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Hye Market

Restaurant in Hye - 5.65 mi

"Hye Market is just plain cute". A "good place to stop during that winery tour". It is "located in the converted old Hye post office". "Its history as the Hye Post Office is told in the dining room (which is dog-friendly as well as the patio), all the way back to LBJ swearing in a new US Post Office General at the location in 1965". Also, "this place is conveniently located close to wineries and distilleries in ever growing Hye". "They offer sandwiches, potato salad, salads and a few other deli items". And, "for beverages, you can order tea, soda, beers and wine". They also offer "a selection of local beers and wine". You "order at the counter and then someone brings it out you". "The dining room has plenty of tables" too. Plus, "each table has some type of game to play such as cards and dominoes". And, "parking is on site in the back". So, "if you haven’t tried this place out, it is a MUST when in the area". Their "Cuban is quite possibly the best sandwich" you will ever "had anywhere" and there are "even options for vegetarians and vegans" and "excellent hummus" too.

Otto’s German Bistro

Restaurant in Fredericksburg - 12.33 mi

Otto's German Bistro is a trailblazer in bringing farm-to-table German cuisine to the heart of Texas Hill Country. We are dedicated to sourcing fresh, organic produce locally from neighboring vendors. Our seasonally focused menu not only offers the authentic flavors of Germany and Austria but also takes you on a culinary journey through the Germanic cuisine of Alsace, Northern Italy, and even Texas. Feast on appetizing starters like foie gras, organic greens, succulent entrees like duck schnitzel, and luscious desserts such as cambozola cheesecake. At Otto's German Bistro, you'll savor amazing food paired with fine wine, all in a warm and friendly atmosphere.


Restaurant in Fredericksburg - 12.50 mi

Nury's is the brainchild of Chef Nury Lopez who has been in the industry for more than 30 years and has a background in different cuisines such as Mexican, Italian, French, American, and Japanese.  And she's brought all this knowledge and experience to Nury's through her wide array of dishes.  This restaurant "strives to offer quality artisanal food with only the freshest ingredients" while providing a "comfortable setting and quality service."  And every visit can be a new experience every time with the different specials available everyday.

Emma + Ollie

Restaurant in Fredericksburg - 12.50 mi

Emma + Ollie is a farm-to-table restaurant serving "old-fashioned", "familiar" comfort foods - the kind of foods you see in your grandmother's kitchen. It offers an ever-changing menu showcasing seasonal ingredients that are at the peak of its freshness, featuring breakfast food like "pecan crusted french toast bread pudding", starters like "tomato toast", salads like "salmon cobb salad", sandwiches like "pulled pork with jicama slaw", and burgers like "pimento". This restaurant also features a bakeshop where you can find the classics you grew up loving, such as housemade cakes and cookies. Emma + Ollie believes in making as much as possible in-house, that way, you can eat assured that your food is sourced responsibly and prepared thoughtfully.


Restaurant in Fredericksburg - 12.60 mi

August-es is "Gourmet Texas Cuisine meets Sushi with a fantastic Thai Menu on Tuesday and it all works so well". Also, "with 245 wines on hand, and a full bar, there is a pairing for anyone". This restaurant has a "very diverse menu and amazing atmosphere". It also has a "nice artsy space with high ceilings". "Couple all this with fantastic service in a modern but classic setting and you have fine dining Hill Country style". "From fine dining to great drinks and bar food". And, the "filet mignon burger and the fish & chips are amazing!" Also, try their "pork tenderloin, 20 oz Wagyu steak and 7oz steak with mushrooms, asparagus, and garlic mash potatoes" for a "great dining experience!" You can also "split the red white and blue salad and the quail entree, which" are also "delicious and well-prepared, and more than enough food" if you are celebrating an anniversary. They also have "a bottle of Cherry Pie Pinot Noir very reasonably priced at $45, and" is "excellent" too. You will have an "expensive but well worth it" experience here.

Fredericksburg Herb Farm

Restaurant in Fredericksburg - 13.37 mi

At Fredericksburg Herb Farm Restaurant, we redefine modern dining. Enjoy fresh, farm-to-table dishes amid a garden setting. Our historic rock house features expansive windows, high ceilings, and elegant chandeliers, offering breathtaking views. Unwind at our garden bistro bar with cozy seating and an antique fireplace. Discover our ever-changing menu highlighting seasonal ingredients and indulge in our extensive wine selection. Experience extraordinary dining surrounded by nature's beauty at Fredericksburg Herb Farm Restaurant in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Farm Haus Bistro

Restaurant in Fredericksburg - 13.37 mi

Nestled in a historic rock house dating back to the late 1980s, Farm Haus Bistro offers fresh, delightful dining in a serene garden setting. Our spacious, elegant dining area features high ceilings, exquisite chandeliers, and panoramic windows overlooking the garden for breathtaking views of nature. Visit the Bistro Bar, with a unique fireplace and comfortable seating. Enjoy our ever-changing menu with classic breakfast dishes, small plates, flatbreads, entrees like filet mignon, and delectable desserts. Experience Farm Haus Bistro's unique charm in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Prometheus Pizza

Restaurant in Fredericksburg - 13.65 mi

Prometheus Pizza is a pizza place in Fredericksburg, Texas that's located "on the corner of Friendship and 87." It specializes in artisan pizzas that use 100% Barton Springs Mill flour for their dough. "It’s not cheap" though, "but it’s dang good! One of the best crusts" in town! Their menu includes red pizzas that contain the classic pepperoni and Margherita. But, if you want something unique and creative, you should try their Roxanne variety which features kale, sage sausage, and Calabrian chili. If you're in the mood for something creamy, their white pizzas feature the irresistible ricotta cream in it. Galatea, Hot Potato, and Hey Bob! are the way to go. They also have some locally sourced snacks like the Quick Pickles and Marinated Olives. And of course, can't forget the Caesar Salad that makes a great palate cleanser. Open for dine-in, pick-up, and delivery!

Cabernet Grill

Restaurant in Fredericksburg - 14.03 mi

At Cabernet Grill in Texas Hill Country, you can enjoy exquisitely-prepared food and an unparalleled dining experience. This family-owned restaurant offers certified Angus beef steaks, savory entrees, and an extensive wine list. Make sure to save room for their triple chocolate mousse cake!

Bryans On 290

Restaurant in Johnson City - 15.47 mi

Bryans On 290 is one of the highest-rated restaurants in Johnson City Texas so, "it's definitely a place to try out if you happen to be in this little town". It is "recommended to order the bavette" and you will "not regret it!" The place has a "great atmosphere" but "very busy so call ahead if you are coming in with a group". They serve "excellent food" with "very reasonable prices". "Every bite" you take is "incredible with every dish seasoned and cooked just right". Even "the cream of asparagus soup" is "so flavorful and the steamed mussels had a smoky flavor, so good!" And, their "fried chicken thigh entree" is "juicy and so tender". Plus, "the citrus salmon" is "perfect". They have a "dessert" with "a spicy fig" while the "carrot cake" has "the most amazing whipped cream!" You "will be back, so worth a drive from anywhere".

Bryans on 290

Restaurant in Johnson City - 15.47 mi

Bryans on 290 has everything that you need for a perfect night of wine and dinner. It has an excellent selection of food and wine, a quiet and relaxing ambiance, and an excellent service all-around that will leave you feeling pampered and supremely satisfied. There is no hiding the natural tastiness of the food cooked using fresh farm-to-table ingredients. Eating at Bryans on 290 is always an unforgettable experience - a great dining experience that has a very casual yet chic vibe to it. A real gem of a restaurant here in hill country!

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