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Jubilee FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Denton - 2.67 mi

Ben and Jade Chessman manages and owns the Jubilee Farm. They have been farming in the north part of Texas since 2012. However, it was not as easy as they thought. Thus, they decided to ask for help in raising funds. Everybody loves the couple for their vibrant character. In 2016, they raised $27K through Kickstarter that helped them fund their needs in the farm at that time.The 18-acre farm is brimming with rich pastures, a living place, and 3/4 acre lot for cultivating veggies. Ben focuses on producing best-quality vegetables do he hand-weeds and hand-turns his plot. Furthermore, the couple raises hogs, sheep, and chickens that freely graze in their spacious pasture so they can sell lamb, pork, beef, and eggs.Today, they produce sustainably-grown non-GMO produce. Watch out for them at Denton Community Market.

(903) 720-3434

Sapling Farms

Farm & Ranch in Sanger - 4.41 mi

Sapling Farms started in a backyard of the suburbs of Dallas. Since the founder of Sapling Farms grew up on the farm, she always had a green thumb. From starting small by planting fruits, leafy greens, and vegetables, she soon began producing more than what she needs and started sharing her bounty to friends and families.She fell in love with the way people appreciated her home-grown veggies and wondered how it would be to turn her passion into a profession. That is when she made the switch from being a backyard gardener to a market gardener. In 2018, Sapling farms were born."Sapling Farms has an amazing and unique selection of fruits and vegetables.."If you are interested to help, the farm accepts volunteers and donations.

(760) 773-7374

Crazy Feather’s Farm

Farm & Ranch in Sanger - 5.18 mi

Crazy Feather's Farm is famous for "raising their animals with love and appreciation on grass pastures". Their products are "non-GMO, non-soy", and have "no preservatives". Furthermore, "no additives, no hormones, and no antibiotics" are on their products. Also, Crazy Feather's Farm is in the 5G Cooperative with 5G Farms, Smith Cattle Co., and Pecos Farms. So, you want to have a taste of their chicken meat, pork, and eggs? Pre-order today by sending them an email. Customers must also make their call with Heather Beauchesne to confirm for their order pick up, or delivery. See it for yourself by visiting them at Sanger, Texas. 

(940) 231-9525

Little Foot Farm

Farm & Ranch in Sanger - 5.85 mi

Little Foot Farm is a small but busy farm found in Denton, Texas. They are "raising chickens and Nigerian Dwarf Goats" for food consumption. But, they are also raising dogs and cats for fun. They also have a garden that consists of "yellow squash, zucchini squash, and Roma tomatoes". Their goats are "pasture grazed and grain-fed" and are "on a strict regimen for disease and parasite control". They use their milk for soap production. Their "hens free-range all day" and put themselves in the coop at night. Their "eggs are the freshest!" Little Foot Farm really has a lot to offer!


Double Portion Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Sanger - 6.00 mi

The Double Portion Ranch is a multi-generation ranch that loves sustainable living and preserving a more natural way of life. Their hens are in the free-range all day. However, to protect them from predators, they put them in the coop at night. Every day, they gather the eggs and get them ready for the market. Currently, one dozen fresh unwashed eggs are for $4.00, 1 dozen fresh washed eggs are for $5.00, and whole pastured chicken is for $5.00 lb Cut Up is $6.25 lb. You are given two options as they believe that washing egg removes the natural protective layer. Therefore, it causes the eggs having a shorter shelf life. As a result, you will always have to refrigerate the eggs at all times. On a different note, they offer chickens, llamas, alpacas, pigs' horses, and cats. Moreover, they feed their animals with free chemicals and antibiotics. Please call Brandon Larson at (940) 208-1954 for more inquiries.

(940) 208-1954

4MG Farm

Farm & Ranch in Sanger - 6.09 mi

4MG Farm is located at Sanger, Texas and it is Veteran Owned and Operated. They raise all of their animals on pasture and feed them only what comes from nature - no chemicals, no additives. They have Grass-Fed Beef, Pasture-raised Eggs, Pastured Chicken, Turkeys. You will be "so very excited for local fresh eggs and organic Broilers" that they offer. It is an "amazing, family ran farm" and "you can know exactly what goes into the food you are purchasing". You can even get "a beautiful, gigantic turkey that" you will be "so thankful for" because it is "delicious". Also, "kids could even tell a difference" because their products are "very fresh and flavorful!"

(469) 919-8786

North Star Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Aubrey - 6.65 mi

North Star Ranch is the best place for livestock to stay. With a 100-acre land, a stall, and an arena, animals have plenty of useful places to stay and live.The ranch has two enclosed but separated large pastures with Bermuda coastal grass growing all over. One is 2 acres, and another is 2.5 acres. While the two pastures are fenced, they are side-by-side so a gate can be opened to make one large pasture.The owner of the ranch can accepts horses during natural disasters. The farmers are not professional boarders, so they can only provide primary care.Aside from providing care and feeding horses, goats, dogs, cats, and guineas, the farm also sells meat. They have lots of options for pork and beef. Check their website to know more.

(817) 789-3585

Green Valley Gardens

Farm & Ranch in Aubrey - 7.33 mi

Green Valley Gardens practices regenerative agriculture. Every step they do results in the regeneration of life and organic matter in their land. With this strategy, they ensure that the area is not robbed of its nutrients. They take but also give more back. As a result, their products are nutrient-dense and delicious. Their primary goal is to help educate everyone to utilize the same principles and keep the community healthy. They also want to ensure that everybody is happy: from the land, the animals, the consumers, and themselves as farmers of the earth. Try out their different vegetable varieties today!

(501) 837-1439

The Fowler Farms

Farm & Ranch in Krum - 7.34 mi

The Fowler Farm is a small family farm in Krum, Texas. The farm offers eggs, smoked meats, goats, fresh and preserved farm-grown produce, and handmade personal care items. Also, Fowler Farms is a community that provides a variety of ways to make you feel at home. Moreover, the farm is a perfect place to visit if you want to get some rest. One of their clients says, "The Fowler Farms has the friendliest farmers I ever met!" Most of the people who visit the farm enjoy the place as well as the food that they offer. Come and visit The Fowler Farm, you can also check their website or Facebook page for more details!

(817) 517-2660

Elm Fork Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Aubrey - 7.46 mi

In northern Denton County, Texas, between Denton and Aubrey, Elm Fork Ranch has 130 acres of river bottom and grassland that produces healthy grass-fed beef. Ken and Jan Dickson, the owners of the ranch, bought it in 1993. Not only that, but they also have 256 acres in Jack County, Texas raising cattle feed on native grasses, free from unconventional ranching practices. The owners keep 15 heads of Limousin/Angus cows, raising about 13-15 calves yearly. Furthermore, they raise their replacement cows.Moreover, their calves are free from growth hormones or antibiotics. They also raise their herbicide-free hay for their winter forage. Now, packaged meat is available by the pound for those who cannot use a whole or half beef. Satisfied customers said, "The owners were so friendly, and the meat prices were very reasonable. They sent us home with free veggies!!" and "The meat is delicious -- by far the best local beef available in the D/FW area."


Circle-N farms

Farm & Ranch in Gainesville - 7.92 mi

The owners of Circle-N Farms established the business in 2012. However, the owners family have been farming and raising cattle for over fifty years using sustainable and natural methods.To continue their family's legacy, all their beef a raised free of chemicals, hormones, and feeds. They allow their cattle to roam in a peaceful pasture freely.Facebook reviews say all their beef are great tasting, super tender, and surprisingly lean.It is just a few miles outside Denton Texas. See them for their beef! Although, if you are into gifts and home decors, they might have one you'll like!

(940) 372-0343

156 produce

Farm & Ranch in Krum - 8.23 mi

156 Produce is a farm store in Krum, which has become a reliable and trusted source of the freshest local fruits and vegetables, milk, cheese, honey, homemade ice cream, jerky, and a lot more. Having a “wide variety for such a small place” helps its loyal patrons, and even first-time visitors to find what they need to stock up their pantries and complete their grocery lists. Customers trust 156 Produce as “they know exactly where their fruit comes from,” making them the ultimate “go-to for fruits” and even for other items as well!

(940) 368-9262

Tree Folk Farm

Farm & Ranch in Denton - 9.18 mi

With just an acre of land, the Tree Folk Farm still makes a great deal of healthy food for the Denton Community Market and the Copper Farmers Market. They grow a tasty variety of seasonal fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms. Being small makes it easy for them to perform regenerative agricultural practices to the farm. One of their methods is to use mushroom waste as compost to feed healthy fruits, veggies, and trees. If you want to try their wholesome food, be sure to check them out at the markets mentioned above. They have oyster, king trumpet, shiitake, lions mane, and more. The farm has to over 50 apricot, fig, peach, nectarine, pomegranate, and pear trees. A happy customer says, "Wonderful produce, organic, clean and delicious! Super nice family owned and great employees!"

(919) 495-7813

Greenfin FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Denton - 10.58 mi

In November 2013, three college students worked together to start the Greenfinch Farms. One was specializing in Horticulture, the other in electrical engineering and the last one in data science. At that time, they have discovered the different potentials of aquaponic and hydroponic. Soon, they have built different prototypes to try a new principle. Greenfin Farms runs entirely automated systems that help them produce microgreens and mushrooms. They offer microgreens from alfalfa, amaranth, broccoli, basil, cilantro, radish, dill, wasabi, sunflower, and wheatgrass. Also, they sell shiitake and oyster mushrooms. Soon they will be offering seasonal produce. Check them out at North Texas Farmer’s Markets today!

(940) 594-4989

R.K. McFarmland

Farm & Ranch in Valley View - 10.78 mi

R.K. McFarmland is a family farm and research center established October 2017. They have a "wonderful quality products and great customer service!" Also, continuously growing a market garden of fresh produce to increase the availability of locally sourced and responsibly grown foods. They also use their farm-fresh produce in their baked goods and food products. They "bake with love, not only for the ingredients and the process but for the eaters". There are also crafts and non-food products available at this farm. Check out their website for more information. You can also visit their social media page and see the products that they offer.

Elliott GrowsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Aubrey - 11.58 mi

The couple Steve and Cat Elliot are the people behind the freshly- and hydroponically-produced greens at Elliott Grows. Through hydroponics, they can grow nutritious vegetables fast.Currently, the farm sells greens like arugula, mizuna, sorrel, purslane, watercress, and spinach. They also offer four varieties of lettuces (butterhead, crispy greens, red oak, and green oak) and three kinds of basil (Genovese, lemon, and Thai).However, if you want other varieties that they don't sell yet, the farm owners are very accommodating to requests. Just send them a message. They are very much willing to try different plants.Interested in buying leafy veggies from the farm? Catch them at Coppell Farmer's Market.

Eat Your Greens! Organic FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Aubrey - 11.58 mi

In Aubrey, Texas, Eat Your Greens! Organic Farm is a family-run local farm that "sells delicious and healthiest microgreens". They use "100% certified organic seed as per the USA. They also use organic soil as per OMRI-rating". Most importantly, they use "pure water".  Additionally, the owners, Zuniga Family, were born and raised from "generations of farmers and botanists". Moreover, they aim to be the "premier microgreens supplier in North Texas" by supplying the most organic atmosphere and product both to their family and to anyone they feed. Furthermore, they believe that everyone must have a sufficient amount of nutrients in their daily intake. Besides, they "practice sustainable methods of growing and harvesting".

(940) 222-5658

S&G Farms

Farm & Ranch in Ponder - 11.86 mi

For over 130 years now, S&G Farms has been raising beef in Ponder Texas. Today, Doug Swafford is continuing his family's legacy. He's raising cows for his whole life. Therefore, he knows how to provide the utmost care and respect to the cows.The farm has a small herd of Angus and Angus cross cows. They inspect each cow daily to avoid the use of antibiotics and other chemicals. Through the old ranching techniques that the forefathers of the ranch developed, Doug makes some the finest beef in the Texas panhandle today.Not only do they grow cattle, but they also raise hogs and sheep. The farm also partners with Frans Fryers to provide the leanest and cleanest poultry products."I just had to tell you I am floored by of all the products we got. We bought a large roast, a few steaks, several different sausages, and some lamb. They were all fantastic!"If you want the healthiest, best-tasting, and most affordable meat, be sure to check them out!

(972) 834-4418

Singleton Farms

Farm & Ranch in Pilot Point - 13.02 mi

Lisa and Andy established Singleton Farms in 2013 and won Pilot Point’s Chamber of Commerce “New Business of the Year” since then. Three generations of family members live on and run the 5-acre farm that produces, among others, twelve varieties of tomatoes and various types of herbs. They also keep grass-fed humanely raised animals on the farm. They strive to be a sustainable and organic, permaculture-based farming operation.The farm currently sells their products at their farm stand. They are open from Wednesdays to Sundays to serve the community of Pilot Point where the farm is located. Watch out for the launch of their online shop that they are planning to activate soon!

1(214) 693-6207

North Texas Wildflower Honey

Farm & Ranch in Aubrey - 13.59 mi

North Texas Wildflower Honey offers Local Raw Honey, Honey Comb, Beeswax, and Bee Pollen.  Aside from honey products, they also offer seasonal produce including Fredericksburg Peaches, Homegrown Tomatoes, Baby Zucchini’s, and Calabasita Squash. You can see their booth located on University and Bolivar in Denton in the Burger Time Machine parking lot. Just look for the orange tent. They also participate in the Food and Wine Festival at the Dallas Arboretum. You can also "get your fresh raw honey and bee pollen to combat your Spring ALLERGIES" at the Casa Linda Farmers Market.

(940) 206-3490


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