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First Earth Farm

Farm & Ranch in Palo Pinto - 6.23 mi

The First Earth Farm in Lone Camp Texas is a small family farm that specialized in heirloom varieties and "organic fruits and vegetables". Also, their homestead shares among chickens, cattle, goats, and a pack of farm dogs. The main goal of the farm is to connect people to their food source and give them "highly nutritious fruits". They want to create a healthy farm so they can provide their consumers' healthy food. If you want to know more about First Earth Farm, visit them and kindly call Jacqueline Goodson at (512) 699-6974. You can also check their Facebook Page! Enquire now and experience high-quality food.  They haven't updated their CSA page since February 12, 2013, contact them directly for more information.

Gilbert Pecan Co.

Farm & Ranch in Santo - 6.23 mi

In Santo, Gilbert Pecan Co. offers top-quality pecans. Moreover, they have been growing and harvesting pecans since 1969. Their father, Bubba Gilbert, established their business. At first, they started shelling their delicious nut in 2008. Not only they are selling the best product, but also they strive to sell them at a reasonable price. Moreover, they guarantee that they serve tasty and fresh homemade products and other goods. Some of the happy customers said, "5 stars! A big selection, great atmosphere, awesome services, reasonable price, and best pecan products!" and "The samples were welcoming, and the store is neat and well-organized."

Parish Custom Beef

Farm & Ranch in Mineral Wells - 9.94 mi

For over half a century, the Parish Family has sustainably raised cattle at Parish Custom Beef ranch. With 2500 acres of land (owned and leased), our Angus cows enjoy ample grazing space. From birth to harvest, each cow resides on our farm, ensuring 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef you can trust. We enhance native grass for optimal nutrition. When needed, we supplement with oats and wheat. With 15 registered bulls and 275 mother cows, we meet IMI Global standards, guaranteeing hormone-free, 100% natural beef. Contact Chris Parish for details!

Tassione Farms

Farm & Ranch in Fate - 10.45 mi

The owners traded their urban lives in 1997 to have a farm. Since then, they to several dozen Dallas restaurants, including Bolsa, Lucia, Dive Coastal Cuisine and Whiskey Cake. Tassione Farms offers "beautiful produce" including baby radishes, Hakurei turnips, small beets, baby leeks, small onions, fabulous Bright Lights Chard and sunflowers shoots. Also, have young Tuscano kale, limited wild Purslane and other vegetable specialties. They did not have any regrets when they chose to have a farm. "If this doesn't work, we're still not moving back to the city. We're going to stay out here.' Growing something that people enjoy is very rewarding to us. We're not going anywhere. I'm gonna do this until I die." These are the words of the owner.

The Wild Turkey Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Mingus - 12.29 mi

With just an hour drive west of Fort Worth, off of interstate 20, you'll reach The Wild Turkey Ranch safe and sound. The farm raises exotic animals that you'll not typically find at your local farmer's market. They have wild hogs, whitetails, deers, elks, blackbucks, fallows, aoudads, wild turkeys, and more. The 400-acre farm is a perfect hunting place for your leisure. It is vast, and it offers scenic woodlands and prairies to feed your soul with beautiful nature views. If you're not from Forth Worth, the farm is also pretty close to other cities. Going there from Abilene takes 1.5 hours, and coming from Austin takes 3 hours. Driving from DFW International Airport only takes 1.5 hours too. Satisfy your hunt cravings now with a hunting retreat at the farm! Just call Clint Whidden.

Mineral Wells Micro-Farm

Farm & Ranch in Mineral Wells - 14.33 mi

The Mineral Wells Micro Farm is a "local farm" that focuses on Aquaponics and Microgreen production. They offer a variety of "lettuces and other vegetables and also fresh eggs from sassy chickens". The farm is not using any pesticides in any of their crops. Their goal is to produce clean, healthy food for their customers. Also, they want to educate others on how to "process a healthy diet" and the importance of it. Moreover, the farm is also producing Shiitake Mushrooms! They are sure about what they do, and they are inviting people who are interested in learning more. Contact them by visiting their website! 

B.Bold PecanNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Mineral Wells - 15.37 mi

B.Bold Pecan in Parker County, Texas has the "best pecans ever". They have "fresh, great flavor" and are "locally grown". These pecans come from their pecan orchards and go directly to the consumers. From being used for baking pastries to being a Keto Friendly snack, B.Bold Pecan offers a variety of pecan options to fulfill all of your needs. Their high-quality pecans come in Halves or Pieces, and InShell or Cracked. They also offer specialty pecans such as Dry Roasted Pecans, Jalapeño Roasted and Salted Pecans, Regular Roasted and Salted Pecans, and Butter Roasted Pecans. They also have Pecan Shells available. Their products are "absolutely the best". They can also be shipped or picked up locally depending on your preference.

Roberts Produce & Pecan

Farm & Ranch in Mineral Wells - 15.99 mi

They sell their products at the Brazos Shopping Center. Roberts Produce & Pecan is in the Salted and Roasted Nuts and Seeds industry in Mineral Wells, Texas. You can contact them directly to know more about their products.

Strawn PecansNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Lubbock - 16.86 mi

In Lubbock, Strawn Pecans is a small family farm that started in 1973 under the care of the owner's grandparents. For several years in a row, they sold pecans as the trees started bearing their produce. Since then, they have harvested excellent pecan crops, so they decided to sell some. Strawn Pecans nuts are free of pesticides or herbicides and treated with west Texas well water & rain whenever there is. Because they live outside the city limits, they feel fortunate to have wildlife such as foxes, hawks, doves, quails, bobcats, coyote, various snakes, lizards, and other species. For more information, contact Tracy Fondren.

O’Quin Family Farms

Farm & Ranch in Mineral Wells - 16.90 mi

O'Quin Family Farms, located just 45 miles from Fort Worth in North West Parker County, has been proudly operating since the 1960s. We specialize in producing top-quality beef and hay while prioritizing the well-being of our animals. Our commitment to ethical farming means we raise pigs in spacious pastures without the use of harmful drugs or growth hormones. We're on a mission to provide exceptional farm-raised meat, and we currently offer forage pork for sale, either as a whole hog or half hog. For a whole hog, secure it with a $100 deposit, priced at $1.75 per pound of the hanging weight (deposit deducted from the final price). For a half hog, a $50 deposit is required, with the same pricing structure. Final arrangements and payments can be made directly with the butcher. Please note that our CSA page hasn't been updated since May 24, 2015, so feel free to contact us directly for the latest information.

Prairie Oasis Farm

Farm & Ranch in Millsap - 20.97 mi

Prairie Oasis Farm is a family farm operating since 1994. They offer "pastured poultry, fresh farm eggs, and pasture-raised pork" that are freshly available at their farm, farmers' markets, and co-op orders. The owners believe in the "ethical raising of animals". They make sure that all their animals have access to fresh air, clean water, green grass, and sunshine. They also believe in stewardship, wherein they make sure to "take care of the land instead of exploiting it". For them, avoiding diseases towards animals requires "gentle handling and a healthy environment". These are the few reasons why their customers continue to do business with them! If you want to have a better taste of meat and eggs, visit their website or call Allen and Kim Boone at (817) 550-7022.

Fig Hill Farm

Farm & Ranch in Wheelock - 23.39 mi

Fig Hill Farm is an organic farm in Granbury Texas. They have great spring veggies available including collards, kale, swiss chard, turnip greens, radishes, potatoes and zucchini plus much more produce. No herbicides or pesticides used. They also have Spring cuts of grass-fed lamb and free-range eggs. Lamb cuts are all priced differently. Cuts include ground meat, chops, legs and a very limited quantity of stew meat. All meat is grass-fed, grass-finished for the most flavor and health benefits. "Their produce is so healthy and tasty". "You will never want to eat vegetables, eggs or fruit from a grocery store again!"

Parkinson Farms

Farm & Ranch in Granbury - 24.06 mi

Parkinson Farms is firm in the belief that the best eggs and chicken you can have is the one from a farm that lets chicken live the natural way. This means allowing the chickens to roam around fresh grass and feed on the bugs they find there. It means feeding them with supplements that have no chemicals that could negatively affect the people who will eat them. This is the cornerstone of Parkinson Farms, and they promise to remain this way because this is the best way to do it. Parkinson Farms is a small farm based in Granbury, Texas. They sell pasture-raised chicken, turkey, and eggs.

Cold Springs Farm CSA

Farm & Ranch in Weatherford - 24.17 mi

Located in Weatherford, Texas, Cold Springs Farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has been a local treasure since 2000. This family-run operation specializes in top-tier heirloom, rare, and commercially extinct produce, as well as free-range poultry and honeybee farming. Notably, they're dedicated to sustainable farming practices and have been a part of the National Resources Conservation Service's Organic Program since 2009. Cold Springs Farm is known for its unique seasonal produce subscriptions, offering four 8-week sessions of organically grown fruits, vegetables, and fresh herbs, all conveniently delivered to subscribers' doorsteps. They also provide an array of other farm-fresh products for purchase, from eggs to grass-fed meat and heirloom garden seeds. Moreover, they offer home and office delivery through their hen rental program, 2BuckCluck, and feature innovative services like vertical garden design and installation. Plus, they operate the Veggie Van, North Texas' first mobile farmer's market, making stops at various Tarrant County locations weekly. Customers can't say enough about their exceptional experience with Cold Springs Farm. One enthusiastic member of their CSA shared, "The produce was not only fresh but also exceptionally diverse. Cold Springs Farm made my culinary adventures truly exciting!" Keep in mind that while this farm is beloved by many, they don't accommodate on-site visitors, but their outstanding products and services are readily accessible, bringing farm-fresh goodness directly to your home or office.

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