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The Peace, Love & Jam SocietyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Tomball - 1.19 mi

The Peace, Love & Jam Society is a small, local canning enterprise that makes jams, jelly, and pickles. The name evokes good, positive vibes. It is the same feeling you get after you have tasted their delicious products! This business started as a fun craft among friends. When people started asking for more, they realized that they have something good in their hands so they turned it into a real business, to the delight of Tomball locals, of course. Because this means they can count on The Peace, Love & Jam Society for their much-needed jelly, jams, or pickle fix. You can find them selling in the local and nearby farmers markets, bringing their delicious products closer to more customers.

(281) 250-4350

BZ Honey

Artisan Food Producer in Tomball - 1.72 mi

BZ Honey provides local honey from Cypress, Houston, Katy, and Tomball. They have a total of 8 bee yards located across NW Harris County and extract all honey at their store in Tomball. BZ Honey sells honey, creamed honey, beekeeping equipment and beeswax products, all of which are always “pure, fresh, and chemical free.” The honey is extracted from local hives. They do not heat or filter their local honey and they don't put any chemicals in their hives. They just strain the honey to separate it from the wax and bottle it directly. BZ Honey also support backyard beekeepers with beekeeping supplies and classes at the store. Come and try the honey and see the difference that this care makes in the flavor.

(832) 292-3086

Thirsty Bee Meadery

Artisan Food Producer in Tomball - 1.96 mi

Thirsty Bee Meadery in Tomball is established by local beekeepers who produce mead through the local honey that they fermented. They can harvest several types of mead on tap and in bottles. There is the light and refreshing Draft Mead, which has 7% ABV (alcohol by value) mead. The Traditional Mead has 10-14% ABV, made from pure honey, and is usually dry and sweet. But for some special occasions or celebrations, try the Seasonal Mead, which is infused with local seasonal fruits or ingredients.

(281) 826-3290

The Sauce Factory

Artisan Food Producer in Tomball - 2.02 mi

Headquartered in Tomball, Texas, The Sauce Factory is an artisan food business that crafts and offers great Cajun sauces and seasonings to the market. The sauces are sugar-free, gluten-free, MSG-free, meat-free, and dairy-free. It is the best dipping sauce for grilled salmon, sausage, chicken, meatloaf, bbq ribs, beef brisket, even salads, and stir-fried vegetables. And not only that, you can use it as a marinade too! These Signature Cajun sauces come in variants like regular, sugarless, hot-Caliente, and tangy mustard that you’ll surely love. On top of that, they also sell “The World’s Greatest Dry Rub” that comes in a handy jar. So, if you’re on to a wet or dry marinade this weekend… Well, you can have both with The Sauce Factory. Order via their website or catch them at the local farmers’ markets in and around Tomball.

JuicedNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Tomball - 2.02 mi

Juiced is a Texas-based business that focuses on selling “fresh and affordable” cold-pressed juices to the community. Indeed, cold-pressed juices are beneficial to each and everyone’s health, especially to those who want to shed off some pounds or boost their immunity; however, juicing is usually expensive. Thankfully, this “informative vendor” crafts these “smooth and tasty” beverages for that “inflammation problem” and of course, for cleansing.  “Juicing is hard when doing a cleanse, but these juices are so delicious”; y’all be “looking forward to the juice throughout the day.”  To get the fresh flavor that they’re known for, your juice is made fresh after you order. And since they refuse to compromise on quality, they source fresh ingredients from local farmers’ markets. “These juices are fantastic and pure” – and that’s for sure!

Atomic KitchenNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas - 2.08 mi

Born and made in Tomball, Texas, Atomic Kitchen is a local artisan business that was founded in 2016. They are known for producing “Pickled Jalapenos in a jar” that are atomically delicious! Their “Garlicky Garden Jalapenos” are sliced and come hand-packed in 16 oz. and 32 oz. jars. Their pickled Jalapenos are the crunchiest, most flavorful pickled jalapeno with its signature “garden herb flavor!” Customers are always raving about their products. They have different levels of flavors that can go on anything! Try them and you’ll agree that Atomic Kitchen has the best pickled jalapenos on the planet!

Three Lumps Of SugarNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Tomball - 2.08 mi

Providing quality artisanal sugars, salts, and botanicals, Three Lumps of Sugar is a small local business aiming to bring “a little sparkle to your drinks”.Their products are all handcrafted, milled to perfection in small batched. All their ingredients are all-natural with no artificial flavors and colors. You can even customize your own flavor by combining the original flavors.Three Lumps of Sugar’s artificial sugars are a “fantastic” and innovative way to create flavorful simple sugars.Their botanicals are well curated to complete any drink menu. You can infuse them into your spirits and create something unique. It’s a great addition to anyone’s mini-bar!

(832) 953-5456

Pain Train Salsa

Artisan Food Producer in Tomball - 2.15 mi

Pain Train Salsa is a family owned business that is run by husband and wife duo who are both teachers by profession. They have been producing “freshly-made salsa” daily for over 20 years and decided to see what the general public thought about it as they brought it to the Tomball Farmers Market nearly 4 years ago. It was an amazing hit and took off to a point that the husband had to retire from education to keep up with the salsa. Pain Train Salsa offer roasted red traditional salsas including “Medium Hot Salsa, Perfect Hot Salsa, Green Go,” and their most popular “Creamy Avocado Salsa” as well as their own gluten free, “home style chips.” These are 100% all-natural with no additives, preservatives or added sugars!

(832) 212-4375

Zax SnaxNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Magnolia - 2.17 mi

Intrigued by the contraption, 12-year-old Zach, asked her Mother if he could create his own dehydrated recipe. Using ingredients they have on hand, he produced the most amazing coconut treat that you will ever taste! He called this simple blend of raw coconut chips, cashews, pumpkin seeds and maple syrup “Coconut Munch.” His family loved it, as well as the customers who referred to it affectionately as “Zach’s Crack.” In 2013, they started the company, Zax Snax and today, their delicious snack mixes still combine the heartiness of nuts, seeds, and fruit with wholesome sweeteners and the pizzazz of therapeutic-grade essential oils. It is the best gluten-free snack around! If you love coconut, they will delight you. If you don’t, they will convert you! Either way, you will find Zax Snax, Essentially Delicious!

(713) 458-0893

Steampunk Juice

Artisan Food Producer in Tomball - 2.17 mi

Steampunk Juice is a local non-profit organization that specializes in miraculously cold-pressed juices. Indeed, this business has been an essential part of the Tomball culture since 2017. They have a “great little setup at the Tomball Farmers Market” where you can get all these “absolutely yummy” and “amazing juices.” They have 12 flavors to choose from, including their bestsellers “Lavender Lemonade, Magenta, Carrosine, C3P-Oh!, Mint Lemonade, and Beach Blonde.” The latter flavor is by far the locals’ favorite. “It’s very fresh and light, not too sweet and sugary like a lot of juices” out there in the market. We highly recommend you try their products and taste how “good” they are.

Della Casa Pasta

Artisan Food Producer in Tomball - 2.76 mi

Craving some pasta for your next meal? Della Casa Pasta makes the freshest pasta on the block that is handcrafted in Texas! Their wholesome, delicious pasta are made at home using “traditional techniques and natural ingredients”. No preservatives or artificial ingredients, just fresh, all-natural pasta. They serve real pasta, the way it was meant to be. Della Casa has made quite a name in the Houston area in the years. They have huge selection of fresh, handmade pasta, ravioli, lasagna and more. You won't believe how gourmet, delicious and easy your weekly dinners will become fresh meals, without all the work! Try it, you’ll taste the difference!

(281) 513-6866

District Roasters

Artisan Food Producer in Greenville - 3.12 mi

Based in Houston, Texas, District Roasters is a fourth-wave, artisan, hand-roasted, small batch coffee roaster that offers “premium coffees and blends” sourced from the world’s best coffee farmers. They are fighting for the eradication of poverty around the world by re-purposing profits back to the original source. That means they partner directly with “independent coffee farmers” across the globe to bring you the finest organic coffees available. District Roasters is on a mission to identify, qualify, source, roast, package, and deliver the absolute best roasted coffee beans available. They are committed to complete product, market, program, project, and fiscal integrity. All of their coffees are “direct trade, fair trade, and organic.” They strive to maintain a freshness, an aroma, and a taste that can only be delivered by the finest of specialty coffees.

(832) 698-9955

Angie’s Gardens

Artisan Food Producer in Magnolia - 3.60 mi

Headquarted in Texas, Angie’s Gardens is a new local business offering many different “hand-crafted herbal products and homegrown, organically sourced herbal tea.” The company was born from the founder’s love of helping others through the power of nature. She first learned the power of herbs when her husband suggested their daughter drink some “lemon balm tea with honey” to feel better from a possible incoming cold. She drank the tea, and felt better. Angela was astonished that something so simple could work so effectively and quickly that she began looking up other herbs. Then, Angie’s Garden was born and they started offering “3 different herbal tea blends,” some herbal salves and lotions.

(832) 699-4372

Keanu’s Cookies

Artisan Food Producer in Spring - 4.95 mi

Keanu's Cookies has officially been in business since 2017, spreading the spirit of aloha through their “Hawaiian Macadamia Nut Shortbread Cookies” Keeping their tradition, no preservatives, Keanu’s Cookies have quickly become one of the most recommended cookies around town. Their delicious handcrafted shortbread cookies are “mixed with macadamia nuts for a true taste of the islands”. Each cookie is then freshly baked to perfection before being lightly dusted with a touch of powdered sugar. They put all the aloha in each cookie they bake and take pride in what they serve. Each cookie meets the highest taste expectation before it leaves the center.

(281) 732-0448

Zozo FreshNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Spring - 5.03 mi

Zozo Fresh is a food business focusing on making healthy food and drinks to promote health and wellness. The core of this business is focused on fresh food and a healthy body. They are inspired by the simple idea that a life well-lived, a life full of energy used to pursue genuine passion, is a life that can be achieved first and foremost by being healthy. In a way, they act as the first pit stop on that journey. If you come across them, they will feed you healthy food and drinks. They hope this is a start to your journey towards health. And if you do embrace this journey, you will see them again because the food they make for you will become an essential daily must-have. It is a good thing. They are not just selling commodities; they also sell the prospect of a better outlook in life.

(832) 343-1048

A La TarteNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Spring - 5.52 mi

A La Tarte, which is located in Spring, Texas, makes gourmet, made-from-scratch tarts, cakes, and cookies. Raja Jertila started this business hoping to provide healthy baked goods to Texans who enjoy eating tarts, cakes, and cookies. These aren't just delicious, but nutritious as well, considering what's in them: almonds, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, pears, apples, plums, cherries, apricots, figs, plums, strawberries, lemons, oranges, and raisins, to name a few. These baked goods are perfect dessert treats at home. You can also gift your family, friends, or coworkers with these delicious treats if ever an occasion calls for one, and they will be thankful for sure!

(281) 853-5882

Lloyd’s Own BakeryNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Spring - 6.40 mi

Lloyd’s Own Bakery makes fresh, moist home-made bread, scones, biscuits, muffins, cookies, and more! If you want to buy from them, they set up shop in local and nearby farmers markets, like the Tamina Road Farmers Market from 9 am to 11 pm, rain or shine! If you are craving for one of their delicious creations but can't go to the store, they can have the bread delivered to you via the app Farmers Market delivery ( Lloyd’s Own Bakery is in Spring, Texas.

(832) 515-0499

E & E PantryNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Klein - 6.42 mi

Known for producing “homemade pickles and preserves,” E&E Pantry is owned by Emmy and Evelyn, a granddaughter and grandmother team. They make old fashioned canned goods like pickles, preserves, and more! Though pickles is their specialty, they also offer a variety of preserves and jams made using only the freshest ingredients. ”Fruits and vegetables” are always the first and most important ingredient in their products, which they purchased at local farms in the North Houston area. All their products are gluten, egg, dairy, soy, and nut free that are “prepared in a home kitchen.” Most of their products are seasonal because fruits and vegetables have a limited growing season. This means the products will be rotating throughout the year to ensure quality.

(832) 326-4741

Victory Pie Co.

Artisan Food Producer in Magnolia - 6.52 mi

Victory Pie Company lets you have your pie fix, and help others out at the same time! In loving memory of her brother, the owner found her passion in helping out other veterans and the widows and orphans who were left behind by their loved ones on duty. And she did it through her brother's favorite, the chicken pot pie. In 2012, she started a meal planning business, then officially turning it into Victory Pie Company. Now her menu boasts of a full breakfast and lunch lineup, a full coffee and tea bar, including milkshakes and Italian sodas and fresh and frozen pies ready to be eaten at their café or for pick up. Be assured of amazingly delicious and fresh pies that are “crafted by hand, from scratch with love.” And the most important thing, a portion of the profits go to various veterans’ organizations like EOD Warrior’s Foundation, Snowball Express and Camp Hope.   

(832) 403-3066

Grabacone Natural Shaved IceNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Magnolia - 6.52 mi

Grabacone makes all the difference as they offer all-natural snow cones that “won’t stain your teeth and tongue.” Their syrups are made from condensed fruit juice and sweetened with natural sugar. “The flavors are anything from tame to wild.” Also, there’s “no high fructose corn syrup” used so there are “no hyperactive boys” running around after. Their colors come from nature thereby crafting something that is totally “dye-free.” It’s a “refreshing treat for everyone with literally no guilt” as there are “no extra junk added in.” They offer a lot of “yummy, energizing, and delicious Yaupon slushies, shaved ice, snow cones, and frozen lemonades” that has a “well-balanced sweetness and flavor.” Their “root beer cone was both natural and delectable”; their “cherry bomb” is a must-try; and, their pomegranate is “highly recommended.” So, if you’re looking for something to battle the “hot weather,” this is an “amazing place” to go to.

(346) 233-5422


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