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Kelsey Renae PastriesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Fort Worth - 7.30 mi

Have you ever wondered what could be “the best air freshener for your home?” Don’t settle for any chemical-based substance where you can get something natural and edible! Kelsey Renae Pastries is a home-based bakery and a food truck business that specializes in scratch-made cupcakes, cakes, cookies, cake pops, brownies, biscotti, coconut macaroons, and custom desserts. And not only do the aroma of these “freshly-baked” goodies make the best air freshener, but they also are extremely delectable! Their “strawberry lemonade bars” have the “perfect balance of sweet and sour” and their freshly baked cranberry almond biscotti is just so “yummy!” On the other note, this bakery is also capable of customizing special occasion cakes that are not just “beautiful” but also “delicious.” Plus, they can whip up “purr-fectly cute” regular cakes and “cupcakes” for your furbabies. Come and taste the difference with Kelsey Renae Pastries. 

The Kettle Corn Company

Artisan Food Producer in Grapevine - 7.37 mi

The Kettle Corn Company is a family-owned and operated business in Grapevine, Texas that specializes in fresh kettle corn. Every batch is popped from scratch using only the best ingredients on the market. Thus, they use mushroom popcorns to make it consistently perfect. And to make their product even better, they don’t use preservatives at all. Their original kettle corn is gluten-free and soy-free. “This is by far the best kettle corn you will ever eat! It’s light and delicious” you can’t “even compare” them to anything else. And although this variant has become their most popular, they also offer kettle corn in different flavors like caramel, tutti-frutti, strawberry, candy apple, caramel apple, Texas mix, jalapeño, and so much more. Try them once and I’m sure you “will be coming back for more.” You may find them at select farmers’ markets and events in the neighborhood.

Chocolate Hangover

Artisan Food Producer in Grapevine - 7.37 mi

Chocolate Hangover, which is located in Grapevine, Texas, sells a wide assortment of different chocolates including alcohol chocolates, Texas truffles, and more. Those who want a little boozy flavor in their alcohol will enjoy alcohol chocolates sold here. The ruby chocolates are a nice choice too, as well as the Texas truffle, fudge, or truffle bars. And that is just the tip of this chocolate-covered iceberg experience you get to have when you visit the store. They also have chocolate-covered bacon, turtles, toffee, rice krispies, and marshmallows. They have hot cocoa bombs (a seasonal product) and alcohol pushup popsicles. They have flavored coffees too!

Hip Pop

Artisan Food Producer in Grapevine - 7.38 mi

Hip Pop is a local dessert shop right in downtown Grapevine. They sell very “Instagram-worthy” shaved ices, handcrafted pops, and slushes. They have “the best and hippest popsicles since the creation of popsicles.” With their “unusual flavors, mixed to perfection, and wonderful organic choices,” you’d know “you’re in for a great treat and a great taste bud surprise,” especially “when you enjoy these creative and delicious popsicles” that comes in “intriguing mix of flavors” and some “unexpected” ones such as “toasted marshmallow, strawberry lemon, and mango coconut.” Their classic “strawberry cheesecake was fantastic”; the “lemon ginger slushie is amazing,” and the “sour cherry, ninja turtle, strawberry and lemon pop are the must-tries!” Indeed, it’s “an awesome way to cool down, even if you’re too cool for school!” So “if you are in the area, definitely go give it a try!”

Dr. Sue’s Chocolate

Artisan Food Producer in Grapevine - 7.45 mi

Dr. Sue's Chocolate is just what the doctor ordered. Owned and operated by Dr. Sue, a practicing physician, this chocolatier in Grapevine, Texas specializes in health-oriented dark chocolate confections. Their chocolates use all-natural premium ingredients and stress that all of their sweet treats are free of any preservatives. To add to Dr. Sue's campaign towards healthier chocolates, they also engage in educating the community to make healthier food choices.

Juice Junkies (Keller)

Artisan Food Producer in Keller - 7.75 mi

Juice Junkies (Keller) is the perfect destination for people looking for healthy food and drinks. The store has organic cold-pressed juices as well as superfood smoothies, or you can order nut milk, coffee, or tea. If you are hungry, the store sells its famous acai bowl. There are other equally healthy and equally yummy food options. They have vegan food on the menu: sandwiches, nachos, wraps, salads, pasta, chips, soup, and pudding. If you want to start this kind of lifestyle, Juice Junkies (Keller) is a great partner to have.

Social Ice wine-Infused Ice popsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Merit - 7.76 mi

Experience a new way of drinking! Social Ice produces the “coolest, all-natural wine-infused ice pops” in Texas. They are dedicated to providing the “freshest ingredients” in their ice pops while also contributing to local and state farmers, winery owners, and business owners. Their ice pops are unique and have a taste unlike any other. With each bite, the taste of Texas wine combined with the freshness of all-natural fruit delivers a “refreshing and enjoyable experience.” They offer different flavors including “Mimosa Orange, Sangria Grape, Strawberry Daiquiri, and Margarita Lime.” Social Ice is another way to celebrate the joys of socializing with friends and family by making the choice to try something new, different, and refreshing.

Louisianas’ Best KettlecornNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Arlington - 7.76 mi

Louisianas' Best Kettlecorn isn't kidding when they said they had the best kettlecorn. If you're looking for them at a particular farmers' market, then just follow the smell! They don't have a permanent location but you can check out their Facebook page to see where they're popping up next, get it? Popping up next! They also have specially flavored kettlecorn depending on the event or the location where they sell at.

Sugar Brown’s Sweet TreatsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Keller - 7.99 mi

Founded in 2011, Sugar Brown’s Sweet Treats is a family-owned gourmet cookie company that provides baked cookies, cookie doughs, and other gourmet treats. Focusing on the quality of the ingredients and the sensory pleasure of everyone’s tastebuds, these gourmet sweet treats make great additions to friends and family parties, dessert tables, and great gift options. Indeed, these are the “best-baked goods & treats around!” They are not your traditional chocolate chip cookies and not your average sugar cookies. These cookies are “delicious, so tasty, and beautiful,” especially their best selling “brown butter chocolate chip cookies.” The oatmeal ones are rich, warm, and yummy too! All flavors are also available in gluten-free. And, they also offer ready to bake cookie doughs by the bucket! 

TA’AM LifeNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Keller - 8.20 mi

Are you starting to shift to a healthier lifestyle but find it hard when it comes to munches? Look no more! At TA’AM Life, it’s their mission to bring you a selection of wholesome and nutritious quality products. Such products are made of the freshest and the highest quality ingredients possible. They are currently offering two signature products: organic kale chips and vegetarian ramen. The kale chips come in three variants: original, spicy, and Southwestern. All three are delectable and perfect to munch, as they will never expand your waistline ever! On the other note, the vegetarian ramen comes in two variants: original and spicy. The spicy ones are really “delicious” and convenient. All you have to do is “add water and enjoy.” Yes, that easy! It is the perfect “healthy meal” that can be enjoyed “during busy days” or during the “rainy days.” Such goodies are available for purchase at Keller Farmer’s Market.

Freaky FermentsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Arlington - 8.21 mi

Freaky Ferments is located in Arlington, Texas. It is a food and beverage business that makes home-brewed beer and craft hot sauce, among others. They have a great roster of hot sauce flavors. They have Ginger Cayenne, Jalapeño, Ghost, Verde, and Mango Pineapple Habanero. Customer feedback about this product is generally very positive which is a testament to the taste and flavor of these products. When it comes to selling their beers, they usually set up in craft brewery taprooms like at the Legal Draft Beer Co. so that customers can sample the product.

Sweet ErlineNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Keller - 8.35 mi

It’s all about clean positive energy with Sweet Erline! Everything is “happily crafted from scratch using only 100% plant-based ingredients;” even all the items that they use “from producing to packaging is completely eco-friendly.”  They offer a wide variety of “mouth-watering sweets” and treats that are guaranteed “all-organic and all-vegan!”  It is easier and happier to embrace this lifestyle as you have their “sweet alternative to traditional baked goods.”  Love life and enjoy life more by indulging guilt-free with their chocolate chip and almond tea cookies, hand pies, muffins, and their tasty assortment of cupcakes and loaf bread. A sweet life indeed with Sweet Erline!  

Nary Hodzic CakesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Keller - 8.35 mi

Nary Hodzic Cakes is an artisan home bakery located in Fort Worth, Texas that specializes in nothing but custom-made cakes and sweet treats. If you’re looking for a lavish cake for your next event, Nary Hodzic Cakes is the best to call. She’s an expert in Italian buttercream, which we all know is quite upscaled when it comes to the process of making. Plus, she makes great designs using buttercream, gum paste, and fondant flowers that surely stands as an eye-catcher. All of her products are extremely delectable and rich, from 1st birthday cakes, smash cakes, retirement cakes, rainbow cupcakes, hump day cakes, unicorn cakes, wedding cakes, Valentine’s day cakes, to chocolate-dipped strawberries. Apparently, the only way to contact her is through email, but you can check out all her beautiful products via Nary Hodzic Cakes’ social media.

True and Lovely CupcakesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Keller - 8.35 mi

As the name speaks for itself, this home bakery specializes in True and Lovely Cupcakes. True, being free from any artificial flavors and colors, and Lovely, for being so beautifully decorated and delicious. Such treats are made from scratch to order. With that being said, make sure to “plan ahead” and “order ahead” of time since this bakery is really in-demand. Why? It’s because they simply have the “best cupcakes in town” that “everyone raves at how amazing they taste!” Its “frosting is so delicious” that it just “melts in your mouth.” They offer a wide selection of flavors from the year-round to the seasonal ones. They even make some “gluten-free” for those who are in need. You can find them at select farmers market in and around Keller, Texas. 

Baked By BeckyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Keller - 8.35 mi

“Looking for something different? How about some cakesickles” from Baked By Becky? Not feeling it today? That’s okay because there’s more! Besides these “cute” and “yummy things,” this local business also bakes “gorgeous” desserts and treats such as muffins, scones, brownies, mini cakes, Krispies’ squares, cookies, and special occasion cakes fresh from scratch. If you’re Celiac or gluten-intolerant, Gluten-free items are also available for your satisfaction. And before we forget, her strawberry cake with white buttercream was extremely “delish” and “as always,” her “cookies were a big hit.” Y’all be sure to grab some of her delectable treats. And although these “goodies” are usually made to order, you can certainly purchase some at Keller Farmers Market. 

Empa Mundo

Artisan Food Producer in Irving - 8.79 mi

Located in Irving, Empa Mundo specializes in the Latin American filled pastries called empanadas, delicious wonders with “unparalleled quality and at an unbeatable price”. They are proud to bring delicious “Argentinean Empanadas” to the metroplex! The menu consists of just twelve flavors of empanada including the best sellers - Cheesesteak, Chorizo, Chilipanzinga, and the Texas Brisket. Each emapanda is cooked to order using freshly made ingredients and delivered in labeled cellophane bags. Originally from Argentina, the owner, Raul Gordon developed all the recipes for his empanadas. Inside his thin, strong dough, he uses all fresh ingredients and nothing out of a can. The empanada are stuffed and packed with filling, and the crust is savory and crisp.

Pearl HONEY SPREADSNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Fort Worth - 8.88 mi

Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, Pearl Honey Spreads is a one-stop-shop for collections of healthy and yummy jam, preserves, and conserves. The spreads are basically made from real fruits, honey, fruit pectin, lemon juice, and water. And as they took it a step further, they creatively add coconuts, pecans, and different nuts to make it exciting and not just regular boring spreads. “With just the right amount of sweetness yet full of flavor,” all of these products “are so yummy and delicious” that “it is actually hard not to eat them from the jar.” Oh yes, “they are that good!” Their “Mango Jalapeño spread is amazing” with its “exotic flavors” and their “yogurt and peach almond conserves” works “fantastic” on “breakfast.” In addition, “the peach honey sticks were perfect for a quick snack” after a brisk walk, quick run, or simply “after being outside riding bikes.”

Hale’s Kitchen – Pickles, Salsa, and JellyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Haltom City - 9.00 mi

Hale's Kitchen sells local, handcrafted, and “amazing” pickles, bread & butter, dills, salsas, jalapeño, and habañero jellies. This company “makes the best zesty pickles and pickled Brussel sprouts;” they “are well made and really good.” Be sure not to miss their bestsellers: “spicy pickles, sweet pickles,” and “bread & butter.” Their “jalapeño jelly is amazing”; you can easily “tell how much love and craft goes into their products.” They recently offer Polish and Kosher dills so don’t forget to stop by for a taste or have them delivered at your doorstep. Looking for the perfect gift for someone so hard to please? Try these! “100% recommended!” 

Emotions Made EdibleNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Arlington - 9.82 mi

Emotions Made Edible is a Texas-based home bakery that specializes in cookies, cupcakes, and candies for all occasions. Michelle, the owner and baker, got “such cute and fun little pastries” that can easily be a crowd-pleaser. Her “cake was amazing,” her “marshmallows” are “the best,” and her “cookies” are “delicious and precious!” She also got “amazingly delicious keto recipes” and “vegan yummies” to savor. “She is so talented and strives to make sure you’re absolutely in love with your order.” And “not only does Michelle make amazing bakery items,” but “she is also a fabulous teacher.” She hosts and teaches “cake decorating class” that you will surely enjoy. We “highly recommend her to anyone looking for sweet treats” or interested in making one.

Sweetie’s CheesecakesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Keller - 10.45 mi

A real Fort Worth treasure, Sweetie’s Cheesecakes is a hip and premium cheesecake manufacturer that crafts individually sized cheesecakes in a mason jar. To date, they offer three year-round flavors: plain, signature, and chocolate, with seasonal flavors such as “mango coconut, pumpkin, blackberry, pumpkin, whiskey peach, and strawberry cheesecake.” They are all made of fresh fruits that taste “out of this world!” This bakeshop is known for “the best cheesecakes” because you’ll be “able to taste the cream cheese, and it is lighter and fluffier than a traditional cheesecake.” Hence, “they aren’t too sweet.” Find them at various farmers’ markets and other events in the area. Or, check out the cooler of your favorite coffee shop, as they offer these goodies there as well. If you can’t find them, check out their website and order online.

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