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Teazsol TeasNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Kemah - 0.65 mi

TeazSol Teas was established in 2016 in Kemah, Texas that offers “all vegan teas and Hispanic baked goods.” Their unique teas, spices and herbs are carefully selected, and fresh. They identify the new generation of tea drinkers who are looking at becoming healthier and to making better drinking choices. Some of their product includes tea drops, specialty TEAmales, tea extracts, matcha tea, and other tea products. The selection includes Whites, Greens, Blacks, and Herbal Teas to cover all your needs. Teazsol has new ways of tea brewing without a tea bag. They uses “corn husks” to brew tea, in replacement of the traditional tea bag that gives not only a unique look, but taste as well. With that, TeazSol Teas has coined the name “TEAmales” for its original creation. 

(224) 522-0393

Damn Fine Coffee Roasters

Artisan Food Producer in Seabrook - 1.16 mi

Damn Fine Coffee Roasters is a small batch Craft Roaster located in beautiful Old Seabrook, Texas. They create all their coffees with the “finest fair trade beans” and blend them to achieve the “best damn coffee” you ever put in your mouth! The coffees are bagged and shipped the day its roasted, to ensure you the freshest coffee. Soon, they will be fresh roasting coffee, daily, on-site and they will be serving the greatest sweet and savory fried pies. Hand crafted gelato, nitro cold brew and craft sodas will also be featured to enjoy under the beautiful, sprawling Oak trees. It will truly be an experience that you’ll never forget!

(281) 942-0954

The Tea MistressNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Seabrook - 1.51 mi

The Tea Mistress is a tea and coffee retail store owned and operated by Amanda Vermillion. She's an ITMA-Certified Tea Master who also does tea consulting, lectures, and festivals in and around Houston, Texas. So, whether you’re doing restaurants or any other business that wanted to incorporate tea into your services, she is the perfect person to call. A true expert on her craft, Amanda loves to talk about teas, plan and host events, tea parties, classes, and tastings. Her teas are not just amazing in terms of flavor and shelf-life, but they’re also naturally healthy. On another note, her retail shop not only sells specialty tea, herbs, and gourmet coffee, but also local honey, artisan sugar, rock sugar, tea infusers and diffusers, teaware, and gifts. Thus, we highly recommend this one-stop-shop for all your tea needs.

(832) 405-9160

Bzzzy Bitez

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 4.14 mi

If you are health conscious with a sweet tooth, Bzzzy Bitez got you covered! You can still enjoy a yummy sweet treat with their wide array of menu. Located in Pasadena, Texas, Bzzzy Bitez produces “gluten free, keto, paleo, and vegan baked goods” such as banana bread, Mississippi Mud cake, Almond Butter cookies, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookies, sugar donut holes, cinnamon sugar donut holes, vegan blueberry muffins, and their latest offering, gluten free, KETO, and vegan Sour Cream cake cupcakes. In addition, Bzzzy Bitez also offer “gluten free BBQ sauce!” Stop worrying about the sugars! You can find their gluten free treats at the Nassau Bay Farmer's Market.

(210) 831-0198

Java Owl Coffee House

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 4.15 mi

Excited to be caffeinating Nassau Bay, Java Owl Coffee House is currently Clear Lakes’ only “true” coffee shop that brings locally roasted coffee and specialty drinks to the community. They have a “very inviting place”; its “clean, chic, and chill!” And “not only is the environment cozy and relaxed, but the service was extremely friendly.” Their “staff” makes “excellent recommendations” for everyone. They even “offer keto treats” along with their “delicious menu.” A “swift service” with “great coffee blends”; their “decaf was just as flavorful as the fully-caffeinated.” Don’t miss on their “lavender latte” when you get there; “you could lightly smell the lavender and it added so much depth to the drink.” All in all, Java Owl has a “charming atmosphere, with delicious lattes, expresso, a large variety of teas all presented so beautifully – a great place to meet friends, hear music, play board games, study, or read.”

(281) 957-9814

Das Güd Spice Co.

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 4.50 mi

Evolving with the influence of local spicy foods, Das Güd Spice Co. developed bold and flavorful “artisan hot sauces” using the finest all-natural ingredients. The range of hot sauces offer up delicious flavors and comfortable heat. You’ll find all of which go great on almost everything. Try the Blueberry Habanero hot sauce! It's packed with anti-oxidants. For those who enjoy a mild and smoky heat, the Hatch Chipotle Verde will be a delight. All mouth-watering flavors at a reasonable heat level. All the products on their line are all-natural, gluten-free, hand-crafted flavors continues to complement any dish and add flair to your favorite foods. From their kitchen to your table, the commitment to quality stands on its own.

(469) 443-6553

Pierogi Queen

Artisan Food Producer in League City - 6.51 mi

Pierogi Queen is all about serving authentic Polish cuisine right in the heart of Texas! Founded by Eva and Mirek Sek, who were both from Poland, they went on to build the name of their restaurant in the Houston area, even being featured several times in articles, restaurant rankings, local radio and television interviews. The people behind Pierogi Queen whips up pierogis, blintzes, cabbage meals, kielbasas, and more that are true to their Polish roots, made from fresh ingredients and free from anything processed or enhanced. Pierogis of classic and new flavors are available freshly made or in frozen packs that can be cooked at home.

(713) 244-4644

Sonyola Granola

Artisan Food Producer in Friendswood - 7.68 mi

Sonyola Granola began its journey 20 years ago, in hopes of creating a “great tasting nutritional snack” for the family. They want something that didn’t have flour, fillers, artificial flavors, and wasn’t hard to chew. Sonyola Granola was launched when they perfected the taste and texture of their granola, offering light and crispy granola that is “made to order to ensure freshness”, therefore, no preservatives are ever used in the product. Each batch of granola is handcrafted in a certified commercial kitchen. Baked within days of its final sale, their granola arrives in your kitchen the same way it leaves theirs, fresh and naturally delicious.You may also find Sonyola Granola at Juice Easy, American Shaman, and Day 6 Coffee Co.

(713) 539-8977

Gelü Italian Ice

Artisan Food Producer in Friendswood - 7.77 mi

Gelü Italian Ice is a “great joint” that specializes in authentic and homemade Italian ice that makes the “perfect treat on a hot day!” With “so many flavor options” including “fat-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free,” y’all will absolutely “love Gelü.” They serve “green ice cream” that is “super nice and tasty,” and their fruit flavors taste like real fruit.” Adding some “Tajin sauce on the watermelon Italian Ice” is also “highly recommended.” Offering at a “reasonable price,” these Italian ices can be purchased in pints, quarts, or gallons. For all the “Keto” folks out there, “you have got to try the ‘Bullet coffee’ at Gelü as it is amazing!” In addition, “not only is the coffee amazing” but “they also have really, really good burritos.” Not to mention the “low-carb burrito” they offer. Drop by at their shop, order for delivery, or hire them at your next event for that ultimate winter in summer experience!

(713) 257-9390

Ben’s Texas Gourmet MarketNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Friendswood - 9.24 mi

Ben's Texas Gourmet Market is a specialty food manufacturer that produces handcrafted pickles, rubs, and sauces from his family's home-style recipes.  From when he started in 2014, he has expanded to producing these tasty specialty items commercially for sale in stores, cafes, coffee shops and fine restaurants.  Some of his products include Spicy Dill Pickles, Sweet & Spicy Cajun Pickles, Sweet Garlic & Onion Pickles, Chicken Rub, Sweet Red Pepper Rub, and Texas Red Rub.  Ben's is also a catering company that offers "customizable catering menus for gatherings of all sizes."

(281) 910-7286

Crescent City ConnectionNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Friendswood - 9.99 mi

Crescent City Connection is a home bakery in Friendswood, Texas that specializes in crafting the sweet flavors of New Orleans. Their signature "treats" include a cinnamon-based cake called King Cake, Creamy Pralines, and the White Chocolate Bread Pudding, which is oozing with yummy white chocolate sauce. Other "delicious desserts" also include brownies, pineapple upside-down cakes, turtles, chocolate pretzels, and many more. Oh, "everything is delicious" here, folks. Top that with a "friendly" staff and a "great customer service" and you'll be sure to come back for more!
Although this home bakery is not shipping their products yet, you can pick up your orders locally. Or, at the nearby farmers' market, where they sell their products on Saturdays and Sundays.

(504) 406-9047

Texas Select Seasonings

Artisan Food Producer in La Marque - 10.86 mi

Wild Bill, owner of Texas Select Seasonings have been making gourmet food products with "A taste as bold as Texas" for 28 years years now using the finest all natural ingredients available. Since 1985, their “gourmet food products” such as bbq rubs, seasoning blends, salsa and pepper jelly have been used by competition cooks, for backyard bbq’s, by caterers and chefs to deliver a flavor that is unmatched in the food industry. Often “emulated but never duplicated,” Texas Select Seasonings’ products continue to deliver on quality and consistency for three decades. After years of perfecting all natural spice blends and fresh salsas for family barbecues, competition and special events, Texas Select Seasonings is confident that you will experience a bold taste as Texas in their products.

(409) 392-8199

Dunn Brothers Coffee

Artisan Food Producer in Friendswood - 11.06 mi

Fresh from their roastery experiences in Portland, Oregon, the Dunn brothers, Ed and Dan, moved to the Twin Cities in the late 1980s to establish Dunn Brothers Coffee and serve the “freshest brew” possible and to provide a “warming coffee experience”, putting the community at the core of the business. The coffee here is never more than 5 days old because they roast small batches of coffee, in-store, every day to provide more fresh, rich, and enjoyable coffee experience to the customers. They have a passion for their craft that compels them to do everything better. From roasting the coffee fresh on-site, to making every drink one at a time by hand.Dunn Brothers Coffee is one of the 8 Noteworthy Artisan Coffee Roasters in Texas! Check out the link to read more.

(281) 993-5455

Koda’s KookiesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Baytown - 13.57 mi

Koda’s Kookies, which is located in Baytown, Texas, makes baked goods that people will enjoy, especially those who love chocolates, cinnamon, and peanut butter. They offer a wide selection of cookie flavors: Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate Chip, Pecan Chocolate Chip, and White Chocolate Chip. They also have Cookies & Cream, Snickerdoodle, M&M, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Sugar Kookie, Oatmeal Raisin, and Red Velvet. The best part is that they are always looking for new flavors to offer the customers. You can visit them when they set up shop at the Mont Belvieu Farmers Market.

Frost It FactoryNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Pasadena - 13.85 mi

While I am sure Frost It Factory makes really delicious vegan desserts, equally exciting is the fact that they are game to make whatever you want! If you browse Frost It Factory's website, you'll find a list of desserts they offer to make, and under each category is the promise of custom-made delight. You name it! Tell us what you want. This is Frost It Factory encouraging you to have your vegan dessert your way. After all, desserts are made to be indulgent, so indulge yourself in getting what you want.

(346) 255-9338

Lily’s Life JuiceNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Baytown - 13.97 mi

Lily's Life Juice, which is located in Baytown, Texas, makes juices that can be used for detox or cleansing, or simply as an everyday juice. The juice made by Lily's Life Juice is 100% all-natural, made from raw fruits and vegetables. This is a high-quality juice, with no added sugars. These are the flavors to choose from: Strong Green, Sweet Green, Sweet Carrot, Sweet Beet, Sweet Citrus, and Detox/Cleanse. They also offer a 1-day, 2-day, and 3-day package. This is very helpful, especially for those who are determined to regularly detox or cleanse.

Bette’s SpecialtiesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 14.37 mi

Bette’s Specialties is honest with what they offer: making specific foods they know they are good at. Specifically, they are good when it comes to making jams, salsa, and pickled products. Their Piña-Jalapeño jam exuding with sweet, spicy tropical flavors sounds yummy. I bet the Mango salsa tastes fresh and fruity. If I am thinking of a good side dish or something to snack on, why not spicy pickled asparagus or spicy pickled green beans? Hoping to expand their product line, Bette’s Specialties is now exploring baking. The Thumbprint Shortbread Cookies really looks delicious!

(832) 647-4106

Pantry By NatureNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Houston - 14.37 mi

Pantry By Nature is one of the businesses that was established during the 2020 Covid Pandemic.When An, the owner, came to America, she found out that most of the foods are often made with preservatives and MSG. These foods are far from what she was used to in her home country Vietnam. In Vietnam, everyday food is made with fresh and seasonal ingredients. However, Vietnamese food is also hard to find in the U.S. Thus, she took the pandemic's unexpected free time to craft and launch Tiger Saté, a Vietnamese lemongrass chili sauce for those health-conscious foodies.Tiger Saté is made from the freshest ingredients, without MSG or preservatives. Each jar is handmade in small batches, right in Houston, Texas. It's made from fresh lemongrass, garlic, and peppers, all in healthy Italian olive oil.  It's not the easiest way to do things, but the taste, and the healthfulness, are totally worth it! This "product is tasty, fresh, and of high quality, giving" a variety of "dishes another dimension." It also "gives a warm kick of spice to the food but not too much and it tastes so fresh." Just perfect. Plain and simple. You can "use it to pair with steamed vegetables and fried noodles too!" Or perhaps, "scrambled egg with ciabatta" or even on "noodles, soup, sandwiches," and more! "Highly recommend!" 

Fusion BeansNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in South Houston - 14.91 mi

Fusion Beans is an artisan coffee roaster in South Houston, Texas that has been operating since 2007. The coffee beans are all sourced from farmers around the world, including Diego Guardia from Hacienda Sonora in Costa Rica. Sean, one of the owners, also opened a mill in Yemen in 2012 to value the historical importance of Yemeni coffee and help the war-torn country at the same time. He's also the owner of Southside Espresso, a famous coffee shop in Houston, Texas. Thus, it's easy to see how Sean is passionate not only about coffee beans but also about helping the farmers and the Texas community. The care and love that goes into your cup of joe is priceless; it's something that we all must value and support.
Costa Rican, Yemeni, Guatemalan, and Ethiopian coffee beans are just some of the products of Fusion Beans. While these beans can be found in the two coffee shops mentioned above, they are also used in some restaurants. On top of that, they are also available for purchase both as retail and wholesale.

(832) 758-7904

Real Peel JuiceNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Pasadena - 15.28 mi

Real Peel Juice is a local business that specializes in fresh fruit and vegetable cold-pressed juice. Each product is made fresh with “the unique combinations of fruits and veggies” that cannot be beaten. Not to mention that “they taste so delicious and they are nutritious” as well. You can replace your “morning coffee” with these juices, I must say. Not only do they “help you start your day,” but you’ll be “shocked” that you will “never feel hungry or have a headache” for several hours. Thus, we highly “recommend this to anyone who wants to kick their cravings to the curb or anyone who needs a restart in their digestion to form good eating habits” as these juices completely work! In addition, Aubrey “is always super quick” in answering questions and “goes above and beyond” for you to get your juices on time. 

(832) 671-9250


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