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Sarita’s Organic Tortillas

Food Truck in Lubbock - 15.08 mi

Sarita’s Organic Tortillas is “a true gem” of a pop-up food stand, specializing in making modern twists on traditional foods. Their food is all organic, vegan and gluten-free. The menu is seasonal based on the ingredients available in the local market. Not only are their foods to die for, but they are also healthy as well! Everything on their menu is made with ingredients that “are unique” and “very satisfying”. Their empanadas are “so delicate in flavor and texture”, it’s definitely something you need to try! If your craving some “delicious and unique” baked goods, Sarita’s Organic Tortillas is the real deal!

D’Lites LubbockNo Own Retail Location

Food Truck in Lubbock - 17.49 mi

The world is currently facing a health crisis, mainly because of the food we eat and the choices we have as consumers. It is a good thing that there are many businesses today invested in selling healthier food options. D’Lites Lubbock is one of them. Enjoy the yummy taste of sweet, delectable ice cream that is low in sodium, sugar, fat, and carbohydrates. This ice cream is also cholesterol-free. This is healthy ice cream that retains the great qualities of ice cream we all have come to enjoy - the creaminess, the texture, and the flavor are all similar to regular ice cream.

Humbly Fed

Food Truck in Lubbock - 18.25 mi

Looking to make a change in your diet? Humbly Fed is a meal-prep service that’s well proportioned and high in nutrition. If you live a hectic and busy life and don’t have the time to cook, Humbly Fed’s meal prep services are a convenient and healthier option than getting take out every day. What’s great about their services is that “the food is delicious” and “reasonably priced”. Following a rotating menu, you won’t get tired of your “great portion sized meals”. By ordering their food, will make your “meal prepping and planning easy”. Making dieting a whole lot easier.

Anderson’s Grill

Food Truck in Lubbock - 21.59 mi

Experience the local food truck scene at Anderson’s Grill. This family-run establishment is the perfect place to just hang out and eat great food. The “friendly service” makes you feel right at home. When it comes to food, this well-loved food truck offers a great selection of burgers that leave you “wanting more”. Their freshly grilled burgers are a delicious delight! Need recommendations? Their cheeseburgers and “Hawaiian burgers are on point”. Perfect for anyone who wants a quick bite, Anderson’s Grill satisfies and meets the needs of any burger connoisseurs out there. With differing opening hours and locations, keep updated with their Facebook page and catch the food truck around the Lubbock, Texas area.

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