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Trill Taqueria

Restaurant in Austin - 2.78 mi

Located in Webberville Road is a food truck called Trill Taqueria, which serves "flavorful""artisanal" tacos made with fresh, handmade tortillas at "reasonable" prices. It features a seasonally-inspired menu that rotates at least once a month, consistently highlighting the finest fresh produce of every season. It offers an extensive assortment of "rich" vegetarian offerings, including classic fillings like "brussels sprouts" and "collard greens" to "surprising" flavors like "scarlet turnips" and "kimchi". Trill Taqueria prides itself on sourcing locally by working closely with nearby farms to consistently produce "substantial", vegetable-forward tacos.

1(337) 501-6336

Vino Vino

Restaurant in Austin - 2.79 mi

Vino Vino, after being featured in a Wine Enthusiast Magazine, the "local secret" has since started gaining fame. With an extensive selection of bottled wines impressively displayed on the walls of the wine bar, it's no surprise that visiting Vino Vino is a "no-brainer for wine lovers". An exceptionally knowledgeable bartender and the finest skilled chef makes a superb duo, making the place a "great wine bar with excellent food". While Vino Vino is primarily known for its wide variation of wines, it also takes pride in its dishes. Some of the bestselling, well-loved dishes off their menu are the "three-cheese platter", "mussels and fries", and the "wagyu beef slider".

(512) 465-9282

The Soup Peddler

Restaurant in Austin - 2.81 mi

You will "absolutely adore The Soup Peddler". Their "location is great" with "a lot of seating indoors and outdoor". Their "location is also super clean, fast, and has friendly service". They really have "good soup and a lot of lunch and meal options". Plus, "they have the BEST soups hands down". Real "delicious soups, sandwiches, and smoothies". A "perfect place to go when you want to eat healthy but don't want to cook". You "can go here without having to consciously think about what's the healthiest option or calorie counting". You will "love the fresh juices, the soups and the sandwiches". "The chicken and rice soup is perfect and heals all ailments". You can even "pair it with the grilled cheese" which is "the most amazing gluten-free grilled cheese with soy-free vegan cheddar". "Seriously, SO GOOD" and "the chicken tortilla is also amazing!" Also, the "grilled turkey sandwich" is "a winner". Finally, "if you're in a smoothie mood try the peanut butter and banana!" You will "be back again and again!"

(512) 444-7687

Olive & June

Restaurant in Austin - 2.82 mi

Olive & June specializes in serving authentic Italian cuisine. It takes great pride especially in its "handmade pasta" crafted in-house daily. The menu consists of pasta, salads, steak, greens, and beverages. The most popular items from their menu include "pork meatballs", "ravioli", and "bucatini al' amatriciana". They also serve a variety of desserts such as "chocolate tiramisu" and "peach panna cotta". If you're looking for a restaurant that offers the "best happy hour", Olive & June wouldn't disappoint. Happy hour runs Monday-Friday until 6 pm, and you can get 50% off beer, cocktails, and every single item on the entire dinner menu.

(512) 467-9898

Kerbey Lane Cafe (Central)

Restaurant in Austin - 2.86 mi

"Kerby Lane Cafe (Central) is an Austin classic. They converted a couple of old houses into a restaurant located on Kerby Lane back in the 80s. It was so popular the family added additional locations in south and north Austin to handle the crowds". And, "this is the original Kerbey Lane". "The venue, menu and funky service has not changed in decades". They have "pancakes, bacon & sausage, migas, coffee, and more later for lunch. Classic Austin -- prepare to wait in line if you go on Sunday morning -- limited parking. But really good!" Also, "the menu has been updated and there are special menus for summer that take advantage of local ingredients that are in season". "It's an Austin icon that should be visited by all". "Also, definitely try their Kerbey Queso".

(512) 451-1436

Kerbey Lane Cafe (South)

Restaurant in Austin - 2.94 mi

"Prepare to be transported into the 70s, or was it the 60s? Kerbey Lane Cafe (South) is the place for you. Anyway, everything here looks very vintage". The "decor is cozy and cute". You will "just love the local Austin vibe this place always gives out". "The service is awesome, the food is awesome, and don't forget to order the Cowboy Queso!!" Also, "the food is so good here". Try their "chicken and pancakes" together. It is "a good idea" that they "mix beignet and pancake mix together". The"pancakes", "topped with a crispy flavorful chicken breast drizzled with hot sauce" is a "combination of flavors" that "will bring you joy". And, "the rest of the menu is really good too". They really have a "great selection of everything from all day breakfast to salads, entrees, and sides". And, "the seasonal alcoholic beverages are pretty good as well!"

(512) 445-4451

Wholly Cow Burgers

Restaurant in Austin - 2.96 mi

Wholly Cow Burgers definitely "lives up to the hype" with their famous "chemical-free grass-fed beef burgers"  with patties cooked to perfection and "house-made sweet potato fries". You may be a little taken aback when you drop by as the dining is housed inside a convenience store, but fear not and don't let the location prevent you from having the "best burger of your life".  on the side. On top of burgers, they also serve a wide selection of breakfast including Breakfast Tacos, Whole Wheat Texas French Toast, and 4-Egg Omelets, making the place ideal for breakfasts as well.

In the mood for grass-fed burgers? Check out Wholly Cow Burgers, they have been featured as one of the 7 Restaurants for The Best Grass-Fed Burgers in Austin.

(512) 394-8156


Restaurant in Austin - 3.02 mi

Uchiko, the "child of Uchi", is a redefined Japanese dining experience that is derived from Uchi's warm and welcoming atmosphere and innovative menu. This restaurant believes that the essence of Japanese cuisine is the ingredients, thus, they have made it a commitment to maintain a close relationship with local farmers and import fresh seafood daily from Japan for a more authentic flavor. The menu features traditional Japanese fare such as "tempura", "sushi", "sashimi", and more. Uchiko also offers "omakase", a selection between a ten-course chef's tasting menu and a five-course signature dish tasting menu. "Sake social" runs 5 to 6:30 p.m. daily.

(512) 916-4808

L’Oca d’Oro

Restaurant in Austin - 3.09 mi

L'Oca d'Oro specializes in providing Italian-inspired cuisine paired with gracious, warm hospitality. It takes great pride in its precise and meticulous preparation of food and in sourcing the food from neighboring local farms and ranches. This restaurant believes in making almost everything in-house, from handmade pasta and bread to cheese and even vinegar. It offers a season-driven menu, featuring "salumi e formaggio", a daily selection of housemade meats & cheeses, veggies and salads like "zucchini fries" and "cucumber salad", pasta dishes such as "rigatoni", and savory entrees like "short rib confit" and "pork chop". They also offer pasta tasting menu with optional wine pairing. Enjoy half off everything on the menu during happy hour, which runs daily until 6:30 p.m.

(737) 212-1876

The Steeping Room

Restaurant in Austin - 3.15 mi

The Steeping Room serves an "outstanding" collection of teas and tea-inspired treats, along with "delicious" breakfast, lunch, and dinner plates. The menu features breakfast food like "mushroom tarragon omelet", appetizers like "hummus with rice crackers", salads like "cashew caesar", sandwiches like "pimento cheese", and tea-infused treats like "matcha dusted brownie". It offers an extensive tea list, featuring "organic" teas imported from different countries around the globe, from "green tea" and "black tea" to "oolong tea" and "fruit tea". Whether you're up for a sit-down meal or simply yearning for a tea time, The Steeping Room surely has something to offer.

(512) 467-2663

Kerbey Lane Cafe (Mueller)

Restaurant in Austin - 3.32 mi

Kerbey Lane Cafe (Mueller) "is located across from the park on the lower corner of the Texas Mutual Insurance building". It has a "modern, clean and plenty of space", an "aesthetic place". And, "they have indoor and outdoor sitting". The food here is "comparable and good", "it's not Sour Duck or Dai Due and it's not trying to be". Although, "the menu is pretty large and the food has been consistent". Plus, "their breakfast platters are big so they'll definitely fill you up". You can also try their "cold brew cocktail that had a chili liqueur in it". This is "one of the best brunch cocktails" you will "ever had: creative, light, and energizing... pretty much everything a brunch cocktail should be!" Also, "the portion sizes are perfect, and the quality of dishes are phenomenal", plus "the service is always decent and sometimes excellent".Kerbey Lane Cafe continued to deliver farm-to-table goodness even in the middle of the pandemic! They’ve been featured as one of 15 farm-to-table delivery options in Austin During Quarantine.

(512) 879-2818

Hopdoddy Burger Bar – Triangle

Restaurant in Austin - 3.38 mi

This Hopdoddy Burger Branch is located in one of Austin's upscale areas known as "The Triangle" This upscale location in surrounded by trendy shops and is frequented by young professionals. So if you're in that demographic, then this is the perfect burger joint for you! What sets Hopdoddy from the other burger joints in the area? We definitely would say it's their hand made burgers made from hormone-free meat and their handcrafted buns that are baked fresh in-house daily! They also have a burger made with chicken! So if you're not into beef then there's an option for you as well!

(512) 335-2337


Restaurant in Austin - 3.48 mi

Pacha Organic Café sits in the heart of Rosedale. While this café is primarily known for its finest organic and fair trade coffees and teas, they also take pride in serving classic comfort foods made from the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients. The menu consists of breakfast and lunch fare including gluten-free options, baked goods, craft beer, wine, organic cider, and of course, coffees, teas, smoothies, and more. The best-sellers are "pear bacon scallion pancake" and "quiche". With a wide variety of "pancakes", "french toast", "salads", "sandwiches", "coffees", and "teas", Pacha Organic Café has indeed proven itself worthy to be amongst the "go-to brunch spots" in Austin.

(512) 420-8758

Sala and Betty

Restaurant in Austin - 3.59 mi

Sala and Betty aims to provide wholesome and well-prepared meals especially for people who are often too busy to cook for themselves. This restaurant features a drive-thru for guests who wanted their meals to-go and a full-serving dining lounge for guests who have time for a sit-down dining experience. For appetizer, you could never go wrong with their "roasted cauliflower". The most popular entrees from their menu are the "mister T sandwich", "Mexican meatloaf", and "smoked chicken". They also serve a variety of desserts, with the "chocolate souffle" being the best-seller. You can get $1 off draft beers and wines by the glass during the happy hour, which runs from 3-6 pm daily.

(512) 645-0214

Komé Sushi Kitchen

Restaurant in Austin - 3.66 mi

Kome Sushi Kitchen is a Japanese restaurant that strives to offer great food at reasonable prices in a casual, comfortable environment. Founded by a native Japanese couple, you'll know for sure you're in for an authentic Japanese flavor. They offer an extensive menu, featuring "takoyaki", "ramen", "rice bowls", "homemade gyoza", and more. They also offer desserts such as "tempura fried ice cream" and "green tea parfait". And, of course, a Japanese dining experience wouldn't be complete without an expansive selection of "sushi". Their sushi menu features anything from "nigiri" and "sashimi" to "classic & signature rolls". Happy hour runs Monday through Thursday 5 PM - 6 PM.

(512) 712-5700

Foreign and Domestic

Restaurant in Austin - 3.73 mi

Foreign and Domestic is a chef-owned and operated restaurant serving cohesive dishes with bold Texas flavors and ingredients. It strives to consistently create "bold" and "creative" Texas food, all delivered from farm to table in as short a timeframe as possible. It offers a chef-inspired, seasonally-changing menu that showcases the freshest, organic produce and superb ingredients from the restaurant's local partners. The menu features appetizers like "steak tartare", salads like "texas blueberry salad", entrees like "slow-roasted duroc pork", and desserts like "buttermilk pies & peaches". It also offers a nose to tail tasting menu, a four-course dinner meal at a fixed rate per person.

(512) 459-1010

Citizen Eatery

Restaurant in Austin - 3.76 mi

Citizen Eatery serves "succulent" plant-based food in an unpretentious, "vibrant" setting. Among several restaurants with a farm-to-table concept, what sets Citizen Eatery apart is not only it brings you dishes that taste good, but are also good for your health. The menu features substantial breakfast fare like "chorizo omelette", appetizing starters like "brussels sprouts", hearty salads like "citizen power bowl", wholesome sandwiches like "flame-grilled tofu sandwich", flavorful entrees like "pecan pesto noodles", and sweet stuff like "chocolate avocado mousse". Enjoy 20% discount on featured entrees, $2 off citizen smart cocktails, and more great deals on happy hour, which runs from 3:00 to 7:00 PM on weekdays.

(512) 792-9546

Hideaway Kitchen & Bar

Restaurant in Austin - 3.90 mi

Hideaway Kitchen & Bar is a casual, chef-inspired all-day restaurant and full-service bar serving Southern favorites with a Texas twist located in the heart of Austin. The menu includes traditional Southern breakfast like "chicken and waffle", small plates like "deviled eggs", sandwiches like "short rib patty melt", and entrees like "grilled honey chipotle salmon". They also offer an extensive list of classic cocktails, wines, local draft beers, and bottles beers. Enjoy discounted small plates and drinks during "happy hour", which takes place 4 - 7 PM daily. Boasting "great happy hour deals" and a "cozy atmosphere", this is definitely the place you go to for "great" food and drinks, and stay for the "good time".

(512) 527-3007

Blue Dahlia Bistro (Westlake)

Restaurant in West Lake Hills - 3.94 mi

Blue Dahlia Bistro uses organic and local products whenever available. Striving to be aware of the effect food has on our bodies, our community, and the planet, this restaurant is committed to using only biodegradable products and compost the majority of its waste. It values the importance of being aware of where your food comes from, thus, Blue Dahlia Bistro has been completely transparent about who their local partners are. It offers an extensive menu, featuring traditional breakfast fare like “sweet vanilla belgian waffles”, hearty salads like “organic mixed green salad”, open-faced sandwiches like “sliced cold-smoked salmon”, and flavorful entrees like “rustic french meatloaf”.

(512) 306-1668


Restaurant in Austin - 3.96 mi

Epicerie is a cafe and a grocery in one that is situated at the intersection of North Loop and Hancock. It is a casual counter-service style restaurant that boasts an unpretentious, yet "vibrant", interior furnished with wooden fittings and simple dining tables. Serving three meals daily along with Sunday brunch, the menu features innovative brunch food like "cured salmon toast", appetizing starters like "fried green tomatoes", hearty salads like "beet & barley", wholesome sandwiches like "beef pastrami", savory entrees like "steak and frites", and succulent desserts like "chocolate pecan chunk cookie". It also features a separate kid's menu, making it the ideal dining place for family dinners.

(512) 371-6840


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