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EastSide OrchardNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Crosby - 10.91 mi

EastSide Orchard, which is located in Crosby, Texas, grows tomatoes, greens, root crops like carrots, beets, potatoes, and many more. There are 15 different varieties of tomatoes growing here. There is a wide variety of greens - kale, mustard greens, spinach, lettuce, collard greens, and Swiss chard. They also have honey bees and chicken. The farm is also getting started in growing citrus trees and other trees. Goji berry, American chestnut, hickory, myrtle, elm, American Crabapple, and mayhaw, to name a few. What they harvest here, they sell in the farmers market, along with other items like beeswax candles, jam, jellies, even the seasonal cranberry pepper jam.

TKF Mushrooms

Farm & Ranch in Huffman - 14.02 mi

TKF Mushrooms, which is located in Huffman, Texas, is a small-scale gourmet mushroom cultivation farm specializing in growing a wide variety of gourmet and medicinal species of mushrooms. Some of the gourmet and medicinal species of mushrooms include oysters, Lions Mane, King Trumpets, Chestnut, Pioppini, Shiitake, Reishi, and Turkey Tail. TFC Mushrooms LLC is a great source for mushroom enthusiasts - home cooks and chefs alike. To make sure they are able to reach mushroom enthusiasts, they make it a point to set up shop in various farmers' markets, like East End Farmers Market and Fall Creek Farmers Market.

Wheeler Family FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Crosby - 14.10 mi

They have Pasture- raised, Organic Fed Chicken and Eggs. Also, in season produce, jams, jellies, as well as Handmade Goat's milk soaps. Located in Crosby, Texas, they also participate at the Braeswood Farmers Market.  And, "this family of 9 (Dad, Mom & 7 kids) are all working at the farm together towards one goal -- providing the absolute best quality products". Also, "their chickens are raised on pasture - enjoying fresh grass & sunshine". The chicken are also "fed a certified organic, non-GMO feed from Coyote Creek Organic Feed Mill here in Texas". You can also see them at the Galveston's Own Farmers Market too.

Agricola Family Farm

Farm & Ranch in Missouri City - 14.84 mi

In Cleveland, Texas, The Agricola Family Farm is a second-generation family of growers. Also, they are a refugee family from the Republic of Congo. They believe that through farming, they can feed their community, one family at a time. For many years now, the farm is planting chemical-free vegetables. Their vegetables are 100% pesticide-free and organic. Happy client says, "The Agricola Family Farm has great fresh eggs and vegetables. And the most important is the people on the farm who are very nice and friendly. We love their products, and we enjoy their suggestions. We highly recommend it!"  The Agricola Family Farm is getting a lot of support and love. To this present, they are farming on 2 and a half acres of land in Cleveland. They grow vegetables and raise their poultry using sustainable agricultural practices, and lastly, they do not spray and fertile their soil with any chemicals. Visit their farm! 

Crane Meadows Honey

Farm & Ranch in Cleveland - 17.38 mi

Crane Meadows Honey farm is owned by Cameron Crane & Therese Rodgers. They sell raw unfiltered honey, Lotion Bars, Body Butters and Lip Balms. Limited summer availability of comb honey right from our hives. The owner, "Cameron is a great teacher with an obvious passion for bees and educating new beekeepers". Also, they package honey in glass jars because of the advantages glass offers when packaging raw honey. Mostly because of shipping charges, they do not sell honey online. Instead, you can buy their honey and other products at Baytown Farmers Market and at Dayton Farmer's Market. Their latest bottled jars of honey are now sporting the Real Texas Honey logo.

Micro Magic FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Kingwood - 17.90 mi

Micro Magic Farms encourages the community to “live happy,” “live healthy,” and go organic through their microgreens. These microgreens are grown and harvested from an indoor farm, through the use of organic soil, organic and non-GMO seeds, and everything is pesticide-free. Micro Magic Farms tag these microgreens as “nutrient-dense superfood” as they are nutritious, beneficial to the health by helping the body heal itself and giving good immune support. Some of their products include micro varieties of beets, kale, peas, sunflower, red cabbage, radish, chive, dill, and their Signature Magic Mix of kale, kohlrabi, arugula, cabbage, and broccoli.

Sky Girl Farm

Farm & Ranch in Cleveland - 18.76 mi

Sky Girl Farm is a 12-acre farmstead. They have heirloom produce and pastured livestock. Two first-time farmers own this property and run the business. Sky Girl Farm is located in Cleveland, Texas. Sky Girl Farm sells a variety of products like goat milk soap, lotion, lip balms, egg ornaments, egg art, and farmhouse-style decor. Sky Girl Farm also accepts hatching egg orders. Aside from buying directly at the farm, Sky Girl Farm also sets up shop in local farmers markets and artisan markets. They have registered Boer Goats and Kunekune Pigs, if you are looking for these.

Hammond Farms

Farm & Ranch in New Caney - 19.89 mi

Hammond Farm has been raising goats since 1999 and started as a 4H project. "Simply the best around". You will "love their goat cheeses and lotion products!" You can make "pre-order Hammond Farms cheese and receive it" as a "weekly basket. It is delicious! They offer several flavors in 2 sizes, as chevre or feta". You can also find their products at several Farmer's Market. These includeGrogan's Mill in the Woodlands, Sugarland Farmers Market, Bridgeland Farmer Market, and Kingwood Farmers Market. You can also check out their social media page for more information about their products. Also, they have award-winning natural goat milk lotions, one of the few products containing FDA approved natural preservatives. You can see these awards at their social media page.

Law Ranch Cattle Company

Farm & Ranch in Houston - 20.85 mi

Founded in 1952 by Ray Law's father, the Law Ranch Cattle Co. has been a family legacy. Despite initially pursuing teaching, Ray's deep connection to the farm persisted, leading him to ultimately choose a fulfilling farming career over teaching. Joined by his wife Amy, their shared goal is to provide exceptional beef that transcends supermarket norms. Their vision embraces pasture-raised, organic, and tender beef, dry-aged to perfection, all subject to rigorous state inspection while maintaining affordability. Beyond beef, their endeavors extend to raising laying chickens, all in the pursuit of offering the healthiest meat options available. Their dedication has garnered global acclaim, with customers echoing praises such as, "Your beef and chicken rank as the finest worldwide!"

Harvest Grain Mills

Farm & Ranch in Anahuac - 22.01 mi

Harvest Grain Mills, established in 1947, is a farm-to-table operation providing Carolina Gold Rice and Charleston Gold Rice products. They also offer "Chocolate chip cookies baked with Rice Flour". You can find their products at "Urban Harvest Farmers Market". "White and Brown Rice Flour" are also "available". You can also check out their website and social media page for more updates and information.

Fifth Day FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in ZZ No Location - 22.19 mi

Fifth Day Farms is a "local business that knows the best chickens and eggs come from chickens that are pasture-raised". Owned by "the Andrews family", "a wonderful family with hearts of gold". They are also a proud member of the American Pastured Poultry Producers Association. They moved daily their pastured poultry so that the birds can forage fresh grass and bugs and do what chickens are created to do. Their chickens are "not packed into a close-quartered cage in mass production". You will be "thankful to have found a local business that provides nutritionally clean, healthy chickens for our family". You can even celebrate your "little man's day" for an "animal adventure!" Contact them for a unique birthday party at their farm "as a petting zoo" because your child will be amazed at this "great" gift.

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