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The Nesting Box

Farm & Ranch in Pearland - 20.57 mi

The Nesting Box offers " farm-fresh, cage-free, daily grazing chicken eggs, turkey and duck eggs."  They are servicing Pearland and surrounding areas through their baby chicks, chickens, turkeys, quail, geese, and ducks.  Rabbits of all ages are also available, and "they make great pets!"  The Nesting Box has a website where you can order their products online. You can also send them a direct message to order. They also have a social media page where you can see photos of their farm.

(832) 845-0569

Lonely Pine Natural Farms

Farm & Ranch in Alvin - 20.79 mi

Lonely Pine Natural Farms is a five-acre vegetable farm located in Alvin, Texas dedicated to providing the surrounding Houston area with fresh produce. They are also using natural and environmentally friendly farming practices. They are also proud to supply their community with quality vegetables. These vegetables not only taste better but can also make people feel better too. And, "there’s a lot of passion going into this Farm and we’re all going to benefit from it through healthy nutrition". Also, the owner, "Jerry has always taken pride in what he does and the quality of its outcome". You will be "sure this business will be no different, so let’s all support him!"

(832) 612-7304

Law Ranch Cattle Company

Farm & Ranch in Houston - 21.15 mi

Ray Law's dad founded the Law Ranch Cattle Co. in 1952. While Ray continued a path in teaching, he is still helping his dad on the farm. Later, he decided to choose farming over a teaching career, and he hasn't looked back since then.He and Amy (his wife) are both committed to producing beef that does not sell in groceries anymore. They wanted meat that is pasture-raised, organic, beefy, tender, dry-aged, and state-inspected at a reasonable and competitive price! Aside from raising cows, they also raise laying chickens. And oh, they want their products to be the most healthy meat available!They have not failed on this goal as many customers from around the world tell them this. "Your chicken and beef are the best on the planet!"

(713) 492-4804

Island Aquaponics

Farm & Ranch in Galveston - 21.30 mi

Island Aquaponics opened in 2011 with a mission to bring fresh premium greens, herbs, and lettuces to the community. While they temporarily closed, a new owner made it possible for the farm to reopen their doors in January 2018. Cassi Boatwright and Diane Glowacki have worked together to restore the 2100 square feet greenhouse. In just six months, they are already back at the market, selling their first organic produce. The farm is proud to share that they feed their plants with all organic fertilizer and only let them drink 100% rainwater. With a system so efficient, they make the above claims easily possible. There is still a lot of renovations in the future, but they are slowly getting there. 

(409) 370-0864

Shroomtown fungiNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Houston - 21.92 mi

The company Shroomtown Fungi describes the mushroom they are growing and selling as fresh, healthy, and sustainably grown. This should be enough to set expectations and discourage those looking for another type of mushroom. Shroomtown fungi cultivates rotating, seasonal mushrooms you can use for cooking or for medicinal purposes.

(281) 796-7699

Hope Farms HTX

Farm & Ranch in Houston - 22.05 mi

The Hope Farms in Houston, Texas, is a 7-acre urban agricultural operation. It was a project of Recipe for Success Foundation organized in 2005. Hope Farms "wants to lessen the number of people in the US who are suffering from health problems". These problems include obesity, heart disease, diabetes, by changing their eating habits. They want to "provide fresh, affordable food and promote a healthy diet to the Americans, especially to the young ones". Please like their Facebook page to keep you updated about Hope Farm's volunteer opportunities. Moreover, they post information about special events and open farm stand days on the account too.

(713) 520-0443

Jolly Farms Chickens

Farm & Ranch in Alvin - 22.23 mi

In Alvin, Jolly Farms is a  chicken farm "offering free-range and pastured chickens" that are "organic and non-GMO". They are certified. Moreover, they never medicate their meat birds. "They locally raise and hand process their chickens" at a facility that the state has certified. The passionate owners started with a mission to raise chickens for their friends and family. But now, they are selling to everyone and getting much praise. Also, they "attend numerous farmers' markets all over Houston and surrounding areas. Moreover, they have gained loyal customers due to their chicken's superior taste and texture". Happy customers said, "Consistently fantastic!" and "Excellent chicken and wonderful people!"Aside from their listed phone number on the right, they can also be contacted through the following numbers:  281-824-0137 and 832-875-3661Find Jolly Farms chickens in Jolie Vue Farm CSA boxes.

(713) 922-3652

Finca Tres Robles

Farm & Ranch in Houston - 22.50 mi

Finca Tres Robles is owned and operated by SMALL PLACES LLC, a Houston based social impact business. Also, Finca Tres Robles is Houston’s only private farm inside 610 Loop, located in Houston’s East Side just 4 miles from Houston’s City Hall. "Locally grown, in the city, they carry a wide variety of fruits and vegetables". "Kind farmers, yummy vegetables, fun classes and farm dinners here". "This farm is also very involved with the community". And also "open Saturdays, very convenient for picking fresh vegetables in the morning". "Plus they give you a discount if you live in that zip code". Their farm "produce is amazing and the space is brilliant for very special events!" It is "a gem in the most unexpected of places!"

(847) 281-6553

PP Farming Co.

Farm & Ranch in Rosharon - 23.51 mi

PP Farming Co. is one of the regulars in the local farmers market. The fresh produce they sell there are harvested from the farm, all bounty of the land. They often bring different vegetables - including those big, green leafy vegetables that will surely catch your attention. They also sell tomatoes, root crops, eggs, ground meat (lamb and goat), and many more.

Blodgett Urban Gardens

Farm & Ranch in Houston - 24.00 mi

Blodgett Urban Gardens describes itself as "a community garden that harvests fresh fruits, veggies, and smiles." Here, there is weekly gardening, and you can take part in it. So if you have time, why not volunteer? Blodgett Urban Gardens, a non-profit charitable organization, is more than happy to have you. One of the things they teach here is sustainable gardening which you can apply in your garden. If you are looking for produce, go local and buy from them.

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