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Farm & Ranch in League City - 4.37 mi

The Grow-4 Health in League City, Texas, is a microgreens farm. They are using organic methods to produce petite superfood packed with nutrients rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. For many years now, the farm is in the business of producing microgreens. They sell their products at farmers' markets and restaurants. Moreover, they offer a baby version of mustard greens, arugula, and sunflower, and many more! Also, they add a nice punch of flavor and loaded nutrients in salad and vegetables. Happy client says, “The Grow-4Health has the freshest & most nutritious food topping that you can't get anywhere else. You can add microgreens to almost all the dishes, and it makes everything look & taste more healthy and delicious.” You can check out their website at

(713) 705-5391

Pearland Community Gardens

Farm & Ranch in Pearland - 4.41 mi

Pearland Community Gardens is an initiative with the mission to build "a better community by raising flower and vegetable gardens."  The goal is to:  create beautiful landscapes, raise food for the area hungry, and to educate people on green practices, gardening, and being self-sufficient.  This is under the umbrella of Keep Pearland Beautiful a 501 (c)3 Non-Profit. They have programs run by volunteers eager to teach and show their gardening education and tips. These include Pearland Community Garden Tour, Volunteer Work Days, Citrus Pick Up, Garden Speaker, and Garden Consultant. You will "love the concept of the community garden and everyone there is so nice and full of wonderful information". "Daisy Girl Scouts" also attended at this garden. "They sang songs, had storytime, released monarch caterpillars, made fairy gardens and had a tour of the garden"

(281) 804-4211

Helderman Farms

Farm & Ranch in Pearland - 6.47 mi

Nestling in just south of the Pearland Texas city limits, Helderman Farms is a small family farm "producing locally-grown eggs and vegetables". Moreover, their goal is "to provide quality homegrown products at an affordable price". It all started when the owner Dan Helderman enjoyed growing up on a farm in southern Indiana. Afterward, he moved to Pearland. He moved because he wanted his children to have a little taste of what it was like to experience it. Check out their products at the "Pearland Farms Market every 2nd and 4th Saturday". You can find this market at "Zychlinski Park at 2243 Grand Blvd". For more information, contact Dan Helderman. 

Gulf Coast Honey Bee Farms

Farm & Ranch in Telferner - 6.78 mi

Pam and Dane Beito owns and operates the Gulf Coast Honey Bee Farms. The local farmers/beekeepers keep their hives in Galveston, Harris Counties, and Brazoria. They want to contribute to saving the bees from the critical threats to their existence. Find them at the Houston and Galveston Farmers Market. They'll not only offer their homemade bee products, but they will also educate you with all of their thrilling bee knowledge. Speaking of products, they offer local raw honey, elderberry syrup, lotion bars, lip cream, honey straws, beeswax candles, and more. You can opt for raw honey in plastic bottles or glass jars.  

(281) 489-9382

Circle M EggsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Alvin - 7.74 mi

Circle M Eggs is a small family farm that produces pastured eggs from Heritage Breed hens. Their original flock included New Hampshire Reds, Cuckoo Marans, Black Copper Marans, Black Australorp, Jersey Giant, and Easter Egger chickens. Careful selection has gone into breeding and sustaining the flock. All chickens can also forage naturally in the pasture with no hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. To increase or continue production, all the hens are also not exposed to unnatural light cycles or force moulting. All the eggs are also produced naturally depending on the hen’s laying schedule. Delivery and pick up must also be pre-arranged. Email them for more information, or to request an order.

(281) 305-8767

Flying Saucer FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Pearland - 8.46 mi

Flying Saucer Farms specializes in both gourmet and medicinal mushrooms. If you're a fan of the different dishes and food products, they will have you covered. From plant-based burger patties to oriental stir-fries, you'll be able to find the right mushroom that you're looking for at the different farmers' markets where they are available. You can check them out at the Brookside Village Farmers Market, or the Urban Harvest Farmers Market in Houston, Texas.

(832) 930-6679

The Nesting Box

Farm & Ranch in Pearland - 10.02 mi

The Nesting Box offers " farm-fresh, cage-free, daily grazing chicken eggs, turkey and duck eggs."  They are servicing Pearland and surrounding areas through their baby chicks, chickens, turkeys, quail, geese, and ducks.  Rabbits of all ages are also available, and "they make great pets!"  The Nesting Box has a website where you can order their products online. You can also send them a direct message to order. They also have a social media page where you can see photos of their farm.

(832) 845-0569

Seki Bonsai Nursery and Farm

Farm & Ranch in Santa Fe - 10.15 mi

The Seki Bonsai Nursery and Farm started Jim Stone fell in love with the Bonsai plant when he was sixteen years old. For this reason, he studied the plant under many American and International teachers. Today, Jim offers a wide selection of bonsai plants and landscape plants, including unfinished, unstyled, and finished materials. He also provides tools for pottery. Bonsai consultations and private classes about Bonsai plants are also available at the farm.Aside from offering bonsai services and products, the farm also offers seasonal produce, farm goods, grass-fed beef, goat, and poultry products. Currently, they have Araucanas and Marans from which they gather unusually-colored eggs. They also have two flocks of Rio Grande Wild TurkeysIn 2012, the farm opened an apiary while offering hive removals to increase their honey bee production.

(409) 927-4595

On the Acre

Farm & Ranch in Alvin - 10.26 mi

Since 2015, the On the Acre in Dickinson, Texas, is producing organic microgreens and edible flowers. They are selling their products in private consumer and farmer's markets. Also, they sell directly to restaurants, caterers. People that have a subscription-based delivery service also benefit from their products. The company grew organically out of love for plants and desire to be self-sufficient. The On the Acre has now over 51 varieties of microgreens and edible flowers, and they provide custom mixes upon request. One of their clients testifies, “It is proud to add amazing microgreens from On the Acre to their lemon cupcakes. It is beautiful, fragrant, and tasty, and the customers love it. The owners are super professional and perfectly reliable!” Have an appointment and visit the On the Acre in Dickinson, Texas.

(281) 813-9500

Winter Family Farm

Farm & Ranch in San Antonio - 10.26 mi

Winter Family Farm has a main garden containing a variety of lettuces, kale, cucumbers, spinach, broccoli, squash, beets, carrots, and onions. You can also find here some Swiss chard, cabbage, herbs, bitter melon, yucca, and garlic plants. Plus, sugar snap peas grow along the fence line. And there are 130 citrus trees such as satsuma, grapefruit, Meyer lemons, and navel oranges. Chickens free range during the day and go into their coop at night. It is "always a great selection of quality produce"! The owners of this land, "the Winters family members are friendly and knowledgable about how to prepare the produce offered".

(281) 989-4219

Ivy Leaf Farms

Farm & Ranch in Houston - 10.43 mi

Ivy Leaf Farms wanted to be part of the effort for a healthy community. And they want to make sure everyone (and everything) looks good doing that! Ivy Leaf Farms is a community farm. This is a way for the locals to have hope that there are real opportunities for them to have better and more fulfilling lives. Through Ivy Leaf Farms, the community hopes that the problem of hunger and food scarcity is less daunting than before. If you want to help realize this dream for the community, you can buy from them. They sell produce as well as other items like shirts, aprons, and coveralls - perfect for the farmer in you! They also accept donations. Ivy Leaf Farms is located in Houston, Texas.

Just Peachy Farms

Farm & Ranch in Houston - 10.46 mi

Billy and Lee Moore of Just Peachy Farms have been farming in East Texas for 25 years.  Their farm has about 30 acres, where they practice organic growing principles. Just Peachy Farms produces about 70 varieties of vegetables, and more than 350 fruit trees such as pecan, peach, plum, apple, fig and pear, as well as blueberry bushes.  

Knape Beef

Farm & Ranch in Alvin - 10.63 mi

The 5th generation of Knape Family manages the Knape Beef.The farm humanely raises all-natural grass-fed beef in the beautiful pastures of Alvin, Texas. From nursing, weaning, and harvesting the beef, the farm ensures that the cow is never exposed in any hormones, antibiotics, nor grains. Their beef is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished; unlike those cows who are finished with grain in the last 90 days to fatten them up.The farm also ensures they reduce their carbon footprint by avoiding excessive transporting. You can pick up their products at Gulf Coast Large Animal Clinic or Doreck's in Sante Fe, TX. Also, you can order from their website and they'll deliver it to you; for as long as you are close.Oh my goodness! Beef is delicious! We had the most delicious and tender t-bone & ribeye steaks, mouthwatering burgers, and the best roast. Customer service is top-notch, I ordered it online and they delivered it home with a smile!"

(979) 571-9004

MoonFlower Farms

Farm & Ranch in Lewisville - 10.74 mi

The MoonFlower Farms in Houston, Texas, is the first Urban Farm inside the city of Houston limits. It has been operational since 2016. The farm is sustainable and grows microgreens through highly sustainable practices. Their mission is to deliver the highest quality of herbs and flowers in the surrounding market of Houston, Texas. Furthermore, the farm is offering over 20 different varieties of microgreens in both local chefs and retailers around Houston, Texas. Moonflower Farms is using 95% less water than traditional farming, and it provides healthy, nutritious, and pesticide-free products. Happy client says. “The greens in Moonflower Farms are very fresh and organically grown indoors. It is proven and tested that Moonflower farms take great care in the process of growing their greens. It's a must-have.” To know more about Moonflower Farm, visit their website! Try the freshest and delicious microgreens in Houston. Texas!

(832) 856-0955

Healthy Way Dairy

Farm & Ranch in Santa Fe - 11.13 mi

Once you visit this place, you will learn to "love this farm's milk". Just by visiting them, "you can tell that they genuinely take care of their cows and love them unconditionally."  Their milk is praised for the consistency, which is "thick and creamy."  Even the coffees and teas that are made from this milk also gets the milk's "unique original taste."  One impressive thing about Healthy Way Dairy,  there is an "honor system in place for payment". Pay by placing the cash in a slot of a tin box, or through the Venmo app, making the transactions "so convenient."

(409) 739-2389

Jeff’s Aquaponics & Farm

Farm & Ranch in Hunt - 11.34 mi

Jeff's Aquaponics and Farm opened in November 2012. Since then, the small scale farm has improved through the different mishaps in aquaponics. Before beginning the farm, the owner had a complete hydroponic system. Unfortunately, the whole system was lost due to a hurricane in 2008. It was a blessing in disguise as it allowed the farmer to get rid of the mixing chemicals involved in hydroponics. Today, the farm produces pesticide-dree greens, lettuces, herbs, and veggies that they can offer fresh at the market. Moreover, the farm provides eggs from their happy chickens. Their chickens have lived in pastures for the rest of their lives.

(281) 797-7667

Moon Dog FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Santa Fe - 11.93 mi

Bordering the Gulf of Mexico, 40 miles outside Houston, Moon Dog Farms is a small "family-owned vegetable farm and fruit orchard in Santa Fe, Texas". The owners Alex McPhail and Casey McAuliffe. They started their venture in the winter of 2013, on a piece of borrowed family land. Moreover, they use "farming practices that are beyond organic using age-old natural methods" to grow food and maintain our fields. Primarily, they have pears, blackberries, muscadine grapes, citrus, and apples. On the other hand, their vegetable fields produce everything from salad mixes to carrots. Also, they sell to a few select restaurants and at local farmers' markets.

(512) 635-4912

Rockin D Longhorns LLC

Farm & Ranch in Santa Fe - 11.93 mi

Rockin D Longhorns LLC is a cow ranch that specializes in raising registered Texas Longhorns. First established in early 2022, the owners have since then grown their cattle farm to four mamas, one heifer, and one her sire named 'The Vindicator.' Available on sale are their calves, bull semen, whole cows, and meats that are delivered fresh to your door from their farm. You can even visit them at their cattle farm to marvel at their majestic Texas Longhorns.

(281) 705-9705

Co-Creative Farm

Farm & Ranch in Mauriceville - 12.02 mi

A single dad single-handedly manages the Co-Creative Farm. He founded the farm in Alvin Texas in 2012. Since then, he has successfully partnered with nature to produce different seasonal produce for everyone to enjoy. From vegetables to fruits, their yummy-in-your-tummy food products will be gone in no time. They only use natural methods to grow their food. Thus, the farm brings tons of benefits for the environment while feeding people. Moreover, all of their plants are chemical-free and pesticide-free. If you want high-quality food, find them downtown Galveston. They are at Galveston's Own Farmers Market on Sundays! They are there from 9am to 1pm.  

Lonely Pine Natural Farms

Farm & Ranch in Alvin - 12.64 mi

Lonely Pine Natural Farms is a five-acre vegetable farm located in Alvin, Texas dedicated to providing the surrounding Houston area with fresh produce. They are also using natural and environmentally friendly farming practices. They are also proud to supply their community with quality vegetables. These vegetables not only taste better but can also make people feel better too. And, "there’s a lot of passion going into this Farm and we’re all going to benefit from it through healthy nutrition". Also, the owner, "Jerry has always taken pride in what he does and the quality of its outcome". You will be "sure this business will be no different, so let’s all support him!"

(832) 612-7304


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