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Cosgray Grass-Fed Beef

Farm & Ranch in Simonton - 4.74 mi

Cosgray Grass-Fed Beef, which is located in Simonton, Texas, raises cattle on open pastures to produce nutritious grass-fed beef. If you choose to get your supply of beef from them, they promise it will be very easy and convenient for you. Here are your choices: 1/2 beef share, 1/4 beef share, 1/8 beef share, a 10-pound ground beef box, a 20-pound ground beef box, a 20-pound variety box, a BBQ and smoker box, or a family variety box. Ordering is as easy as clicking the Shop button on the website. They will ship anywhere in the US except Hawaii and Alaska.

(346) 257-3257

Blessington Farms

Farm & Ranch in Wallis - 5.73 mi

Blessington Farms is just 40 miles west of downtown Houston, so get ready to have some fun! They offer a relaxing atmosphere, best in creating memories.Blessington Farms offer a fun-filled experience of picking strawberries, blueberries, and thornless blackberries.
Aside from berries, they also grow pumpkins. In October they host a Pumpkin Patch and a harvesting festival.If your family loves fishing, they also have a beautiful pond where you can do just that. Just bring your bait and tackle to enjoy it for free.For more adventures for kids, checked their Funland. Lots of options to play around and plenty of picnic areas for the adults to chill. They also host birthdays, field trips, and corporate events.

(832) 444-8717

The Egg LadyNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Katy - 7.84 mi

The Egg Lady offers eggs from their pastured and "free-roaming happy pet chickens."  These eggs are well received by the buyers, with reviews saying "her chicken and duck eggs are large and priced very fairly!"  The Egg Lady is also a Texas Cottage Baker; you will be "enjoying the Jams and Jellies". Its "always fresh and always delicious". You can also try "a few of her biscuits and" be "blown away by how rich and perfectly balanced" the biscuits are. You can have your "new favorite" including the "plum jam, slather it on toast, biscuits, cheese, oatmeal, you name it and it's amazing". 

Glos Gardens

Farm & Ranch in Richmond - 8.59 mi

Glos Gardens offers turnips, beet greens, wasabi arugula, Swiss chard, green onions, red and dinosaur kale.  They also have vegetable and ornamental plants, herb plants, jellies and spices. They are "also a registered Texas Company as Farmers". And, they are "also a registered nursery able to sell plants" from their farm. Recently, they have started their "first working honey hive" courtesy of "Chris at Pure Texas Honey". You can also find them at the Farmers Market On Grand Parkway. Also, you can contact them at their social media page or via phone to preorder your produce. First ordered, first-served until produce is gone.

Pavlock Farms

Farm & Ranch in Rosenberg - 9.62 mi

Pavlock Farms is a small family owned farm and produce store in Rosenberg. The family was originally from Stafford where they also operated a farm, but moved to Rosenberg in 2006. They have been in the same business for over 30 years. Most of the produce they sell come from their own farm, but they also carry a wide selection of fresh produce from other farmers. They also make and sell a selection of homemade jarred products. Here’s a sampling of reviews found online:
  • “Worth the drive for affordable, delicious, fresh produce & friendly faces! :)”
  • “Super nice place and friendly people!! Awesome selection of fresh goods!”
  • “Everything is clean and organized very nicely. I love also that it is family owned and the whole family works there and helps out, even the kids.”
Tip: The store opens seasonally so make sure to check their Facebook page for business hours.

(281) 633-2459

Susan’s Little Chicken House

Farm & Ranch in Wallis - 10.70 mi

Within 12 miles south of Sealy, you can find Susan's Little Chicken House in 218 South 4th, Wallis. It is also just 15 miles from Rosenberg. In Susan Martin's one-acre property, she raises 41 hens that lay a variety of colored eggs where they enjoy foraging for grasses, seeds, and insects. Besides, she has Americanas chickens that lay blue, green-tinted eggs. Moreover, she has been keeping chickens since they moved to their present residence in 1996. Also, she makes tote bags from the chicken feed sacks and sells them on Facebook, Etsy, and at local farmer’s markets. If you want to visit and want her to be onsite, contact her via email, call, or text.

(281) 865-3240

Harvest Green Village Farm

Farm & Ranch in Richmond - 11.21 mi

The Harvest Green Village Farm is a project that the Homeowners Association at the Harvest Green village (a farm-centric community) support. The farm is right in front of the village's entrance.It is prominently visible with its 12-acre land size. While it is a successful homeowners' project, the farm supports its operation by producing and selling crops.Some of its harvests go to the market and produce trailers. Others go directly to the restaurants; while they donate an sizable portion to non-profit organizations dedicated to helping reduce hunger and poverty.The farm does not have an organic certification yet, but it is already in the process of getting it. Get their organic fruits and veggies today!

Pecan Grove ProduceNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Richmond - 11.34 mi

Pecan Grove Produce is a small urban farm, located in Richmond, Texas. They grow seasonal produce and market direct, at farmers markets, and Enchanted Gardens. They offer tomatoes, corn, melons, cucumbers, peppers, eggplant, and other locally grown produce. Also, "they have bell peppers". You can find them selling at the Farmers Market on Grand Parkway and at Enchanted Gardens. Check out their Facebook page to see other venues that they will be. They usually post a couple of times a week what is available and where they will be selling. You "would love to purchase fresh veggies" from them because "fresh veggies are the best!"

(832) 922-5455

Frydek Heritage Farm

Farm & Ranch in Sealy - 11.52 mi

Chris and Julie Lowed owned Frydek Heritage Farm in Sealy, Texas. The heritage farm raises heritage pork, pastured chicken, and free-range eggs. Also, the farm aims to provide healthy and nutritious food in their surrounding area, including Austin, Houston, and College Station. Furthermore, the Frydeck Heritage Farm has a special offer of a free bag of pork bones or pork fat with a $20 purchase. You can make your bone broth or pastured lard. What are you waiting for, visit their farm! Call Chris Lowe at (979) 473-9073 for more details. Eat healthy, wholesome food raised with a conscience!

(979) 473-9073

Kmiec Farm

Farm & Ranch in Sealy - 13.19 mi

Kmiec Farm offers the freshest produce straight from their farm! This family-owned and operated operation does everything hands-on, from growing their own fruits and vegetables to producing their local raw honey and raising free-range chicken and duck eggs. Catch them in local farmers markets selling their harvests such as cucumbers, squash, zucchini, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, cabbage, along with the eggs and honey!

(979) 885-8896

Anala Goat Company

Farm & Ranch in Beasley - 17.31 mi

Husband and wide Shelby Ann Brown and Teg Gregory own the Anala Goat Company. They gave up their city life to focus on raising and caring for goat since 1998.Shelby's grandfather owned a thousand acres of land but she was not able to help with farming works. She always had a passion for it which is why when she had the chance to start her own, together with her husband, she grabbed the opportunity right away.The couple now owns a 100-sqm dairy farm in Kendleton, TX, a place just fifty miles Southwest of Houston. Furthermore, the company is now one of the few licensed raw dairy producers in Texas. They got their 'Raw Dairy Certificate' in 2013.They breed Boer goats for milk and meat. To achieve the best quality of milk, they separate the male and female goats. According to the owners, the male scent messes up with the milk aroma.Their goats only eat healthy food like milo, cottonseed meal, corn, and alfalfa. Get the best sustainably farmed goat products now: from raw goats' milk, cows' milk kefir, whey, chevre, ricotta, feta, kefir, and handmade goats milk soap!

(281) 343-5991

Warren Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Hockley - 19.88 mi

Sitting in the beautiful Northwest Harris County countryside is the historic Warren Ranch. With 6500 acres of land, its beauty houses a diverse population of wildlife. Due to its huge size, it offers various types of activities to do. It allows the farmers to hunt, produce cattle, conserve, and host educational events. The farm also features over 4 miles of restored stream. The farmers at the ranch try to stick to their heritage while incorporating modern but holistic ranching methods. Though their sustainable processes, they produce grass-finished beef the way nature intended. Visit them today to know more about what they can offer!

(281) 536-0696

Hibiscus Hill Farm & Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Waller - 20.28 mi

The owners of the Hibiscus Hill Farm founded the sustainable business in 1999. From the start, the farm has always practiced sustainable agriculture. They never take more than they can give back to keep the ecosystem flourishing.When the owners decided to get the land, they are fully aware that the property has no trace of pesticides and chemicals for the last thirty years. It was the best choice, the dream they have always wanted.Today, the farm sells grass-fed lamb, goat, beef, turkey, heritage pork, chicken, and free-range eggs.Facebook reviews show that animals are not the only happy species on the farm. The staffs and customers are happy about being part of a great community!

(979) 353-1239

My Indoor Farm

Farm & Ranch in Three Rivers - 20.66 mi

My Indoor Farm uses the method of "indoor growing system". The results are vegetables that are "tasty and pleasant to eat". "This is a very forward-thinking system". You can buy their products online, at their website. They accept orders at any time. You can also pre-order to be sure to get what you want at the market because they also sell at the Tomball Farmer's Market. "Pea sprouts were very good!" is one of the gratifying comments of one of their customers. "They were always fresh when we grabbed some for a salad because they were effectively fresh harvested" added by another satisfied customer.

(281) 856-0998

Renaissance Chicken

Farm & Ranch in Sealy - 21.26 mi

Providing valuable information on free-range eggs, Renaissance Chicken is Houston's chicken guru! This place is also a hatchery, a breeder of rare and hard to find breeds, and a cage-free egg seller sitting on ten acres that have been organically maintained for over ten years. The owner, "Camille is professional and knowledgeable!!" Her farm offers Natural, Sustainable, Pasture-raised, Cage, Chemical, and Cruelty-Free source for exotic and hard-to-find breeds". You can also contact them via phone or their social media page if you want to pre-order from them. You can also see photos of their farm at their social media page.They haven't updated their CSA page since December 6, 2012, contact them directly for more information.

(281) 928-9072

Bullard Cattle Company

Farm & Ranch in Bellville - 21.73 mi

Bullard Cattle Company promises you that the beef is of good quality. They are already supplying many restaurants and food businesses locally, and none of them are complaining. The cattle in the ranch are pasture-raised. They are also grass-fed, certified through the American Meat Association. If you are not interested in buying beef boxes, then maybe try the beef jerky. It has 33 grams of protein. This means you can stave off hunger when you are on diet but still have the energy your body needs. Eat good meat and lose weight - it is a win-win situation, isn't it?

(281) 658-0466

Sustainable Vegetable GardenNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Missouri City - 22.35 mi

Sustainable Vegetable Garden is a 100% sustainable farm located in the heart of Missouri City, Texas. They produce broccoli, swiss chard, Toscano kale, daikon radish, and more. They sell these at the local farmers market Urban Harvest along with other local farmers, artisans, and other small businesses. Sustainable Vegetable Garden farmers are easy to spot. Their table is alive with the green, orange, purple, and red colors of freshly-harvested items. These farm-fresh items are so inviting you can't resist stopping by and making a purchase, that's for sure.

I’ve Been Stung HoneyNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Missouri City - 22.35 mi

I’ve Been Stung Honey is a business that sells honey. The bees that supply the honey are from Florence Texas Apiary and Sugar Land Texas Apiary. I’ve Been Stung Honey has raw, unfiltered honey, but they also have raw, unfiltered, flavored honey. You might also be interested in their other products since they also sell creamed honey and honeycomb, as well as handmade honey soaps and beeswax candles. I’ve Been Stung Honey is located in Missouri City.

(281) 615-9144

Black Hill Meats

Farm & Ranch in Houston - 22.55 mi

Located in Houston, Black Hill Ranch was “founded by Felix Florez” who have been in the service industry his whole life, starting with his first restaurant job at the age of fifteen. Black Hill proudly supply “pasture raised meats” to some of the finest restaurants and stores in the country, as well as delivering to private residences. They raises the “finest breeds and sells the highest quality meats that Texas has to offer.” Their pigs are treated with the greatest care and attention to ensure that they produce the “freshest and tastiest pork available.” They are fed a healthy and hormone-free diet of whole grains, nuts, acorns, fruit, vegetables, maple syrup and even red wine!

(713) 937-1255

R-C Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Houston - 22.55 mi

R-C Ranch is discerning about the animals raised on the farm and the quality of meat these provide them. This is the reason why they are considered specialists in Texas craft meat. The term craft meat refers to the production of meat (pork, beef, chicken) in small batches. Animals are chosen and raised the R-C Ranch way, using an approach they think is best so that the meat is high quality. This is what you want to see from a company providing your meat and meal. Those that put the effort into providing quality, and not just resorting to any method that guarantees a profit. This is why R-C Ranch is held in Texas with high esteem.

(713) 937-1255


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