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DKC ApiaryNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Huntsville - 26.51 mi

DKC Apiary produces and sells bottled honey from 1 pound to 5 gallon bucket. DKC Apiary is located in the city of Huntsville in Texas. There is a growing consumer base looking for local raw honey for sale. Here is the price for DKC Apiary honey: $10 for 1 pound. If you buy five pounds, you get one free. If you buy 10 pounds, you get two pounds more for free. Finally, a 5-gallon bucket costs $450.

Texas Flame and Smoke

Artisan Food Producer in Bryan - 27.11 mi

Texas Flame and Smoke is a Private label manufacturer providing you with the “best tasting BBQ sauces, rubs, and seasonings” from the Lone Star State. The business started as a challenge to produce the best tasting BBQ sauces in Texas, and have expanded their product lines to dry rubs and seasonings, with even more products to come. Their line of products are truly “Texas-style BBQ experience.” As a private labeler, their sauces, rubs, and seasonings are co-packed in the Houston, Texas area by reputable established manufacturers meeting the highest safety and quality standards. Other services they offer includes “in store sampling” and “outside demonstration cooking” using their custom pit smoker. 

Moo-llionaire & Co.

Artisan Food Producer in Bryan - 31.63 mi

Moo-llionaire & Co. knows that you don't have to create something complicated and use a lot of ingredients to come up with something delicious. All they did was combine shortbread cookie, Dulce de Leche, and chocolate, and voila! Moo-llionaire & Co.'s well-loved and best-selling Millionaire Shortbread bar. Having this business in Bryan, Texas is a sweet deal for locals, made sweeter by the fact that Moo-llionaire & Co. empowers persons with disabilities by hiring them, giving them jobs, and helping them enjoy life as a productive individual. So every time you enjoy this delicious treat, know that you are also helping Moo-llionaire & Co.'s efforts to help people with disabilities.

Bull Nettle RidgeNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Trinity - 31.77 mi

Bull Nettle Ridge is a small family-owned “beekeeping business” founded by a Texas law enforcement officer. Their main focus is beekeeping, and they carry a selection of honey, beeswax products and other items produced by their own bees. They also have a wide variety of cream honeys that are not heated or filtered and retains the same benefits as our liquid honey. One of the most popular flavors is the “Cinnamon Creamed Honey” that can be used in so many ways. You can mix it with cool whip for a great fruit dip, drizzle over ice cream, or add to coffee or tea for a great sweet taste! Bull Nettle Ridge is continuously working to expand their inventory to bring you quality products.

Naturally YummallyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Bryan - 32.05 mi

Naturally Yummally, which is located in Bryan, Texas, makes baked goodies and individual mug-size organic baking mixes. They make Fudgey Samoa Brownie, Fudgey Texas Sheet Cake (mini and family size), Caramel Cinnamon Roll (single roll and family roll), Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookie, Blueberry Kolache, Yummally Yeast Rolls, Yummally Granola, Yummaly Loaf Bread, Carrot Cake Bites, and Blueberry & Coconut Bites. Naturally Yummally has an e-commerce website that you can use if you want to order online. Or you can order ahead and set up a pick-up date in any of the following locations. They are at The Local Artisan's Market every Tuesday, at the South Brazos County Farmer's Market every Friday, at the Brenham First Friday's Farmer & Artisan Market every first Friday of the month, and the Jewett Flea Market every second Saturday of the month.

10 Miles South Oil CompanyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Bryan - 33.18 mi

10 Miles South Oil Company, which is based in Bryan, Texas, is a local business that makes and sells dipping oils, spice blends, and cooking oils. This is great news for people in or near Bryan / College Station because they are near the various locations 10 Miles South Oil Co. commonly set up shop to sell. This small, local business is a very young company, which started in 2020. But judging from the response of customers posted on the company's official Instagram account, it appears that the people are already loving the products of 10 Miles South Oil Co. For spice blends, they have Fire Salt, House Blend, and Smokey House Blend. For cooking oils, they have Garlic Italian Herb Cooking Olive Oil and a Spicy Stir Fry Cooking Oil. And for dipping oils, they have Smoky Red Bell Pepper, Traditional Italian Dipping Oil, Lemon Rosemary Dipping Oil, Spicy Asian Dipping Oil, and Tejas Dipping Oil. They frequent Brazos Valley Farmers' Market. If you bring your empty jar, you get a discount on your next purchase. You can email them to preorder if you miss them at the farmers' market.

Prime Bees – Beekeepers & Bee Farm

Artisan Food Producer in College Station - 33.19 mi

A bee and Honey farm in College Station, Texas that promote the growth of the bee population by raising healthy, strong bees. Prime Bees works with “Texas beekeepers” to provide diverse, resilient, and thriving hives. They provide bees to local honey producers and craftsmen so they can provide “Real Texas Honey” and other bee products. Prime Bees focused on making beekeeping more accessible to residents in Aggieland and the surrounding counties through education. Their educational opportunities are hands-on, highly engaging, and exciting for any level of beekeeper or bee enthusiast. Other services they have are: Bee rescue, Pollination services, honey, bees, relocation, and extractions.

Iron Hill OrganicsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Bryan - 33.29 mi

Iron Hills Organics is a family-owned and operated farm and commercial kitchen near Bryan, Texas that makes and sells krauts, pickles, and their probiotic drink “Vital C.” They ferment raw organic sauerkraut and pickles in un-charred oak barrels and their products are naturally probiotic foods using 100% organic ingredients with no GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, synthetic food coloring or any other contaminants. This provider “makes the best kraut; one bite will turn any skeptic into a kraut fanatic.” It’s hard to stop “from eating the entire jar” of their pickles “in one sitting. They don’t have that strong and pungent ‘preservative’ flavor; they are perfectly aged and while you can tell they are fermented, they don’t taste or smell of alcohol.” Their “Vital C is not only delicious and nutritious but the carbonation will appease any traditional soda drinker.” Feel free to visit their farm or order online.

What’s the Buzz Coffee Company

Artisan Food Producer in College Station - 33.49 mi

What's the Buzz Coffee Company’s passion is quality beans and quality coffee. They primarily roast “single-origin” coffee beans from small estate, fair trade and/or organic farms. Once a good bean is in their hands, they bring out the best of the bean in the roasting process. As a “localized micro-roastery”, you can enjoy a truly fresh cup of coffee today from a batch roasted yesterday. This place is by far the best place to get coffee in College Station, the quality is really good and there is something for everyone that love coffee here. Aside from selling the coffee beans, there are also different types of accessories that you can purchase to enhance your cup of coffee

The Wild Garlic TXNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Bryan - 33.53 mi

The Wild Garlic TX makes great pizza, artisan, wood-fired pizza. They make it from scratch. They offer a lot of flavors. They make pizza using locally-sourced ingredients. They have a mobile brick oven, so you can be sure the pizza you are having is freshly made. Have The Wild Garlic TX cater your wedding, an upcoming holiday party, or a corporate event you are having at work. Pizza is great comfort food and everyone loves it, especially if it is fresh and yummy. This is the only way Chef Tanner does it.

Three Sweet PopsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Bryan - 33.53 mi

They say it is good to try new things every once in a while. If you have an event or occasion and you are looking for a caterer, why don't you try hiring Three Sweet Pops? I am sure it will be quite fun and interesting to offer guests handcrafted ice pops for dessert or to snack. I'm sure everyone will have fun - kids and adults as well. Who doesn't like ice pops anyhow? Feel free to share your ideas and collaborate with them on what flavors to make for the event. Three Sweet Pops is always experimenting and trying out new things to make ice pop tastier and yummier!

The Croissant BarNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Bryan - 33.53 mi

The Croissant Bar makes family-sized loaves of freshly baked croissants. Who doesn't love croissants? Because they make it the size of a family-sized loaf, it is great for sharing with the family, over breakfast or when we are having a snack in-between meals. What's great at The Croissant Bar is that you can choose from four different flavors: original, chocolate, almond, and cinnamon sugar. The Croissant Bar is located in Bryan, Texas. If you live here, you can request to have your custom-made croissant delivered!

Carly’s ConfectionsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Bryan - 33.53 mi

Carly’s Confections, which is located in Bryan, Texas, is a bakery and dessert shop specializing in custom chocolate-covered treats. If you need a delicious chocolate treat that also wows as a display piece, give them a call and they are always willing to help bring the perfect design to life. It could be for a birthday or a wedding. Thinking of a great finger food for your 4th of July celebration, why not chocolates? This is also a perfect gift to family and friends. A chocolate or chocolate-covered treat is always the perfect choice. You can order a tray containing assorted flavors. It could be a mix of plain or plain with drizzle, walnut-covered chocolate, or an Oreo-covered treat. Go for chocolate-covered strawberries. Or cocoa bombs, which are perfect during the cold season. Number or letter boxes and cakes are great ideas too. Use it to spell out your special message. What could be sweeter than chocolates that spell out Happy Birthday or I Love You, right?      

Bee Wilde Bee & Honey farmNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Montgomery - 40.86 mi

A Texas beekeeping family, Bee Wilde Bee & Honey farm is a proud producer of local and truly wild honey. It started with 1 Bee Hive as a hobby to over 3000 colonies of honeybees, and now, a thriving business. They produce lots of honey everyday and they do it everything on the farm. Whether it’s working bees, pulling honey, raising our own queens, bottling & delivering honey, it all happens at the farm! Wild honey is made from nectar that comes from natural wild plants, vegetation and native growth and their honey is always “raw, unfiltered and un-pasteurized and wild”.

Namma’s GoodiesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Willis - 41.93 mi

Namma's Goodies sells home-baked goodies. They make fresh cobblers, breads, and cookies for sale every day. They bring these baked goodies to the different places they set up to sell. This way, more people get the chance to have a taste of Namma's Goodies. And they have been busy! They have been selling delicious, sweet treats at Downtown Montgomery, at the Grand Fairway, at Downtown Conroe for the music festival, at the Kingwood Town Center, and the Tamina Farmers Market. This bakeshop is located in Willis, Texas. Namma's Goodies also makes custom orders.        

BeeWeaver Honey Farm

Artisan Food Producer in Navasota - 46.50 mi

When it comes to queen and bee related, BeeWeaver has been Texas resource for everything! Starting in the 1920’s through 1994, Weaver Apiaries produced queens, packages, and honey for customers worldwide. Now, they are opening up their “Honey Farm” for all to enjoy! They offer hive tours, honey tastings, beekeeping lessons, special bee events, and more! The farm has such a laid back and relaxed atmosphere with so much knowledge and so many learning opportunities happening along with a huge variety of honey, bee merchandise, and beeswax products, honey sticks, and linens. The Weavers' love for "all things bees" is quite evident, as they have raised, studied, and strive to improve and preserve bees for many years.

Moon Does Artisan Coffee Roastery

Artisan Food Producer in Onalaska - 46.71 mi

Moon Does Artisan Coffee Roastery is a small-batch coffee roaster located in Onalaska, Texas. They specialize in crafting high-quality, specialty coffee beans sourced from around the world. Their beans are roasted on-site and available for purchase online or in their cozy, rustic storefront. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming, with knowledgeable staff eager to guide customers through their selection of single-origin and blended coffees.

Omtae HoneyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Plantersville - 48.40 mi

Omtae Honey, which is located in Plantersville, Texas, makes small-batch, artisanal hot pepper-infused honey, made from locally-sourced peppers and honey. There are many honey vendors in Texas but there are very few who can make the claim that they have combined the sweetness of honey with the spicy flavor of peppers, and for those who enjoy sweet and spicy food, peppered honey is an absolute game-changer! If you are wondering what flavors are available, there's a lot to choose from. They have No Problano, Tuscan Touche´, Honey Peno, Peppers of the Caribbean, Texas Summer, Sweet Heat, and Death Nectar. They also have a Flavor of the Month.

Blue Ribbon Honey CompanyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Conroe - 48.55 mi

The Blue Ribbon Honey Company started in 2014 after winning the 1st Place in the 2014 Texas Beekeepers Association's Black Jar "Best Taste" honey contest and 3rd Place in 2016! Since then, they continued to win awards and had a steady stream of customers that can't have a biscuit without Blue Ribbon honey on top!Their award winning Blue Ribbon Honey is local, raw, and unfiltered. They are selling it in 1/2 gallon, quart jar, and pint jar at reasonable price! In the latter years of the business, they start selling Pure Bees Wax that is great for making candles, lip balm and other products

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