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Rainbow Road FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Marble Falls - 11.00 mi

At 93 Cedar Ridge Dr, Marble Falls, you can find Rainbow Road Farm. Rainbow Road Farm is a ranch that sells a variety of fruits and vegetables like "arugula, blackberries, cantaloupes, cucumber, eggs, green beans, and lettuce. They also sell melons, peaches, pears, pea, plums, pumpkins, salad greens, salad mix, summer squash, sweet peppers, tomatoes, watermelons, and zucchini". Moreover, it is "unspecified whether they are certified organic". Nevertheless, they can assure you they only use natural and conventional farming practices. Though the primary owners have retired, they are still running. If you need more information or if you have other questions,"contact Deborah Cambio at 830-265-4162."

5L Farms & DairyNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Marble Falls - 11.00 mi

5L Farms & Dairy offers Seasonal Vegetables, Pasture Raised Chicken Meat and Eggs, Raw Goat's Milk, Goat's Milk Lotions and Soaps.... and much much more. You should "stop over at the 5L Farms and Dairy/Marble Falls and get some" if you want the "best goat's milk EVER!" They also use "use hydroponics and aquaponics" on this farm. They also offer "Pickled Beets". You can also buy their products "at the Highland Lakes Farmers Market in Marble Falls". You can also check out their social media page to get more updates about their farm and products.


Farm & Ranch in Spicewood - 12.11 mi

The husband and wife, Orion and Tina Weldon, are the founders of TerraPurreza. They have been in Spicewood, Texas, since 2015. The TerraPurreza is an organization that aims for the sustainability of vibrant health. They also want to develop a stable habitat by connecting people to regenerative land use. The regenerative agriculture is a collection of food approaches or techniques. This approach focusses on rehabilitating soil health, restoring natural water cycles, and native grasslands. Furthermore, the farm is currently offering raised beds, organic/ pastured eggs, and poultry. They also offer raw, unfiltered honey, and a variety of seasonal produce. To know more about TerraPureza, follow their social media accounts for more updates on their products. Feel free to message them for questions or inquiries. 

Sweet Berry farm

Farm & Ranch in Marble Falls - 12.67 mi

Experience the joys of Sweet Berry Farm, where fun and excitement never cease. Located conveniently for locals seeking a sun-soaked adventure, there are no admission or parking fees to fret about. Take your pick from an array of thrilling activities, including scarecrow island hayrides, pumpkin painting, and more. Don't forget to savor mouthwatering delights at the Pumpkin Grill. As one satisfied customer put it, "Well worth the drive!" Join us for a day of sun and smiles!

Hamilton Pool Vineyards and Farms

Farm & Ranch in Round Mountain - 13.84 mi

Hamilton Pool Farms is known for winemaking. Hamilton Pool Farms is located in Round Mountain, Texas. The farm and farmstand are only 20 miles from Austin City Limits. Hamilton Pool Vineyards is one of the first vineyards in the Texas Hill Country. Do you want to learn how to farm? Hamilton Pool Farms is also an outdoor farm school. They conduct gardening and herbal medicine workshops. Hamilton Pool Farms also practices regenerative farming. They make sure the way they do things is sustainable. The community, through CSA, is enjoying the vegetables and herbs from this farm.    

Holland Cattle & Sheep Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Marble Falls - 14.49 mi

Samuel Ely Holland, founder of Holland Cattle & Sheep Ranch since 1848 in Burnet County, Texas, offers top-quality livestock known in the industry. We prioritize delivering high-standard ranching practices and premium meat to our clients. Our USDA-approved facility ensures quality. To order, reserve your beef or lamb via email with a 50% deposit, completing payment before delivery. Savor the finest county beef while supporting our mission of providing healthy, well-raised livestock.

Born Free Farm

Farm & Ranch in Dripping Springs - 14.77 mi

Sitting at Greenspace of Fairview, on the 1,331-acres land in the Carolina Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, you can find Born Free Farm. Bradley and Brooke, the passionate farm owners of Born Free Farm, grow clean microgreens using certified organic seeds, fertile soil, and rainwater. The regularly available greens are radish, sunflower and pea shoots. Find them and get their fresh harvest at markets in Austin and other nearby areas. Their crops guarantee that they are even superior to organic produce. Some of the happy customers said, "Two people that put all their love and hard work into their passion. Fantastic produce produced by fantastic people!" and "The freshest, most tasty micro greens!"

Whispering Oaks Farm

Farm & Ranch in San Antonio - 16.84 mi

Whispering Oaks Farm has eggs that they sell at a local Farmers Market. Its pasture-raised, organically fed eggs and "these are really great eggs". They also have a food feast which they do once a month. This food feast features a local chef and a local fare from Texas Hill Country farms including their farm. Aside from chickens, you can also see cows at their farm. Check out their website and Facebook page for the schedule of their selling activity. You can also visit their farm and have fun there if they are not on the local market. Just give them a call.

Three Sisters Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Johnson City - 16.91 mi

Three Sisters Ranch, which is located in Johnson City, is a proud Texas Hill Country pasture-to-table business selling eggs and chickens. When you buy from Three Sisters Ranch, you get heritage meat. Another plus besides the quality of the meat and poultry they provide is the level of service you get. They will deliver your order and make sure to have a friendly chat with you on your front porch as well because they appreciate not just your business with them, but your friendship as well! They are very friendly, whether it's via chat or email, or if you meet them at the farmers' market where they also set up shop.

Pure Luck Farm and DairyNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Dripping Springs - 17.63 mi

Happy goats make happy cheese! Located among the rolling hills of Dripping Springs TX, Pure Luck Farm and Dairy has been producing nationally award-winning goat cheese for over 20 years. They specialize in making organic culinary herbs and “artisan goat cheeses” that are delicious and so fresh! Today, the farm has more then 100 goats with 70 of them producing milk. All the goats at the farm are either “Nubian or Alpine”, and recently, they added a “Saanen breed” to the family. All of the goat’s milk are combined to make these best-selling artisan goat cheeses. They are best known for their chevre, herbed chevre varieties, feta, and June’s Joy, the chevre mixed with Texas honey, thyme, and peppercorns.

Drea Mc Drea Farms

Farm & Ranch in Marble Falls - 18.01 mi

Nestling at 4810 Travis Bend Lane, Drea Mc Drea Farms offers some of the "rarest breeds of poultry in the world, such as chickens, guineas, waterfowl, game birds", and so on. Their farming practices include "conventional and grass-fed". Moreover, they breed "Asils, Saipans, Welsummers, and Buckeyes". Currently, they are producing their own version of a meat bird. But, they are on hold for now as well as some other varieties. Other goods that they offer are "sweet corn, green beans, green onions, potatoes, pumpkins, tomatoes, peaches, eggs, sunflower seeds, bread, fresh herbs, dried flowers, luffa, and wreaths". Contact David Mathews II for more information. 

Hat and Heart FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Fredericksburg - 19.07 mi

Hat and Heart Farm is a 50-year-old, 93-acre farm in Fredericksburg, Texas. The 6th generation is currently running this family-oriented place, continuing the tradition of providing the best farm-to-table services in town. Why are they the best? For years, they've been practicing organic and sustainable farming to grow a myriad of seasonal vegetables, while raising over 400 laying hens and shepherding over 100 goat meats. Oh, they have the "best eggs" in the neighborhood and their "tomatoes are delicious too," I must say. "They grow wonderful produce, all the stuff you know and some goodies you might not heard of." Plus, one of the owners, "Katherine, typically sends out an email if there is something you might not be familiar with" and some "ideas on how to use it." Who wouldn't like that? "We have received some 'new to us' vegetables that have been delicious and it's a fun way to try new vegetables" after all. Indeed, it's easy to see how passionate these folks are when it comes to farm-to-table culture! "Also, a really cool thing is they offer some wonderful items from other folks like, breads, yogurt coffee, and cheese that is all locally sourced and purely delicious." Most folks "especially love the Mother Culture Greek Yogurt" too.
Nonetheless, you can "order weekly and have enjoyed the quality and variety each week." You can also "pick up" your goodies if you prefer. Or, you can catch them at various farmers' markets. Point is, "if you haven't shopped with them yet, you're missing out!" We "highly recommend this farmer to anyone!"

Amador Farms

Farm & Ranch in Dripping Springs - 19.65 mi

In Dripping Springs, Amador Farms is a producer of "lettuces and Asian greens. They specialize in Boston Bibb and a few red and green leaf lettuces". Moreover, their Asian green selections include "Pac Choi, Tatsoi, and arugula". Seasonally, they produce several herbs as well as strawberries. Also, all of their processes are year-round. They grow in a "pesticide-free greenhouse environment". Furthermore, they utilize "hydroponic growing solutions" by capturing rainwater to balance their fertilizer. You can buy their items at the "Cedar Park Farmers Market" in the Lakeline Mall parking lot behind Sears and Dillards on Saturdays, rain or shine, 9 AM to1 PM (excluding holidays.)

McCall Creek Farm

Farm & Ranch in Lewisville - 20.19 mi

The McCall Creek Farm is located on the East Side of US Hwy 281 in Blanco, County, Texas! The McCall Creek Farm offers different varieties of baked goods, canned goods, homegrown tomatoes, and other things from Texas. Every week, the farm has new something to offer, since season change, weather changes, and even personal preferences of customers change. They always want to innovate. However, at the same time, they try to maintain having a high-quality product that they can supply to the community. In addition, they are very committed when it comes to producing healthy products. Follow their page for their weekly updates and to know more about McCall Creek Farm! Call them for more details! 

Onion Creek Farm

Farm & Ranch in Dripping Springs - 20.75 mi

Onion Creek Farm in Dripping Springs, Texas is home to certified organic produce, farm-fresh eggs, Luna, PeepPeep, Emmylou, Bonnie and Clyde. This is a certified organic vegetable and herb farm. Also, direct sales to stores, farm stand, farmers market. They also grow heirloom sorghum to make sorghum molasses. Try their "organic, made-by-hand English Muffins baked fresh". This is "available at Dripping Springs Farmers Market". You can also find "leeks, green onions, fresh garlic, scapes, lambs quarters, cilantro, herbs, sourdough, baguettes, pecans & pickles". "Also gorgeous Italian basil, Thai basil, summer squash, new potatoes, arugula, garlic, shallots, lemon thyme & sweet melons" too. Check out their social media page and contact them for their products and updates.

Arnosky Family Farm

Farm & Ranch in Blanco - 22.15 mi

Discover the picturesque Arnosky Family Farm, a must-visit destination in Texas. Experience warm hospitality, breathtaking flowers, and a sustainable 100-acre flower farm. Don't miss the iconic Big Blue Barn, a local landmark and community hub. Explore their market days and find a variety of products, including syrups and locally grown vegetables. Take a moment to relax and enjoy the beauty of the Arnosky Family Farm.

Righteous Greens

Farm & Ranch in Yorktown - 22.64 mi

Even if you are "the king of junk food", a combination of Righteous Greens' microgreens in recipes such as Righteous Rainbow Mix, this will look and taste "so good" to you. Righteous Greens use only organic/vegan growing methods to produce the highest quality microgreens possible. And, only organic, non-GMO seeds from the best sources available. A “small batch” operation process growing fresh crops of microgreens every week ensuring the freshest produce for everyone. You can see them at the Barton Creek Farmers Market every Saturday. Also, every Sunday at the Buda Farmers Market. They also supply local restaurants in and around Austin and Dripping Springs.

Fitzhugh Creek FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Dripping Springs - 22.70 mi

Sitting in Dripping Springs, Fitzhugh Creek LLC Farm is a farm that "offers naturally-grown vegetables and fruits". All of their plants are raised while following organic guidelines. Aside from that, they have "free-range chicken eggs without GMO and soy". Also, they have are "homemade artisan crackers (wheat and gluten-free) and handcrafted wood products". They sell at "Dripping Springs Farmer's Market" when it is open on Thursdays from 3 PM to 6 PM . Note that the market is closed August and September. They also sell to individuals and restaurants. Nevertheless, they are pleased to have other individuals enjoy direct purchases from them. For more information, contact James Donohoe at (512) 431-9720. 

Bali Family FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Llano - 22.70 mi

The Bali Family Farm in Llano, Texas imbibes the goal of establishing a farm that gives importance to health, family, and nutrition. They employ the principles of permaculture when farming which is good for both the land and the animals. This ensures that all of the livestock that they raise on their farm are pasture-raised, and fed certified-organic grains while also taking care of the environment around them through rotational grazing.

Burg’s Corner

Farm & Ranch in Stonewall - 22.72 mi

Burg's Corner, the retail outlet of Jimmy Duecker Orchards, is renowned for its premium Texas Hill Country peaches. Experience the rich history dating back to 1948, when the orchard processed bushels of peaches at the Gillespie County Fruit Growers Co-op. Today, the Duecker family not only sells their own produce but also showcases local farmers' and food producers' offerings. Indulge in delightful preserves, jellies, dressings, rubs, peach cider, pecans, pickled products, honey, and more. Don't miss the customer favorite: Blue Bell ice cream topped with the orchard's juicy peaches!

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