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Artisan Bakeries near Mingus, TX (3)

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Broodwinkel BakeryNo Own Retail Location

Bakery in Stephenville - 23.72 mi

Freshly-made bread from the kitchen to your home, that is the Broodwinkel Bakery mission!  May it be white, multigrain, light rye or sourdough, their bread is said to be “to die for” and so much better than store-bought”!  You can also grab bagels, different flavors of cookies and so much more blissful treats.  You can have them made-to-order or visit their booth in the farmers markets in Stephenville and nearby areas.

Cake Cravings Bakery

Bakery in Mineral Wells - 27.02 mi

Whether you are in for a sweet treat or looking for something tasty to fill your tummies, the Cake Cravings Bakery got you covered! They offer hot, hearty, filling meals any time of the day, but of course, nothing like a sweet, delicious treat to get you going! They’ve got these pre-made gorgeously designed cakes, adorably cute cookies, and colorful cupcakes! This bakery also accepts custom pre-ordered cakes for any occasion – from elegant floral designs, colorful themed cakes, and even intricately made cartoon characters and more! And if you need thoughtful gifts, they also offer custom-designed cookies – with themes that range from Valentine's day, the holidays and even, the back-to-school season! Also, expect lots of seasonal offerings like pies, cake pops, alcohol-infused chocolate-covered strawberries, and a whole lot more baked goods that you can gorge on while dining in or to bring back home!

Atlas BreadWorksNo Own Retail Location

Bakery in Graham - 40.13 mi

Atlas BreadWorks, which is located in Graham, Texas, makes French country boules and a variety of other organic, non-GMO breads. These are great, locally-made  and they are available by special order. You can also find their Cherry Almond Scone and Butter Scone with Honey Butter at the Down Home Bakehouse. You can order online. You have two choices for savory bread (Whole Wheat Country Boule and French Country Boule). For sweet bread, they have the Atlas Cinnamon Roll, and for croissants, they have the Pain au chocolate or chocolate croissant and Classic Butter Croissant. They also have whoopee pies and twinkees, if you are looking for some. Customers love this bakeshop. They love the soft and yummy peach scone.

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