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Half Calf LLC

Farm & Ranch in Richland Springs - 0.38 mi

The Half Calf specializes in sourcing and raising the finest grass-fed and pasture-raised cattle. Meat lovers can explore a wide range of cuts like steaks or minced beef that are all high quality. Half Calf takes pride in its sustainable farming practices, ensuring the animals are raised in a stress-free environment without the use of hormones or antibiotics. By prioritizing transparency and customer satisfaction, they have established themselves as a trusted provider of premium beef for discerning individuals and families.

Windy Bar Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Palmer - 0.49 mi

Windy Bar Ranch in Stonewall, Texas has been raising Angus cattle in the Texas Hill Country since the purchase of their first twenty heifers in 1983. Until now, they have been continuously focusing on the traits that made the Angus breed famous: maternal traits, calving ease and carcass traits. "Stock up on your favorite grilling cuts today". "Great meat indeed" is what they have. Contact them directly if you want to stock up on some prime, all-natural, and antibiotic-free beef. They also offer many calving-ease bulls, full two-year-old bulls, and eighteen-month-old bulls, and yearling bulls. Check out their website and their Facebook page for their latest updates.

Burg’s Corner

Farm & Ranch in Stonewall - 0.78 mi

Burg's Corner, the retail outlet of Jimmy Duecker Orchards, is renowned for its premium Texas Hill Country peaches. Experience the rich history dating back to 1948, when the orchard processed bushels of peaches at the Gillespie County Fruit Growers Co-op. Today, the Duecker family not only sells their own produce but also showcases local farmers' and food producers' offerings. Indulge in delightful preserves, jellies, dressings, rubs, peach cider, pecans, pickled products, honey, and more. Don't miss the customer favorite: Blue Bell ice cream topped with the orchard's juicy peaches!

Bali Family FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Llano - 0.91 mi

The Bali Family Farm in Llano, Texas imbibes the goal of establishing a farm that gives importance to health, family, and nutrition. They employ the principles of permaculture when farming which is good for both the land and the animals. This ensures that all of the livestock that they raise on their farm are pasture-raised, and fed certified-organic grains while also taking care of the environment around them through rotational grazing.

Engel Farms

Farm & Ranch in Fredericksburg - 4.26 mi

John manages Engel Farms. It is famous for its Fredericksburg peaches. However, they do sell other equally delicious fruits like melons and figs. The farm also grows cherry tomatoes and peppers. What's outstanding about the farm is that they go to places to bring their fruitful harvest to different communities. Sometimes they are at the  Corpus Christi Downtown Farmers' Market every Wednesday. Other times, they are New Braunfels Farmers Market, FC Farmers' Market, Texas Farmers' Market (Lakeline or Mueller), Barton Creek Farmers Market, and Dripping Spring Farmers Market. Facebook reviews generally compliment their peaches and appreciate their effort in coming to places to bring their glorious peaches. "My daughter went to the farmers market today and got us some great peaches. Thank you for coming all the way from Fredericksburg, Engel Farms. We appreciate you! Nothing better than Fredericksburg peaches." Another buyer said, "Fredericksburg peaches are sooo good! Yum yum!"

Psencik Peach Farm

Farm & Ranch in Fredericksburg - 4.56 mi

Do you want to experience a u-pick farm? The Psencik Peach Farm in Fredericksburg, Texas, is a 23-acre u-pick farm that is a proud member of Hill Country Fruit Council. The farm offers peaches and blackberries with the highest quality. Many people like the fruits of the Psencik peach farm because it is incredibly delicious! Aside from that, the farm is a family-oriented place and an excellent location to unwind and exhale stress and negativities. To know more about Psencik Peach Farm, you can visit their social media pages! Come and visit them Monday to Thursday at 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM and 12:00 noon – 6:00 PM every Sunday. 

Jenschke Farms

Farm & Ranch in Fredericksburg - 5.79 mi

Since 1961, the family-owned Jenschke farms in Fredericksburg, Texas, is in the business of farming, Jenschke Farms' peach orchard has already 20 varieties of peaches and currently have 3,000 trees. They also make ices cream, jams, jellies, and canned peaches, and recently, they launched strawberries and pumpkins. Also, they even have Christmas trees on the farm. Also, they allow their customers to pick fruits on their own. Their client says, “They love the place because it is amicable for kids. The kids love the place, especially the hayrides. The strawberry and peaches are all good. Also, their peach cobbler is so yummy, even their cider.” If you also want to experience the Jenschke Farms, visit their beautiful place! They are very accommodating!

Wildseed Farms

Farm & Ranch in Fredericksburg - 6.23 mi

The most important contribution of Wildseed Farms, which won the Garden Center 2001 Innovator award, is producing seeds, which it has been doing for 35 years and counting. Without Wildseed Farms and others like them, who knows where or how we can get our supply of seeds. How are we to grow wildflowers? If you are in or near Fredericksburg, Texas, make sure to visit. There is no admission charge, and you get to see 200 acres of wildflowers of different colors (and lots of butterflies too) here in the largest working wildflower farm in the country. The farm is open all year long!

Hat and Heart FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Fredericksburg - 6.85 mi

Hat and Heart Farm is a 50-year-old, 93-acre farm in Fredericksburg, Texas. The 6th generation is currently running this family-oriented place, continuing the tradition of providing the best farm-to-table services in town. Why are they the best? For years, they've been practicing organic and sustainable farming to grow a myriad of seasonal vegetables, while raising over 400 laying hens and shepherding over 100 goat meats. Oh, they have the "best eggs" in the neighborhood and their "tomatoes are delicious too," I must say. "They grow wonderful produce, all the stuff you know and some goodies you might not heard of." Plus, one of the owners, "Katherine, typically sends out an email if there is something you might not be familiar with" and some "ideas on how to use it." Who wouldn't like that? "We have received some 'new to us' vegetables that have been delicious and it's a fun way to try new vegetables" after all. Indeed, it's easy to see how passionate these folks are when it comes to farm-to-table culture! "Also, a really cool thing is they offer some wonderful items from other folks like, breads, yogurt coffee, and cheese that is all locally sourced and purely delicious." Most folks "especially love the Mother Culture Greek Yogurt" too.
Nonetheless, you can "order weekly and have enjoyed the quality and variety each week." You can also "pick up" your goodies if you prefer. Or, you can catch them at various farmers' markets. Point is, "if you haven't shopped with them yet, you're missing out!" We "highly recommend this farmer to anyone!"

Rocky Hill Orchard

Farm & Ranch in San Antonio - 7.19 mi

Rocky Hill Orchard is located at Fredericksburg, Texas. They "grow delicious peaches for your fresh eating or cooking". There are also big blackberries at their orchard. They also produce peaches using an integrated pest management system with many biological controls and minimal chemical use. Their vegetables are also free from chemicals or organically-grown. This method enhances flavors and healthfulness of the vegetables. They can pick your order or you can come to see them at one of the local Farmer's Markets in Texas including San Marcos, Armadillo, Fredericksburg, and Westlake. Call them directly to know the schedule on selected local markets.

Three Sisters Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Johnson City - 9.33 mi

Three Sisters Ranch, which is located in Johnson City, is a proud Texas Hill Country pasture-to-table business selling eggs and chickens. When you buy from Three Sisters Ranch, you get heritage meat. Another plus besides the quality of the meat and poultry they provide is the level of service you get. They will deliver your order and make sure to have a friendly chat with you on your front porch as well because they appreciate not just your business with them, but your friendship as well! They are very friendly, whether it's via chat or email, or if you meet them at the farmers' market where they also set up shop.

Behrend’s Orchard

Farm & Ranch in Fredericksburg - 9.42 mi

Experience the deliciousness of Behrend's Orchard, a renowned farm in Texas. Indulge in their homemade peach ice cream, the star of the orchard. With fresh peaches, berries, and vegetables also available, visitors rave about the incredible flavor and appreciate the dedicated folks behind this small business.

Zenner Orchard

Farm & Ranch in Fredericksburg - 10.16 mi

Meet Douglas Zenner, the farmer and steward behind Zenner Orchard. Since its establishment in 1999, Douglas has carefully cultivated some of the finest deciduous fruit trees on the farm. With a small team of approximately four employees, they continue to produce some of the sweetest and most delicious peaches in the county. Our satisfied customers agree, with one enthusiast sharing, "The peaches from the farm are not only visually stunning but incredibly delicious. I've been buying them for four weeks straight now, and they are hands down the best peaches I've ever tasted!" Join us at Zenner Orchard to savor the extraordinary flavor of our peaches, nurtured with care for over two decades.

Vogel Orchard

Farm & Ranch in Fredericksburg - 12.36 mi

Nothing says farm fresh than buying at a roadside market. Here, you have a clear view of where the fruits and vegetables you are buying came from. You can see the land and sky that nurtured it. You can see where these ripe fruits and vegetables were harvested, and it makes us feel good. That, and the famous Nelda's peach preserves. If you visit Vogel Orchard, there are lots of fresh peaches, fruits, and vegetables to choose from. There are also canned food and other sweet treats on the side. It is definitely a win-win for everyone.

Fredericksburg Grass Fed BeefNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Fredericksburg - 12.68 mi

Founded in 1986, the Fredericksburg Grass-Fed Beef has been raising cows in a rich pasture. Their land has not been exposed to herbicides and pesticides for over the last thirty years.  The farm promotes a tastier but healthier choice by raising grass-fed and grass-finished cattle.  They carry a herd of Angus cows and Hereford cows that are docile by nature. As a result, they produce beef that is tender and juicy. Not to mention, their beef contains fewer calories while offering more nutrients. Their beef is the perfect choice for juicy patties, slow-cooked flavorful meals, and chili meats. Get yours now!

Fikes FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Fredericksburg - 12.68 mi

Since the early 1990s, the Fikes Farms has been in the squash business in Fredericksburg, Texas. Later on, the farm also produces varieties of fruits and vegetables commercially. People keep coming back to their farm because of their tasty products, especially their tomatoes. The Fikes Farms is doing its best to always bring the best crops from their garden to your kitchen. Their main goal is to produce a high-quality product at the most affordable price. Visit them and check their website and Facebook page for more details about the farm. Don’t miss the opportunity to try the tastiest vegetables in town! 

Engel Orchards

Farm & Ranch in Spurger - 12.68 mi

Engel Orchards offers seasonal peaches, plums and many other fruits, herbs and vegetables. Buy canned items such as jams, peaches, pickles and dried fruits and veggies year-round. They have the "juiciest and most flavorful peaches anywhere". Its "such delicious peaches in several different tasting varieties". They also have a "good homemade peach ice cream". Have a "quick stop for something super sweet". They are "very friendly" for a "family run business" with "the sweetest peaches" that you can buy. Check out their Facebook page and see photos of their peaches and ice cream. You can also call them and ask directions on how to go there.  

Fredericksburg Grass-fed beefNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Nursery - 12.68 mi

Fredericksburg Grass-fed beef is a family farm sitting in the beautiful countryside of Texas Hill County. While the farm is not organic, the farmers manage their cattle using ecological principles. They raise Angus cross and Hereford cows. According to the farmers, they strive to raise gentle and docile black calves as they produce tender meat. With a herd that frequently rotates pastures and calves free from hormones and antibiotics, the cows produce a nutritious kind of beef. The farm also carefully breed their herd. Close breeding is one of the unique features of their farm animals. Their herd's lineage goes back to the first cows on the farm from sixty years ago. Try their beef today!

Roam RanchNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in San Antonio - 12.68 mi

Roam Ranch was founded by the co-founder of Epic Provisions, Taylor Collins. Now the CEO of Roam Ranch and also owner of Force of Nature brand of bison cuts. Their American bisons "are so majestic". They have an "extra layer of insulation" that "keeps the animal nice and cozy during these Texas cold fronts as well as makes them look extra prehistoric". You can also join their ROAM Ranch trail race. They also have a challenging course guaranteed to be the adventure of your year. They have 10k and 30k distances, post-race meat from the ranch, and amazing awards also.    

Hillside BeefNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Fredericksburg - 12.68 mi

Hillside Beef is a family ranching operation that owns Angus cattle in the surrounding hills of Fredericksburg, Texas. All their cattle are grass-fed and grass-finished on open range pastures. All are also raised free from artificial hormones. Hillside Beef is available as a seasonal product. Also, their beef is processed at a local certified butchering plant that has served the Hill Country for over 30 years. You can also find their products at the Fredericksburg Farmers Market. And, you can also buy them online at their website. You can also contact them at their website for more information about their farm and products.

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