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Berry Best

Farm & Ranch in Silsbee - 4.23 mi

Experience the irresistible flavors of Blueberries and strawberries at Berry Best Farm, renowned for their top-selling fruits. While there's no U-pick program available, rest assured that you'll always enjoy the freshest berries, hand-picked at the peak of ripeness for maximum sweetness and flavor. Say goodbye to prematurely picked grocery store berries that lack true ripeness. Taste the difference with Berry Best Farm's berry goodies. Visit them at Beaumont Farmers Market or EastEastside Farmers' Market every Saturday.

B&M Farms Blueberry Patch

Farm & Ranch in Armstrong - 5.22 mi

B&M Farms Blueberry Patch is a family farm established in 1989 has a Country Farm Store with Picnic Tables. There is also a Fishing Pond. You can also join the Farm Tours and even avail of the School Field Trips. The owner already won several awards for his soil conservation methods. All of his blueberries are drip irrigated and most are hand-picked to give the highest quality fruit with the longest shelf life. They "always wait for the sun to ripen" the "blueberries to their sweetest potential before they are harvested". Contact them if you want to visit their farm which is located in Silsbee, Texas, just north of Beaumont. It is an "awesome place to enjoy a day with the family" and a "very well run farm with great treats as well".

Da’Fox’s Tree RanchNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Vidor - 14.23 mi

If you're looking to visit a farm where you can shop for poultry products while tugging along your little ones, Da'Fox's TreeRanch is one place that you should definitely check out. They're a local farm in Vidor, Texas that's known for their Boer show goats and their stable of horses. Bring an extra bag if you ever get to visit because you can expect products like chicken, duck, and peacock eggs as well as goat's milk.

Buttercups Patch

Farm & Ranch in Concepcion - 15.24 mi

Buttercups Patch is a family farm owned by a husband and wife farm team. This is a 20-acre farm in Buna, Southeast Texas. They have hens on free-range pasture and good ol’ Southeast Texas fresh air and sunshine. A fibromyalgia medical diagnosis with the wife led them to get into the chicken and egg business. They then decided to eat more organic and wholesome foods. Instead of buying eggs, they raised hens to produce eggs. They also try to have strawberry popcorn garlic and Indian corn along with pasture-raised pork and free-range chicken eggs and meat goats for sale. You may contact them directly on how to buy their produce. They haven't updated their CSA page since Feb 20, 2015, contact them directly for more information.

Four Oaks Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Spurger - 17.83 mi

Laird Moncrief founded the Four Oaks Ranch. It focuses on providing premium-quality hay so that cattle farmers can nourish their cows well, including the farm themselves. They also raise the best of the best cattle in their farm, producing prime cut beef that no other supermarket beef can replicate. If you want to discover more, please visit their Facebook page and watch out for updates. Today, Carolyn Moncrief, Lair's wife, and Carolyn, their daughter, spends time helping in the farm duties. A Facebook comment says, "Four Oaks Ranch is a beautiful farm owned by two hard-working and super nice folks."

Doguet’s Rice Mill

Farm & Ranch in Beaumont - 19.41 mi

Doguet's Rice Mill, which is located in Beaumont, Texas, produces locally grown and milled rice. You can buy this at your grocery store or right here at the mill. If you think rice is just rice, think again. At Doguet's Rice Mill, you will find a wide variety of choices.  They have organic white and brown rice, organic long grain white and brown rice, long grain rice, medium grain rice, organic brown basmati, and more. You can order depending on the quantity you need. Michael Blanchard Jr. is a second-generation Jefferson County farmer and he is in charge of this farm.

Arsement FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Beaumont - 19.51 mi

Arsement Farms, which is located in Beaumont, Texas, grows microgreens for sale to the local community. They have sunflower, sweet pea, radish, broccoli, alfalfa, and basil microgreens. For those who are interested in growing their own microgreens, the farm is also selling seeds and growing equipment. They also sell market items and other items like humidity gauge and paint strainers for seed soaking. They sell at the Beaumont Farmers Market located along College Street. The farmers' market is open from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM every Saturday. For those looking to purchase in bulk on a recurring schedule or for any special event, the farm can deliver the order but it requires a 14-day notice to grow enough microgreens for the orders.

Texas Best Organics

Farm & Ranch in ZZ No Location - 19.52 mi

Texas Best Organics is owned and operated by the Slack Family, a fifth-generation of rice farmers. Texas Best Organics is considered as the largest organic rice producer in the Lone Star state. Texas Best Organics also grows and processes only pure 100% organic rice. All of their rice is also Non-GMO tested and is Gluten Free. USDA, KOSHER, and CCOF Certified. Also, Texas Best Organics guarantees that your rice is "100% organic from start to finish". And, for general information or questions, you may send them an email. Or, you can also contact them directly for Bulk sales ONLY.

Muldrow Bee Farm

Farm & Ranch in Beaumont - 20.00 mi

Muldrow Bee Farm is a small family-own bee yard that sells local, raw honey in Beaumont. Moreover, they raise their bees from locally found or rescued South East Texas honey bees. They are also members of the Real Texas Honey Program, Buy Local Community and Farmers Market. Other than their honey, they offer services such as their hours for Master Gardeners Group toward their certification. Besides, they support local agricultural and horticultural groups by giving time and resources. They also take pride in being part of the local movement to protect and recover the South East Texas honey bee population. Customers said, "Great people and great honey."

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