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Permaculture PasturesNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Karnes City - 0.00 mi

Permaculture Pastures is owned by a "fantastic family with a real passion for wholesome food that everyone can enjoy". They offer pasture-raised products. Eggs and meats. Their pigs till up the ground for garden plots and go behind the cows cleaning up the pasture, reducing flies and all of the problems that come with them. While the chickens are allowed to hunt insects, scratch the ground, and forage for greens. These chickens fertilize the pasture, greatly reducing cattle pests, and eliminating weeds allowing more desirable grass species to thrive. Buy from them because you will "love their products". You can also shop online on their website and pick up your orders at a designated location. Check the details on their website.

Windy Hill Vegetable and Chicken Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Sunset - 2.79 mi

The Windy Hill Vegetable and Chicken Ranch is a comfortable living space for free-range Barred Plymouth Rock chicken and Leghorn mix chicken. It lies in a 50-acre land with over ten acres dedicated to gardening. Moreover, the plants have enough room to grow, and chickens have ample space to roam. Furthermore, the farm grows cherry tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, bell pepper, cabbage, broccoli, peppers, and more. Aside from the fresh produce, meat, and eggs, the real charm of the farm lies on its farmer, Mark. He is a hit at the Market, and everybody loves him! "Mark, his chicken, and eggs are so fresh, so good! We love Mark’s videos and his sense of humor. He is a massive hit at the Keller Farmers Market!"

(940) 210-4717

Frankie’s Fresh Foods

Farm & Ranch in Sunset - 3.84 mi

Frankie's Fresh Foods is a farm selling local produce, fruits, jams, jelly, pickles, and more. The owners are a husband and wife duo. Furthermore, you can buy vegetables such as cucumber, hot peppers, kale, lettuce, and fruits such as blueberries and tomatoes. Additionally, try their unique and delicious pickles using cucumbers and peppers direct from their land. Besides, they come in 3 varieties: Gourmet Dill, Fiery Dill, and Bread & Butter. You can buy their products at Denton Community Market and try their newest pickles, Kosher Dill and Fiery Kosher Dill Pickles. Also, grass-fed lamb is coming soon, so stay tuned! Happy customers said, "Recently ordered some tomatoes, squash, and cilantro from Frankie's, and the produce was fresh and delicious. The tomatoes and cilantro were so aromatic, and the squash was so delish." and "Just recently started ordering from Frankie's, and everything we've tried is great! Fresh veggies at good prices, worth every penny! My girls love their cucumbers and tomatoes!"

(214) 450-5877

Dry Valley Dairy

Farm & Ranch in Forestburg - 8.32 mi

Dry Valley Dairy's Facebook page reads: "We sell raw retail Jersey milk for $5 a gallon at our family-operated dairy in Forestburg, TX." This is underselling a business that has a lot to offer visiting customers. While it is true that the dairy farm is known for their Jersey milk, they also sell other food items like cheese, eggs, honey, hamburger meat, beef, and pork. There's even yoga at pizza! Lastly, don't just buy and leave - Dry Valley Dairy can also schedule a tour of their dairy.

(940) 768-9030

J & L Family FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Helotes - 8.77 mi

The J & L Family Farm opened in 1986. With a hardworking family, the farm has continued to provide fresh produce to the community up to this day. The family of farmers behind its success believes in working hard for every produce that they grow. This dedication shows on their products as many customers love what they've got to offer. A customer says that the farm is excellent and that it produces top-quality fresh produce for a reasonable price. They sell watermelons, melons, freestone peaches, and more. Rest assured that you will always get the juiciest and sweetest fruits if you order from them! Check them out at Cowtown Farmers Market

(940) 366-1582

Sanctum Tree Family Farm

Farm & Ranch in Bowie - 8.77 mi

Sanctum Tree Family Farm is a family farm that produces non-GMO, corn-free, soy-free pastured chickens. It is located in Bowie, Texas. The farm is owned by Clint and Sarah Fortner. The farm is managed with the help of the family. Clint and Sarah make time to participate in public selling venues, like the Wichita Falls Farmer's Market. The vegetables they sell are farm-fresh and organic. They also sell tasty treats and handmade items. They also sell chicken. You can order via their website. They have a whole chicken and cut-up chicken. They also offer a Family Box and Basic Box (Monthly) for members. One of the customers loved the banana bread - moist and flavorful. Because of the positive experience, the customer is buying again from Sanctum Tree Family Farm.

RNR Cattle Company

Farm & Ranch in Chico - 10.11 mi

The RNR Cattle Company is passionate about raising cattle and committed to selling special Angus beef. Aside from that, they also share their knowledge and skills on how they operate their cattle ranch and farm. The RNR Cattle Company is ranching and farming because it has been their livelihood over the years.The Company does not compromise their ethics or practices. Furthermore, their excellent record through the years helps them achieve their continuous growth in terms of size and numbers. Also, it is a company that rotates around 750 acres of coastal wheat and rye fields in Wise County. Every animal that raises by RNR Cattle Company undergoes an evaluation to maintain the high quality. Lastly, the Company never outsourced from cattle brokers; they have specific standards and rules to follow for their operations.

(940) 389-6235

Collier Farm

Farm & Ranch in Chico - 10.45 mi

Carroll Collier and his daughter Jeannette Shaw are the current owners and managers of Collier Farm. However, its history dates back to 1919 when Carroll's grandpa, Guy Collier, started working on the farm.In 1919, the farm did not have any cows. Instead, it had cotton and peanuts. It was in the 1940s when Guy Decided to fill the farmland with grass to prevent erosion.Then, cows came, and the cattle business has since grown. On our last count, the farm had sixty commercial Red Angus cows, and two registered Red Angus bulls. They keep the 'bulls' for their breeding programs.These cows have 12 pastures to freely-roam all-year-round.In addition, the farm also has seven beehives that pollinate the farm plants.In 2017, they started delivering, and people have received them very well. They have been personally shipping to Wise, Montague, and Jack counties. Contact them to inquire!

(940) 841-1779

Broken Paddle Farm

Farm & Ranch in Chico - 13.86 mi

Broken Paddle Farm Fort Worth is a small free-range production and family-owned farm near the Eagle Mountain Lake dam in Tarrant county, West of Chico, Fort Worth. Since 1997, it has been promoting sustainability and transparency through ethical farming practices. The owners are a small family: Amy Jackson, Janis Brown, Randy Featherston, and Michael Figueroa. Currently, they provide fresh chicken, duck, and quail eggs to restaurants and individuals. Also, they offer heritage, endangered, and rare breed poultry and serve Denton, Tarrant, Wise counties.Furthermore, their animals are free from synthetic chemicals except when treating an illness. In their ranch, you can buy pastured poultry, heritage chicken breeds, duck breed, goat meat, and goat milk. Moreover, their seasonal variety and livestock include Elsh Harlequin Ducks, Sicilian Buttercup Chickens, Gold Spangled Appenzeller Spitzhauben Chickens, Buckeye Chickens, Crested Cream Legbar Chickens, Jersey Giant Chickens, Pilgrim Geese, and some rare color breeds and hybrid pullets. Happy customers said, "I would highly recommend her farm. I bought Welsh Harliquine ducklings from her. Very healthy, and so cute!" "Love the Welshes I got from Amy! Healthy, beautiful birds!" and "This little homestead is just perfect! Wonderful person, so kind and knowledgeable. Will purchase from them again!"

(817) 683-2181

Weathertop FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Forestburg - 13.98 mi

Weathertop Farm is all about "starting with organic seeds and using sustainable methods of mulching watering and fertilizing."  Their 115-acre farm covers a 4-acre garden and large pens for chickens and pigs.  Some of his produce include cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, onions, and many other vegetables in season.  Eggs are also available, picked from his free-range flock of chickens. When asked about his farm being organic, the owner says, “It’s all organic... It’s not certified but I follow all the rules.”  You can find his farm produce at the Coppell Farmers Market.

Sandy Creek Farm

Farm & Ranch in Bridgeport - 15.96 mi

Sandy Creek Farm has been selling raw milk for over ten years now. However, the farm has been with the farmers' family since 1913. Today, they sell a Grade A All Swiss dairy products, from raw milk to handcrafted gouda cheese.With a focus on pasture-fed cattle all-year-round, the farm produces high-quality pure products that are a hit for everyone. "Love the milk from Sandy Creek Farm. Indeed, it makes the best kefir. It is great for drinking, soups, and anything with milk. Always worth the drive!"The farm also sells fresh farm eggs. If you want to visit the farm, they are open seven days a week.

(940) 393-1176

Diamond B Cattle Company

Farm & Ranch in Decatur - 17.69 mi

Diamond B Cattle Company's Jersey cattle are the reason why the brand Ceamline was born. These cows produce fresh, grade A raw milk every day. This milk has an excellent shelf life. Keep it in the refrigerator and make sure to give it a good shake before drinking it, to make sure the cream has blended. Jersey milk is also very good for children to stay healthy and strong. This is also the milk of choice by other local small businesses like bakeries looking to use only the best, locally-sourced ingredients like milk.

(940) 389-3816

North Texas Pecan

Farm & Ranch in Paradise - 19.38 mi

The North Texas Pecan is one of the best providers of local pecan in Texas. The owners are friendly and accommodating. Reviews on Facebook say, "Great folks & local pecans!"If you are curious about the farmer behind the success of the farm, be sure to message Joe Lamb.They offer pecans in retail or wholesale. However, if you need to buy in retail, you need to specifically request for it as they do not do it often. You also have the option to get pecans that are still in their shells. Or, opt for pecans that are already out of their shells. The farm also grows native pecans so message them if you need the native variety.

(817) 592-9393

Rockin’ B Farm

Farm & Ranch in Paradise - 21.62 mi

The Rockin B Ranch is a small farm in the center of Paradise, Texas. It raises 100% grass-fed White Dorper meat sheep; also, they are selling their lamb at $7.50 per pound hanging carcass weight. Furthermore, rest assured that their lambs are processed and packed at USDA Certified facilities. Aside from that, they have free poultry flock ranging pasture and a non GMO. The farm delivers fresh pastured eggs twice a week in Roanoke - Westlake - Southlake - Trophy Club area. They sell it for $4.50 per dozen with a minimum requirement of 10 sets per order. For more information, you can call Rockinb Farm at (682) 229-5944. 

(682) 229-5944

Seis Flechas FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Saint Jo - 21.89 mi

Seis Flechas Farm raises Hereford beef cattle in Saint Jo, Texas. Their "animals live entirely on pasture". Also, they feed their animals with grass all its life. On the other hand, they never feed them with antibiotics and synthetic growth hormones, pesticides, and fertilizers. Moreover, they do not feed their cattle with anything that could be used to feed people. They are "slaughter and process in a local USDA inspected plantation". To avail their beef, call Wylie Harris at (940) 366-9816 for a reservation because their "stocks are limited". They are available in halves, quarters, and individual cuts. You can pick up your orders or let them deliver it to you.

(940) 366-9816

Delanco Farm

Farm & Ranch in Paradise - 23.83 mi

Colleen Gonzales runs the Delanco Farm. In the summer, the farm offer tomatoes, beans, peppers, okra, melons, squash, cucumbers, and greens. In winter, they sell spinach, lettuce, kale, radish, collards, cilantro, and carrots.All of their plants are chemical-free. The seeds they use are always USDA certified organic. Some of the farming methods they use are crop interplanting, crop rotation, and trap crop use. They also mulch to avoid losing too much moisture in the soil. Strategically, they grow plants that attract beneficial insects to the farm.
A Facebook review said that the farmers are sweet. They were very much willing to explain their ways in farming to ensure her kid does not get allergic reactions from the farm products.

(817) 897-8664


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