Lewisville, TX
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Larue Vineyards

Winery in Lewisville - 0.98 mi

"Larue Vineyards is a hidden gem in a warehouse" and a "place" for a "perfect date night or happy hour". It has a "welcoming attitude and wonderful wine" that makes "for a great environment". They have "wine tasting" that is "fun and informative" and "good prices for ample glasses". You will also enjoy "painting parties, weddings, birthdays, as well as random weekend nights at this establishment and always leave with smiles on faces". This is also known in the community as the "the Cheers of Lewisville". You will not be disappointed because "the owners are great people and really put their heart and soul into it".

(214) 215-7758

Cross Timber Winery

Winery in Grapevine - 8.41 mi

Cross Timber Winery is a quaint winery off the beaten path of Main Street in a historic home, the Historic Brock Family farmhouse, and the "grounds are beautiful". This farmhouse is one of the 5 oldest structures in Grapevine. Their "bartender and bbq buffet staff" are "awesome as well as the management staff". They have a "very cozy outdoor setting with live music". Their "complimentary cheese and crackers" goes well with their "white, red, and rosè wines, ranging from sweet to dry". This is a "quiet winery away from the main Grapevine Main Street bar scene". They have a patio that "has a very serene and relaxing atmosphere".

(817) 488-6789

Homestead Winery at Grapevine

Winery in Grapevine - 8.88 mi

"The vintage charm of the Homestead Winery at Grapevine, a little house-turned-winery is so inviting". A "nice quaint winery that looks like an old remodeled house". There are "indoor & outdoor seating areas". This is a "great place to sit and drink outside and listen to music". They have "super tasty selection of wines" such as the "chocolate dessert wine" and the "Rose of Ivanhoe" or even the "Ivanhoe Peach". "The people serving" are "informative and very nice", "very friendly and helpful in choosing a wine". They will help you find the "exact type of wine" that you want. You should "definitely come here if you love a casual laid back experience".

(817) 251-9463

Sloan & Williams Winery

Winery in Grapevine - 8.95 mi

The owners of Sloan & Williams Winery are "frequently there chatting with customers". They are "also military veterans". The flights they offer "are good and their pizza and hummus plates are to die for". You will have an "experience" that will be "phenomenal". They have "excellent wines, excellent venue and if you are lucky enough to meet Alan the winemaker you will be highly impressed". He "is very knowledgeable and one of the nicest guys you'll meet". You will enjoy "great live entertainment too" while having your wine. Also, "be careful if you sit in the leather recliners as you may never leave!"

(817) 527-7867

Grape Vine Springs Winery

Winery in Grapevine - 8.96 mi

"Grape Vine Springs Winery is a small place" but they have a "very cool laidback vibe". They are located on Main Street in downtown Grapevine, Texas. They have a "diverse and refreshing" selection of wines such as the popular "Rodeo Red" or the "Almond Sparkling". Producing dry reds, dry whites, semi-sweet fruit wines (ten flavors) and dessert ports which are mostly award-winners from national and international competitions. Check out their website for the Night Watchman ghost tour which is "a great way to see downtown Grapevine". You also get to have a "complimentary glass of wine" with the ghost tour. You can also join a blending class so you can custom design a blended wine just for you.

(817) 329-1011

Umbra Winery

Winery in Grapevine - 8.97 mi

Umbra Winery has an "eclectic atmosphere" where you can enjoy your wine with "smooth music in the background". If you want "to try out a variety of their most popular blends", they have wine "flights". The "the wine and cheese platters are amazing".  There is a "good balance of local and international wine" available. The signature drinks are creative and delicious and the staff is always very friendly and attentive. There are special Wednesday nights where you can have half-priced bottles. They also have a Ladies Night every Thursday and the "reverse happy hour" from 10 pm-12 am on Friday and Saturday.

(817) 421-2999

Wine Fusion Winery

Winery in Grapevine - 9.11 mi

Wine Fusion Winery has a "good variety of wines, champagne and cider ales to choose from". They also offer "wine popsicles and they are delicious". Most Friday and Saturdays, they have "some awesome live music" so you can enjoy more of your visit here. It is "a great place to go hangout with some friends or just grab a glass of wine by yourself". You can also order "some pizza, spinach & artichoke dip, and Texas Queso" to complement your wines and other drinks. This place is a "gem in historic Grapevine" and can even be your "favorite place on Main Street". It's "elegant but comfortable enough to be casual".

(817) 442-8466

Delaney Vineyards and Winery

Winery in Grapevine - 12.59 mi

Delaney Vineyards and Winery was established in 1995 and they are the largest vineyard in North Texas. They have a "very cool wine tour with tasting at the end". You will be "able to see fermentation tanks as well as their small bottling room". You will "get a little history and education before" tasting. Visit them "with no expectation other than to drink wine" and you may end up "finding a great deal of valuable information about the founder and their wine". You will enjoy the "surprised smoothness of each wine" such as the "Cynthiana, Muscat Canelli and Three Daughters". The place has a "very rustic look too so definitely worth checking out for engagements or weddings".

(817) 481-5668

Fortunata Winery

Winery in Providence Village - 13.71 mi

A hobby and a passion turned into Fortunata winery in Aubrey, Texas. "Charming, sweet winery with very friendly and helpful staff" and "really close to huge housing area but still out in the country". "A bit of a drive from Dallas, but well worth it". "The tree-lined patio is the perfect setting for date night or hanging out with a group of friends". They have a "beautiful back patio" with "live music (small acoustic set)" and "pizza on the weekends". Visit and enjoy a "wonderful atmosphere with delicious food" and "great tasting wines". Try "the Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc" which are "lovely on a warm summer evening, and the red blend paired well with pizza".

(940) 440-9463

Silver Dollar Winery

Winery in Bedford - 16.21 mi

Silver Dollar Winery is a "nice place to go to eat and have some Great Wine". You will "loved this place, from their delicious wines and pizza to their outstanding service and staff". Do the "wine tasting" and get "the meat and cheese tray" and you will "loved them all". It is "a great experience" so "give it a try" and "definitely try the fruity wine". Also, try their "cherry limeade wineritas", it has an "out of this world" experience or their "bourbon barrel Tempranillo and the Cabernet" which "are really good" too. When you visit, "be prepared to meet their friendly dog Cody".

(817) 358-8830

Two Brothers Winery

Winery in Keller - 17.00 mi

Two Brothers Winery is a family-owned business, operated by two brothers, their wives, and their two long time friends. They realized that though Keller was steadily developing, a winery has not been established in the area yet, leading them to open the winery. Visitors tag this winery as a great hangout place, having the “perfect atmosphere to catch up with a friend or close your next business deal.” It is always a happy hour at Two Brothers Winery!  Grab a glass while chilling with your companions, or sample whatever is in store for their patrons – from the wines, cheeses, and other items on the menu that will best complement the drinks. Two Brothers also initiated interesting offers for their patrons. First, the Wine Club, where members can have discounts, and getting free wine! And lastly, organizing and setting up wine and cheese parties – making it easier and more enjoyable for everyone! 

(817) 541-9463

Two Corks and a Bottle

Winery in Dallas - 20.35 mi

Two Corks and a Bottle is a custom winery and wine bar located at the Quadrangle at Routh and Laclede in the Uptown area. You will be "amazed at the quality of the wine and the overall ambiance of the place". When you "walked in there", you will notice "modern art for sale on the walls and the most beautiful wine bar in the center". Try the "65 degrees" wine which is "a crisp flavorful Sauvignon Blanc". You can "listen to good live music while drinking some exceptionally, tasty wine". You can also have your personal vintage (about 29 bottles) and have a bottling party. Check their website and Facebook page for any events at their winery.

(214) 871-9463

Queens Winery

Winery in Garland - 21.45 mi

The owners of Queens Winery have been making Honey Wine for over 10 years.  This winery is "the only Go Texan, Kosher Winery in the world" and "they have incredible wines made with honey". They are "Kosher Certified by the Orthodox Union" and only "use the finest custom-blended pure American Honey procured from a company in Waxahachie, Texas". Go Texan is an organization promoting Texas agri-business on state, national and international levels. Also, "Kosher wine does not mean wine that’s been blessed by a rabbi. Rather, the term means that it’s made in accordance with Jewish law". They have wines "from dry to sweet" and they have "something for every palette and every bottle creates a memory". The "first time" that you will taste their wines, it will "definitely be a regular" on your "wine rack". They also "offer personalized, beautifully engraved bottles" under the VinoSay Engraving which is a division of Queens Winery. Contact them if you want to have "private tastings".

(469) 396-6529

Oak Cliff CellarsNo Own Retail Location

Winery in Corrigan - 21.86 mi

Their roots are in the historic Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, Texas, but their wines are produced in Napa Valley. Their "vast wine selection is incredible". You will find that "there's something for everyone and the service makes you instantly want to be a regular". Their "food menu and wine pairings" are also "unbeatable so you always have something to enjoy with your glass". Visit this "no-frills kind of hangout which is very cool". You will appreciate "the vibe of the shop" which "is modern but cozy" and is really "great to spend an afternoon in". Oak Cliff Cellars specialties include Gold and Bronze award winning Mourvedre, Bronze award-winning Syrah, Petite Sirah, Rogues Blend, and Zinfandel.

(214) 695-5156


Checkered Past Winery

Winery in Dallas - 22.45 mi

"Drink what you like" is the motto of the Checkered Past Winery. They are located in the historic South Side on Lamar Building, "across the street from the Dallas police station". Aside from the "live music", they also have "a good beer selection if wine isn't your thing". They make their own quality wines, over 20 locally-brewed craft beers, and some of the best wines from Texas and around the world. They have a "fabulous wine selection and their flatbreads and cheese boards are amazing". They have a small kitchen but "they put out better quality food than 85% of the bars/restaurants in the metroplex".They're currently moving to a new location and we'll update the listing once they have settled in! Watch this space for developments!

(214) 242-0411

Carmela Winery

Winery in Celina - 22.70 mi

Carmela Winery has a tasting room inspired by ones in Napa and Sonoma, California, but just North of Dallas. It is a "nice little spot in downtown Celina run by a father and son" with "comfortable surroundings" and "staff to make you feel like family when you visit". You will "enjoy sampling varieties of your choice in a historic setting".  They have a "very good choice of wines" and also offer wine selections from around the world. You will pass through "rolling hills" and enjoy the drive to this winery. The winery is "very quaint" but "very relaxing". It has a "laidback and friendly atmosphere, no wine snobs, fun events".

(844) 227-9463

Landon Winery (McKinney)

Winery in McKinney - 24.24 mi

Landon Winery's first location in historic downtown McKinney, Texas. "This is a great spot to relax in downtown McKinney". A "winery on the McKinney square with live music". "Whether you go in for a wine tasting ($10 for five wines) or you grab a glass", "this is a good place to go". With "very generous pours", they have"excellent wine selections" that includes "the Yellow Rose, Raspberry, and the Chocolate finale". They also have "Cabernet Sauvignon" and the "Landon Tempranillo" which can be the "smoothest Tempranillo" you will have. It is "perfect with the sharp cheeses and excellent meats on the tray".

(972) 542-3030

Lone Star Wine Cellars

Winery in McKinney - 24.28 mi

"Lone Star Wine Cellars wine bar has easy access, a patio area, high and low tables, and bars seating". They are located "in the north end of the old McKinney square". You will have "the biggest impression" for the "vibe of the place". There is "always great music" and "have great wine and appetizer options". They "offer a large assortment of other brands" aside from their "own family brand" of wines "to accommodate price range and variety". With "super friendly staff" that makes "their customers feel at home", you will enjoy it "so much". You may "become wine club members" too of this "very cute and cozy winery".

(972) 547-9463

Berkshire Farms Winery

Winery in Dallas - 24.55 mi

Berkshire Farms Winery opened in 2017 after brothers-slash-business owners Jonathan and Jason Jackson of Berkshire Farms wanted to take the experience of eating good meat to a new level and offer spirits that best pair with their farm products. They make wine with an emphasis on craftsmanship, making sure the taste and flavor are exquisite, elegant, and enjoyable. Visit their online store and see some of Berkshire Farms Winery's products including their Almond Sparkling Wine and Peach Sangria. They also have wine pops which are perfect for when it is hot and humid.

(214) 631-9763