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Local Family Farms & Ranches near Austin, TX (85)


Margaret’s FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Austin - 0.00 mi

Margaret's Farm is owned and operated by Margaret Taylor. Margaret grows maize (corn), a variety of greens, herbs, and black-eyed peas. She also raises goats, chickens, guinea fowl, and ducks. Also, one of Margaret’s favorite meals is a flavorful Kenyan stew with greens like swiss chard or collard greens, tomatoes, and chunks of goat meat. Ugali, a dish of maize flour (cornmeal) cooked with water to a porridge- or dough-like consistency, typically accompanies the stew. You can find Margaret most Tuesdays at the SFC Farmers’ Market East. Be sure to stop by and pick up some of her greens and delicious chicken eggs!

Force of Nature MeatsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Austin - 0.00 mi

Force of Nature champions the principles and practices of regenerative agriculture while also being able to help in the need for the community to be supplied with ethically produced food. True to its name, Force of Nature utilizes the natural systems that are in place to produce high-quality meats from wild boar, bison, chicken, elk, cattle, venison, and pork. All of their livestock are raised with honor and source their feed from naturally occurring sources around the farm. This ensures that customers can expect flavorful, organic, and nutritious cuts of meat.

Jmark FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Plano - 0.00 mi

The Jmark Farms in Austin, Texas, is a family-owned that operates to bring the best food in the table. The farm provides high quality and organic food for the local community. They supply fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs in restaurants, and local markets. Also, they have eggs, bread, jams, pretzel roll, and many more! They firmly believe that success is the result of a strong foundation of God, family, and community. Just like Jeremiah 17:7-8 says in the bible, “But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him. They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruits.” Their farm indeed is very successful! One of their clients says, “The Cantaloupe bread in Jmark Farms is amazing & tastes great! I will come back again for more!!” Check their website and visit them!

(512) 766-5141

Copper Creek RanchNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Orange - 0.00 mi

Copper Creek Ranch opened in 2010. Since their inception, they have produced grass-fed beef and made the Llano community happy. While the farm is small, its cows offer lots of excellent characteristics and qualities. They have registered Texas Longhorn cattle that offer superior musculature and great size. Their cows also feature a unique coloration that is perfect for shows. Speaking of shows, their cows also have a show-quality conformation. Not to mention, the horns are stunning. Most importantly and perhaps the most crucial quality of all, their cows have a calm disposition. If you are looking for show calves or wanting some grass-fed beef, you came to the right place!

(512) 301-7345

Goldenwood MushroomsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Austin - 0.00 mi

Goldenwood Mushrooms opened in May 2018, intending to grow gourmet and specialty mushrooms and microgreens. They wanted to offer their food to the public, restaurants, groceries, and catering services. To start, the farm cultivates their mushrooms in rooms that they specifically made to produce high-quality shrooms solely. They can control the climate in each room to encourage fruiting. In addition to that, they also grow microgreens that thrive in soil. They use coffee grounds and mushroom production by-products to cultivate their microgreen soil. As a result, they can produce nutritious greens while being sustainable. Find them at Jolt Coffee and Beverage or visit their farm in Driftwood, off FM1826.

(512) 970-1961

Boggy Creek Farm

Farm & Ranch in Austin - 2.50 mi

Boggy Creek Farm offers a slice of history of Austin and the property gives a unique glimpse of life in mid-19th century Austin, TX. Carol Ann Sayle and her late husband Larry Butler owns and operates the historic working urban firm. Once a foreclosed property prior to their purchase of the area in 1992, they meticulously restored Boggy Creek through the years since then. As a working farm, they sell their own harvest onsite. Their produce is supplemented with goods of other local farmers. Visit their website for what’s available in season and for the full list of products they offer. The farm also runs a vacation rental onsite and conducts paid and free tours for guests. They accept checks, cards, and cash and have a “no-dogs, no-smoking” policy for everyone’s safety.

(512) 926-4650

Hausbar Farms

Farm & Ranch in Addison - 2.57 mi

The Hausbar Farms in Austin, Texas, is a sustainable urban farm since 2009. The farmhouse is a 5-star Green home. They have 30,000 gallons of rainwater, and they have the organic vegetable garden that they are using for their plants. They are selling vegetables and raising their meat and eggs. Aside from that, the farm has also chickens, donkeys, ducks, geese, rabbits, and pet birds that you will see when you visit the farm.Furthermore, the farm is offering rental space for vacation, day camps, and workshops. A happy client says, “The Hausbar Farms is a wonderful place to stay! Everything is perfect! Also, the guests are free to roam the farm and visit with the ducks, roosters, rabbits, and donkeys.” To know more about Hausbar Farms, you can check their website and contact them. Have a pleasurable and relaxing weekend in the farmhouse!

Eden East Farm

Farm & Ranch in Austin - 2.65 mi

The farm is formerly popular as Springdale Farm. Glenn and Paula Foore owns and operates it. Eden East is currently on its extended life and run by Chef Sonya Coté and David Barrow. The Foores originally owned Springdale Farm having established it in 2009. They have a popular vegetable farm stand that was an East Austin favorite. In 2013, Sonya and David established a restaurant within the farm. After that they brought the concept of farm-to-table to a new level. The Foores eventually sold the farm to a developer in early 2018, and it’s just Sonya and David running the farm now.Throughout the changes that happened, Eden East continues to operate the farm stand and the restaurant. They have continued the Foores’ farm tours, and given its location just 3 miles of downtown Austin, the farm continues to be a popular destination. When questioned on the fate of the farm and restaurant once development starts, the twinkle in David’s eyes hint at exciting months ahead.

(512) 428-6500

Lost Pines Yaupon Tea

Farm & Ranch in Austin - 2.78 mi

Jason Ellis, Heidi Watcher, and John Sibold founded the Lost Pines Yaupon Tea in 2015. While they all love the taste and benefits of Yaupon Tea, they have seen an excellent opportunity to harvest Yaupon tea ethically.Back in 2011, the 6th of the largest wildfire happened in the Lost Pines area. Aside from this damage, human damage has also greatly affected the place in the past. As a result, the government created the Lost Pines Habitat Conservation. It encourages property owners within the area to help in restoring the forest for the endangered toads that lived there. Cooperating in the project meant that a property tax break for the owners.The trio started cooperating the property owners to harvest yaupon trees. This makes everybody a winner: the environment, the toads, the property owners, the government, the founders of the farm, and you.

(512) 748-4546

F-Stop Farms

Farm & Ranch in Austin - 2.85 mi

Ryan, the owner of F-Stop Farms, makes the best pickled-veggies and sells the best hot peppers in Texas. At least, that's what his customers tell when asked about F-stop Farms. "Get his pickles; his pickles are great! His veggies are pretty tasty too." Another reviewer commended Ryan's skills when it comes to gardening and cooking. "Extremely fresh veggies, amazing pickles, and great service. Ryan is always accommodating. He is also knowledgeable about growing vegetables in the garden and using them in dishes!"
Someone even said his peppers are the best hot peppers they've ever had in Texas.Ryan sells different varieties of peppers: ghost peppers, Japanese lemon, Anaheim, Thai bird, shishitos, and more. Aside from that, he makes fermented chili recipes. For Asians and Asian food lovers, he makes kimchi and sambal sometimes too!Okras, eggplants, onions, and melons are some of the farm's products that are not spicy.

(512) 800-3930

Vital Farms

Farm & Ranch in Austin - 2.93 mi

A great source of delectable butter and eggs from pastured cows and chicken, Vital farms has been bringing ethically-produced food from farm to table since 2007. They go beyond free-range and cage-free chicken as they allow their chickens to live in pastures for their whole lives. They regularly rotate the chickens on different areas in the field to keep the grass supply fresh and clean. The farm is Certified Humane and Certified B-Corporation. Happy customers are willing to pay the price for such a quality product! "Pay a little bit more; Yes, but the eggs are delicious. Try to d  a side by side taste test yourself at home, you’ll see."

(877) 455-3063

Herban Austin

Farm & Ranch in Calliham - 3.59 mi

Herban Auston is an organic herb farm in Central Texas. They focus on growing a medicinal and culinary plant using holistic and sustainable methods. The farm opened in May 2016. Since its inception, the farm has produced different kinds of herb bundles including Traditional western herbs and Chinese medicines. Aside from that, Nikole Finkelstein, the founder of Herban Austin, offers herb classes for anyone interested. She has over a decade of experience in studying Eastern and Western herbs. Furthermore, they also sell root crops like turnips, beets, and carrots. In addition, they grow brassicas like cabbage, kale, Brussell sprouts, and cauliflowers.

(512) 502-7045

Urban Patchwork

Farm & Ranch in Austin - 4.07 mi

Urban Patchwork "provides fresh, affordable Food for Austin, one neighborhood at a time". Furthermore, this network believes that the community is the backbone of health, security, sustainability. It "helps neighbors turn unused yard space into farmland" to produce vegetables, fruit, nuts, and eggs. Additionally, they "offer start-up programs, nutritional workshops, and home food production". They also provide courses in "canning, fermentation, and job training and creation". In exchange for hosting farm plots, residents and businesses receive fresh vegetables. Urban Patchworks lets you hire personal gardeners, landscapers, and consultants for your residence or commercial project. Just visit their website to learn more about them.

(512) 662-1854

Hartley Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Austin - 4.43 mi

The Sixth generation of the Hartley family runs the Hartley Ranch. They are striving to provide high-quality beef as it has been a family tradition and legacy.The founders of the farm established the business over a hundred years ago. With long-standing expertise in raising cows, the farm's breed is nothing but the best cattle in Texas. They also keep on improving. They brought American Angus beef to the top.Their customers keep on asking for more for their beef's superior taste, delicate and textured marbling, exceptional tenderness, and deep flavor.Aside from beef, they also offer the best Berkshire pork in town.

(512) 917-0808

Joe’s Microgreen

Farm & Ranch in Austin - 4.52 mi

Joe's microgreen is a small sustainable urban farm and a food recycler in East Austin. Joe founded the farm in 2012. They are driven to reduce waste while producing nutritious food. They do this by getting all organic food waste that could have ended up in landfills and turning it into a valuable resourceFood companies generating lots of food waste can sign up on his composting services. Then, these wastes turn into nutritious compost for plants. Joe uses the composts on his produce. He also sells compost by the truckload or by the bag."Local family farm with high-quality products and a focus on sustainability. Love it!"

(512) 537-3993

Dobbin-Kauv Garden Farm

Farm & Ranch in Austin - 4.54 mi

Dobbin-Kauv Garden farm is also known as Nancy Farm Fancy. As of this writing, this is the only black-owned farm within Austin’s city limits. Ms. Washington is a born and raised Austinite and a descendant of Black Freedman Farmers, whose agricultural traditions have been depended upon since the inception of Austin, Texas. On top of all that, she is a disabled combat veteran and mother of four, Tiffany prides herself on being a food justice warrior! All of her experiences has led her towards this point!

(512) 739-7435

Urban Roots

Farm & Ranch in Austin - 4.72 mi

Urban Roots aims to provide the people of Austin with "another source of real food grown locally" 40 percent of their produce is donated to hunger relief organizations across the Greater Austin Area. They also have a farm internship program, where they teach the young people of Austin "about good food, and empower them to find their voice." The interns get hands-on training bb by preparing the fields, planting, weeding, and harvesting, along with leading farm tours and connecting with the community.

(512) 750-8019

Agua Dulce Farm

Farm & Ranch in Austin - 4.72 mi

At 5015 Maufrais Lane, Agua Dulce Farm is a certified-organic urban farm that nestles in the heart of southeast Austin. Moreover, they are looking forward to having two new team members in their team. They need a farm manager and an aquaponics technician. In 2011, the owner Jack Waite was successful in founding a grassland that produces and shares high-quality food. His passion for farming is evident throughout his childhood because of his experience in dealing with homegrown food. Although he admits it was never his intention to become a farmer, growing up with a vast garden was memorable and a huge influence.

(512) 298-6356

Green Gate Farms

Farm & Ranch in Austin - 6.52 mi

Green Gate Farms, which is located in Austin, Texas, is a certified organic, regenerative community farm cultivating vegetables, flowers, and herbs. What's great about Green Gate Farms is that they are not just producers and sellers of fresh food. They also offer their beautiful space to people who are looking for a place to hold a wedding, camps and classes, and other events. If you happen to visit, I am sure you will enjoy it here because this is an organic and historic community-based farm where you can just relax, take in the view, and yes, shop for stuff!

(512) 484-2746

Hi-Fi Mycology FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Austin - 7.72 mi

Sean Henry and Cory Nellissen are the founders of Hi-Fi Mycology farm. They grow over six varieties of mushroom. Sean has been working in the growing industry for a while. He got acquainted with the fungi world through his work. On the other hand, Cory fell in love with mushroom while working as a professional cook in New York City. When the two met, the fascination even grew much stronger, which lead them to the founding of the Hi-Fi Mycology. It is Austin's first urban mushroom farm.They sell King Oyster, Blue Oyster, locally foraged Texas Oyster, Black Poplar, Chestnut, and Lions Mane mushrooms.They sell them in Farmer's markets, restaurants, and even beer breweries.

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