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Dripping Springs Chocolate Co.

Artisan Food Producer in Dripping Springs - 0.73 mi

Dripping Springs Chocolate Company is a family owned business that produce “small batch bean-to-bar craft chocolates” for events, parties or just because, using “ethically sourced raw cacao beans.” All members of the family involved in various aspects of the process. Their goal is help in improving the lives of the farmers and communities that grow the cacao. Dripping Springs Chocolate Co. Sells currently sells their product at the Dripping Springs’ Farmers’ Market and at artisan crafts markets. They have also paired with Texas Hills Vineyard for a chocolate and wine tasting event. Popularity of the business continues to increase wherever they go, especially when they tell people of the process to make chocolate.

New Canaan Farms

Artisan Food Producer in Dripping Springs - 0.80 mi

Since 1979, New Canaan Farms has been offering unique products for your table using the freshest, top quality, natural ingredients. They have a complete line of jams, sauces, salsas, dips, and mixes, available for purchase individually or in gift assortments. They also have herbs perfect for chili, dips, and marinades. Inside every item whether it’s a jam, jelly, salsa or dip mix you’ll find the freshest, most flavorful ingredients. It’s the kind of quality that people have come to expect. And the kind of taste you’d expect from a place that offers the “best of Texas”. Behind this, are really talented people who create outstanding preserves and condiments and also dream up ways to use them in recipes that can make reputation as a cook.

PAIR Smoked Cheeses

Artisan Food Producer in Dripping Springs - 1.86 mi

PAIR Smoked Cheeses caters to cheese lovers, and even turning a non-lover into a “cheese person.”  If you are looking for local delicious smoked cheese and garlic and herb extra virgin olive oil, PAIR Smoked Cheeses is your best bet! They’ve got “local cheese and family cheeses thoughtfully paired with the most complimentary flavor profiles.” Some of the flavors include mesquite smoke aged raw cheddar and pecan smoked parmesan cheese. Pair the cheeses and the oil with bread to make your cheese board or grate it over anything and everything.  “The pairing of wood and cheese flavor profiles will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced.”

Barton Springs Mill

Artisan Food Producer in Dripping Springs - 4.33 mi

Barton Springs Mill has "great people, great product. If you’re serious about baking, use the best flour and that can be found at Barton Spring Mill". A "great source of flours from a large variety of grains, including local and heritage types. Several types of wheat and rye, as well as einkorn, blue emmer, spelt and corn. They have a huge 46" stone mill that produces very very fine whole grain flour". You can also buy heritage grains, landrace grains, ancient grains, heirloom grains, wheat, rye, spelt, corn, flour, grits, polenta. "James and the whole team at Barton Springs Mill are not only great people, they know their stuff". Also, "the flours they mill are superb -- the highest quality". You will "turn out some fantastic bread with them". You will also "appreciate the relationships they build with Texas farmers and their customers". They are "truly a gem here in Central Texas".

Texas Hill Country Olive Oil Company

Artisan Food Producer in Dripping Springs - 5.18 mi

Texas Hill Country Olive Company is a family-owned business located in the beautiful and beloved "Texas Hill Country" of Dripping Springs Texas, committed to supplying the “highest quality olive oil” produced in the United States. Their olive orchard features a Tuscan-inspired mill house, a state-of-the-art Italian olive press and a large tasting room. Since the beginning, the focus has been on preserving the natural beauty of the area while providing fresh locally produced extra virgin olive oil and other premium quality products. All the olive oil for sale is made on site, from crushing to filtering to bottling and labeling. They also have “balsamic vinegar” that is delightful! Try them with some bread and then grab a bite to eat at the bistro.

The Salumeria

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 5.53 mi

The Salumeria, which is located in Austin, Texas, specializes in making hand-crafted salami and curing whole meats using family recipes. The family recipes are handed down from one generation to the next. The same with the techniques used on meats. The result is an excellent taste and quality meats. Their prized heritage pork is pasture-raised. The curing of meats can take as long as three years, but after you have tasted this delicious meat, you will agree that it is worth the wait. If you are looking for quality salami, pancetta, and other meat products, visit or contact The Salumeria.

The Art of PecanNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Dripping Springs - 6.14 mi

The Art of Pecan is an artisan producer in Dripping Springs, Texas that specializes in pecans. Pecan nuts, oil, flour, and smoking shells are all available here. The pecan oil that it offers is expeller-pressed in small batches. No chemicals, no solvents, no additives. Thus, you can expect that it's high in antioxidants, which explains the deep golden color of the oil. Likewise, the pecan nuts that it offers only has two ingredients in it: pecans and an all-natural seasoning. But hey, you're in luck! Recently, this producer launched a new product – the Activated Native Texas Pecans. These nuts are available in three flavors: Sea Salt, Maple, and Hatch Chili. So, you can easily choose if you want something savory, sweet, or spicy. What's with the "activate" thing? Interestingly, these nuts are soaked for long hours in purified Texas rainwater before dehydrating them slowly. As a result, the nuts are crispy and they have a softer tannin, making them more palatable and easier to digest. So, whether you need something to snack on or cook with, The Art of Pecan will surely help.

The Hearty Vegan

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 7.49 mi

The Hearty Vegan is Texas’ first permitted Tempeh producer. Tempeh is an Indonesian fermented food staple that is traditionally made from soybeans and has a rich, nutty flavor and chewy texture. This meat alternative can be compared to beef in terms of protein percentage, along with it being high in fiber, low in saturated fat and has no cholesterol. The Heart Vegan, established by a vegan mother-daughter team, uses non-GMO soybeans, black-eyed peas, and garbanzo beans that are domestically grown. Gluten-free and soy-free tempeh have also been developed. They’ve even published recipes for their customers to follow like Tempeh shepherd’s pie, Italian Tempeh meatballs, Tempeh Bacon, Tempeh Chili, and so much more! It’s so versatile and tasty, one “cannot resist the tempeh-tation!”

Bella Vista Ranch

Artisan Food Producer in Wimberley - 9.24 mi

Bella Vista Ranch produces olive oils and wines. Designed to reflect a traditional Italian family farm and make 100% Texan olive oil. They are located in Webb County in the heart of the Golden Triangle and has 9,000 acres of prime trophy whitetail habitat. Their ranch is a "great way to spend an afternoon if you're in the Wimberley area". They own Bella Vista Cellars that produces a range of Italian varietals including Viognier, Dos Cabs, and Syrah. They have a "fantastic olive history lesson". The "wine tasting" is a "bonus". You can visit the tasting room to sample the olive oil, wine, and other gourmet foods available or take a tour of the ranch which is by appointment on most Saturdays. Call to make a reservation.

Buddha’s Brew Kombucha

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 12.69 mi

Brewing the “best tasting Kombucha” on the planet earth while maintaining a sustainable and conscious business. Buddha's Brew Kombucha is a craft brewed fermented elixir full of living cultures, organically grown within and never from a powder. To ensure the freshest, most probiotically active kombucha possible, they “brew and bottle the full strength Kombucha daily” in small batches in their microbrewery along Williamson Creek in Austin, Texas. They “never pasteurize or filter out living culture” to make it more shelf stable. They believe healthy raw kombucha can and should be delicious and they make sure every batch is just that, delightful and sublime!

Live Oak WellnessNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 12.82 mi

Along with their health and fitness programs, Live Oak Wellness produces an ultimate sustainable, local, and natural Acorn tea that was invented and developed right in Austin with years of practice and adjustments on its production process. Indeed, the unique hearty and long-lived oak tree and its bountiful yield has been finally been harnessed! Utilizing local gatherers and sourcing local Live Oak acorns, this company produces their acorn tea locally – 100% Austin from start to finish. Their original product contains no other additives os sweeteners of any kind – nothing but local acorns and water. Enjoy a cup of freshly brewed acorn tea that is locally made and bottled with its unique, smooth, and nutty flavor.

Two Hot Mamas

Artisan Food Producer in Spicewood - 12.84 mi

Two Hot Mamas produce award winning, wholesale salsa & dip and has been seducing the taste buds of Central Texans since 2002. They always strive to use the freshest ingredients available and adhere to the absolute highest taste standards, which probably explains why they have won more awards in “the world’s largest hot sauce festival” than any other salsa company. They use use simple, fresh ingredients, such as tomatoes, tomatillos, fresh onions, garlic, limes, cilantro, and cumin which they always get from local growers. They currently have 5 unique salsas and dips including “Roasted Almond Chimichurri with mint” to spice up your enchiladas and “Mambo Combo,” a blend of our Roja and Verde salsas.

Wonder Pilz KombuchaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 13.13 mi

A small batch kombucha, Wunder-Pilz Kombucha was founded in 2010 crafting a variety of raw, unpasteurized, organic fermented Kombucha teas - a tasty cultured beverage produced by “brewing and fermenting” organic teas and herbs until the perfect balance of acidity and smoothness is reached. Wunder-Pilz is a dry and refreshing alternative to sugar laden drinks. It is sold exclusively on tap to maintain freshness, minimize our waste stream and to encourage reuse of existing containers. The aim of Wunder-Pilz is to consistently produce a variety of delicious drinks that mix the health benefits of Kombucha with the specific energetic and healing properties of herbs. Wunder-Pilz Kombucha takes its name from a German word for kombucha. Wunderpilz translates literally to “miracle mushroom”.

Uncle Bob’s Country Seasonings

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 13.22 mi

Born and Created in Texas, Uncle Bob’s Country Seasonings products and recipes come from family traditions rooted deep in the heart of Texas. Their country seasonings are the best barbequing secret since the invention of the gas grill! Uncle Bob's Country Seasonings produces a “unique blend of special salt and spices” that can be used to enhance the flavor of all meats, poultry, fish and vegetables. You can choose from their different varieties of original, spicy, and hot flavors depending upon your preference. You can use it as your rib rub, brisket rub, and all purpose season. It’s great for blackening shrimp and chicken, slow cooking and smoking meat.

D’s Roastery

Artisan Food Producer in Wimberley - 13.27 mi

D's Roastery produces “micro roasted coffee” weekly in Wimberley, Texas Hill Country. It is owned by Darrell Vasquez, who wants to provide fresh coffee to locals. He established D's Roastery so he can give back more to the community through his fresh coffee. In the current wave of coffee, people value high quality, improved processes, and better relationships. Hence D's Roastery offer “100% Arabica, single origin beans” that are micro roasted. They also offer delicious “Coffee Rubs” that is great for grilling Tex Mex, brisket, steaks, ribs, and chicken. It brings out a rich taste from the meat. You don't have to use sauce because the flavor is perfect with the dry rub alone!

Maggie’s MicrosNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Wimberley - 13.34 mi

Based in Wimberley, Texas, Maggie’s Micros was born from a desire to have delicious, nostalgic, comforting extracts coupled with the confidence in knowing that they contain absolutely nothing more than decadent, Organic, Fair-Trade, Sustainable Madagascar Vanilla and the finest spirits. It was created to bring you elegant flavors, made by hand, with an immense amount of pride and love. Maggie’s Micros focus on “handcrafted, small-batch, unique flavors” of Whole Bean that are organically grown, sustainably farmed and ethically sourced. The freshness and the quality of the produce is unparalleled! They have Pure Vanilla Extract, Madagascar Vanilla Sugar, Bourbon Vanilla Extract, Bourbon Vanilla Sugar, Caribbean Anejo Rum Vanilla Extract, Caribbean Anejo Rum Vanilla Sugar, Brandy Vanilla Extract, Brandy Vanilla Sugar, Lemon Extract, Lemon Sugar, Lime Extract, Lime Sugar, Blood Orange Extract, and Blood Orange Sugar.

Cocoa PuroNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 13.43 mi

Locally crafted in Austin, Cocoa Puro produces Kakawa Cocoa Beans, made in small batches from the finest, freshest, and purest ingredients. Kakawa Cocoa Beans are fresh-roasted whole beans, the heart of chocolate flavor, covered in luscious layers of white, milk and dark chocolates and cocoa powder. It’s five of the best chocolates in one bite!” You can order directly from their site!

Happy Hollow – Native Foods & Apothecary

Artisan Food Producer in Spicewood - 13.60 mi

Connecting more with our land and seeing what offerings are there from Mother Earth, whether it’d the community, plants, the forest, local food, love, soil, and health – this is what Happy Hollow Native Foods & Apothecary is all about. This husband and wife duo makes natural and “good products” that are ecologically driven for a healthier and happier planet. They offer a wide variety of items including but not limited to: native fruit syrup, jams, jellies, preserves, herbal tinctures, and organic local tea herbs that's handmade in small batches to ensure purity and quality. Don’t miss to try their “prickly pear jam” that works “great on ice cream!” Follow them on social media to know their whereabouts.

EIEIO’s Organic Farm

Artisan Food Producer in Wimberley - 13.84 mi

EIEIO's Organic Farm is a Family-Run Farm in Wimberley, Texas Since 2007. What started as a crazy inspiration has become an incredible journey!

It all started in Austin, 2007.  4 yr old Max & Kathleen were watching “Charlotte’s Web” for like the 30th time when he turned to her and said,  “Mom..why don’t we move out into the country, start a farm, call it EIEIO’S and get a pig named Wilbur”!!  Laughing and crying they jumped into action and within a few months had found their land in Wimberley.

The farm sits on 12 acres just 2 minutes from Wimberley Square! It is surrounded by beautiful Oak and Pecan trees right on the creek. They also make homemade organic condiments, which you can purchase at the Farmer's Markets or on their website.
They also have two darling cabins where you can stay for a truly authentic farm stay experience!

Sadie Mae’s Secret SauceNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Austin - 13.90 mi

Like other family run business, Sadie Mae's Secret Sauce started with a person that loves cooking for family and friends but since, the sauces on today’s market are full of chemicals harmful to the body, they decided to create their “own secret sauce,” using handed down receipt from Grandma Sadie that has been always loved by family and friends. “Sadie Mae's Secret Sauce” is wonderful as a marinade for all meats, sea food and fresh vegetables. Whether you are grilling or baking, the secret sauce will enhance all dishes and it is also great for crock pot meals. They also have “Season Packets” for cracker mix and dips for a great health snack for the family and friends. They have different flavors including, Original, Spicy, BLT and Slap Yourself Hot. Sadie Mae's Secret Sauce has been included in Kim's Lists as one of the 9 Artisan Salsas in Texas you must Try! Check out the link to learn more!

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