Red, good dual-purpose chickens like Silver Laced Wyandotte and Black Australorp, and some interesting Australorp crosses. You can also find them at the Nacogdoches Farmers Market. Check out their Facebook page for their updated schedule.  

M-Rockin-C RanchNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Grapeland - 23.09 mi

M-Rockin-C Ranch offers farm-fresh meats that are pasture-raised and fed organic feed. They have a wide variety of proteins available. If you plan to shop from them, expect quality pork, lamb, chicken, and even rabbit. This variety is great for people who are looking to stock up their pantry with a balanced set of proteins. If you plan to visit, M-Rockin-C Ranch also has camping grounds where you can enjoy the sceneries offered by their sprawling 65-acre ranch.

Counter Culture Farms

Farm & Ranch in Nacogdoches - 24.11 mi

Counter Culture Farms in Nacogdoches, Texas offer you intimacy with the land, food, and healing through their products. In a world where everything comes in a super-fast pace, the farm revels in the fact that they raise their meats in the way that time has almost forgotten. They invite you to come and be part of the sacred ways of this life, the land, and our ancestors. A visit to their farm will show you where your food is coming from, not from a factory, but from nature itself. Send them a note, see the cows moo, the goats bahh, and the eagles soar. There is so much more to life and food than what groceries can offer.

HalleluYah HavenNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Jacksonville - 24.57 mi

Welcome to HalleluYah Haven, your source for organic goodness and sustainable learning. Explore our array of produce, from vibrant peppers like Shishito and serrano to diverse radishes including black Spanish and purple daikon. Enjoy a medley of vegetables such as arugula, bell peppers, dandelion greens, Speckled Head Lettuce, and Chioggia beets. Indulge in the sweetness of watermelons and assorted citrus plants like grapefruits, lemons, and oranges. Delight in the seasons with wild organic berries, raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries. Discover fresh herbs like flat-leaf parsley and dill. Find us at Frisco FreshMarket and occasionally at Dallas Farmers Market.

H & T Williams GardenNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Jacksonville - 24.57 mi

Meet Herbert and Thongma Williams, proud stewards of H & T Williams Garden, with their son Sammy also contributing to the market. Their 8.5-acre farm yields the sweetest Noonday onions, Jacksonville tomatoes, and a greenhouse brimming with field tomato seedlings. Don't miss their hand-shelled homegrown southern peas, along with lettuce, mung bean sprouts, sweet potatoes, red cabbage, carrots, spinach, beets, herbs, and more. Satisfied customers rave about the consistent quality and variety, praising the fair prices. Discover their seasonal delights at the Dallas Farmers Market today!

Belle Brook Farms Natural Beef

Farm & Ranch in Nacogdoches - 24.79 mi

Experience the finest pasture-raised Belgian Blue Beef at Belle Brook Farms' Natural Beef. Enjoy lean, juicy, and highly-nutritious meat with low cholesterol. Find them at Sunshine Health Foods in Bossier City or Shreveport. Don't miss their delicious seasonings, sauces, and smoked products. Call or visit their website to order now.

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