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Heart Brand Beef

Farm & Ranch in Flatonia - 11.42 mi

Meet Ronald and his son Jordan Beeman, visionaries behind HeartBrand Beef since 2006. Their extensive experience in ranching and beef sales dates back to 1998, granting them profound insight into diverse cattle breeds. This knowledge highlighted the health benefits of Akaushi cattle. Their mission revolves around preserving the pure Araushi bloodline, evidenced by their USA-leading herd of 14,000 heads. Craving a delectable taste? Visit their website for a range of cuts. Unveil the unforgettable essence of Akaushi beef today!

Sunny Farms of Cistern TexasNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Flatonia - 11.42 mi

Sunny Farms of Cistern Texas is a small, family-run vendor for the La Grange Farmer's Market. "Everything from fresh luffas to orange watermelons, homemade orange blueberry pound cake to banana melons". Owned by Caroline McKewan Rhodes. Also, seasonal produce such as Tomatoes, Peppers, Potatoes (white ones and dark purple), and Strawberries are available. And, also Squash, Beans, Edamame, Blueberries and blackberries are blooming too. They also have peach and apple trees on the farm. 

Peach Creek Farm

Farm & Ranch in Rosanky - 13.20 mi

Established in 2002, Peach Creek Farm is committed to sustainable agriculture and the production of top-quality meat. Their diverse livestock includes Berkshire hogs, Scottish Highland cattle, polled Hereford cattle, ducks, chickens, and Guinea fowls. All animals at the farm enjoy a pasture-raised and pasture-finished life. Notably, the cattle are specially fed with milk to ensure their well-being and product quality, with a strict no-other-animal-protein policy in place to eliminate the risk of mad cow disease. Peach Creek Farm offers a range of pork and beef products, fresh produce, and Pysanky eggs from their ducks. You can find their exceptional goods at the Austin Farmer's Market and the Bastrop Producers Market on Saturdays. For those interested in visiting the farm, it's conveniently located just 18 miles south of Bastrop, promising a delightful journey to source sustainable, high-quality meats and farm-fresh produce.

Rusty Star Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Dale - 15.53 mi

Rusty Star Ranch offers all-natural and sustainably-raised grass-fed beef, raw goat milk for pet food as well as goat milk soap and lotion. Their ground beef is "delicious". They also have a "great chèvre". The owner, Kellie Parker, also participates in livestock classes at ACC Elgin Campus." The Sustainable Livestock Management classes "covers the integration of livestock onto small-scale farms. Animals studied will include goats, hogs, sheep, poultry, and cattle". Check out the social media page for more updates.

Kitchen Pride Mushrooms

Farm & Ranch in Gonzales - 15.63 mi

In 1988, Darell Mclain and sons Phil and Greg launched Kitchen Pride Mushrooms. Prior experience in out-of-state farms spurred their tech-integrated venture. Today, they're a premier US mushroom farm, uniquely the sole full-service one in Texas. Their cutting-edge facility yields top-notch mushrooms while prioritizing water conservation and waste recycling. Offering enlightening tours, they educate customers on the benefits of their produce. A Facebook review echoes the consensus: "Fresh, beautiful, and delicious mushrooms!" Experience quality firsthand at Kitchen Pride Mushrooms.

Hamilton Cattle Company

Farm & Ranch in Gonzales - 15.82 mi

Hamilton Cattle Company is "dedicated to bringing you locally-raised, grass-fed cattle." This farm is located in Gonzales, Texas. The beef here is delicious and it is healthy for you because the beef is nutrient-dense. They do not believe in using antibiotics on cattle. They also do not use hormones and other chemicals just to improve the appearance of the beef. The farm is managed in the most natural and organic way possible. If you want to make sure that you don't miss out, they are already taking pre-orders. They have roasts, steaks, specialty cuts, ground beef, and bones and organs.

Blue Donkey FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Buna - 16.18 mi

Blue Donkey Farm is a beautiful farm in the Southern part of Bastrop County! While the farm has the word donkey on its name, the farm does not raise donkey. Instead, the farm produces pork, eggs, and vegetables. Their best product is pork meat. While no cut is disappointing, some of their customers particularly love the shoulder meat and bacon. Their pork will be perfect for curing and smoking. It is undoubtedly delicious! If you want to purchase from them at the farm, be sure to call them in advance before visiting. You need to check for availability to ensure that your visit and petrol does not go to waste. Alternatively, you can visit them at Bastrop Farmers Market!    

Stryk Jersey FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Schulenburg - 16.85 mi

Stryk Jersey Farm is a family-run dairy farm located among the rolling hills and live oak trees on the outskirts of Schulenburg, Texas. That's where some of the freshest milk is produced and the best cheese in the world is packaged. The milk they sell is fresh from the pasture-raised, grass-fed Jersey cows, without any homogenization or pasteurization. This allows you to enjoy the true flavor and health benefits of real milk. It is bottled to ensure the freshest product. Their cheese products are made from pasteurized milk, hand cut into blocks or shapes and individually waxed in assorted colors. These make wonderful gifts and are ideal for Texas product baskets.

Shiner Pork & Beef

Farm & Ranch in San Antonio - 17.25 mi

English Large Black hogs and Beefmaster cattle are found on Shiner Pork & Beef farm. Located on the rolling hills of the Shiner Prairie, this farm practices sustainable agriculture because even the weeds on their garden are fed to their pigs, although the pigs also have their standards and do not eat all weeds. Nothing is wasted. The pigs also get to munch over-ripe vegetables. "The meat (both pork & beef) taste like meat should taste, the way it tasted when we were kids". "The animals are raised humanely and lovingly". "You can taste it in the final product". "Quality is excellent". "The family is super awesome, too!"

Crisp Farms

Farm & Ranch in Smithville - 18.80 mi

Chris Nagelhout and his father Bob Nagelhout owns Crisp Farms which is an innovative, technology-driven farm located in Central Texas. They are passionate about providing clean, organic, and local produce while championing accessibility and affordability for all Texans. You can also avail their "beautiful Organic Green Butter Lettuce" which are available "at ALL Central Market locations statewide". Also, their products are "available at both Wheatsville Coop locations". Furthermore, "Wheatsville is one of Austin’s epicenters for healthy living and organic produce and it’s an honor to be on their shelves!" 

Flying Pony Farm

Farm & Ranch in Smithville - 19.36 mi

Established in 2005 by Sean and Lisa Frackowiak just outside Smithville, Texas, Flying Pony Farm prioritizes sustainable and humane farming. Their pigs enjoy spacious grassy paddocks, part of a breeding herd of Gloucestershire Old Spot Hogs. The farm is also home to rescued cats, dogs, horses, donkeys, and a Jersey milk cow. Explore a diverse selection of pork cuts, along with seasonal offerings like homemade jams, jellies, and fresh turkey, available for pre-order on a first-come, first-served basis. Customers eagerly anticipate future purchases from Flying Pony Farm, where quality and compassion meet.

S3 Legacy RanchNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Luling - 20.97 mi

S3 Legacy Ranch, which is located in Luling, Texas, provides quality meat production, replacement cattle, and superb ranching services. There are many people here in Texas who try their hand in the cattle-raising business for the first time. These people usually need a little help to overcome initial or unexpected problems. Businesses like S3 Legacy Ranch can help beginners learn the ropes. Don't be afraid to reach out. Most of the time, you will find them busy on the ranch tending to their cattle and other livestock. These are very kind and helpful people with more and enough experience in agriculture and cattle-raising.

Happy Chick Farms

Farm & Ranch in Lockhart - 21.18 mi

At Happy Chick Farms, chickens live happily for a natural, outdoor environment for laying hens. The family who operates and owns the farm ensures that they stick to "organic rules. Therefore, they offer pastured eggs" in Lockhart, just outside Austin since 2010. Moreover, their ranch began with 2200 hens in mobile coops and mobile fences moving the whole set up biweekly, and now a thriving business. Currently, they "serve eggs to restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, and the local community" through the farmers market and on-site co-ops. Happy customers said, "The best little hen house in Texas!" and "The egg's color is beautiful, very fluffy & the taste is rich."

Luling Foundation Farm

Farm & Ranch in Luling - 21.61 mi

Luling Foundation Farm, which is located in Luling, Texas, is a private, non-profit agricultural demonstration farm. Luling Foundation Farm helps the community by providing education services regarding agriculture, history, and related subjects. They also offer scholarships for those who want to learn about agriculture. Besides this, Luling Foundation Farm also sells quality, farm-raised Angus beef. They have beef cutlets, beef patties, and ground beef. They also grow sesame crops. They are also doing forage production for both the summer and winter seasons.

Waypoint Farm

Farm & Ranch in Hallettsville - 22.12 mi

Waypoint Farm / Cross T Brand is a family farm in South Central Texas that serves the Houston, San Antonio, Austin and surrounding areas. They produce pasture raised beef and lamb and are animal welfare approved, ensuring that all their products are humanely raised. Ordering from them is as easy as 1-2-3. Just sign up on their site, choose the grass fed and finished product that you want and then pick it up on the agreed date and time, it's that simple!

Watterson Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Bastrop - 22.17 mi

For over a century since the 1850s, Watterson Ranch has proudly produced local, sustainable, grass-fed beef. Now in its 6th generation, they're ready to bring their luxurious heritage to your plate. Committed to honest food without shortcuts, fillers, hormones, antibiotics, or additives, they take extra time to raise cattle for the best quality. Choose beef from an American Grassfed certified and Animal Welfare Approved ranch today. Contact Tim Miller for more information.

Waterson Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Bastrop - 22.17 mi

The Waterson Ranch has been raising sustainable beef since the '50s, the 1850's. Yes, they have been in the ranching business for almost 200 years!  They raise cattle with no growth hormones and antibiotics. Their herd graze and freely roam their ranch and are never penned up in a feedlot. While it takes twice as long to produce grass-fed beef, they're much, much healthier than their industrial counterparts. In their own words, "Great tasting certified grass fed natural beef from a local, sustainable and proud Texas ranch, previously available only to our kin."  

Fruitful Hill Farm

Farm & Ranch in Bastrop - 22.18 mi

Fruitful Hill Farm is renowned for its exceptional eggs, raised on a chemical-free pasture. Customers rave about the delicious flavor and quality, making them eager to return. These eggs have been praised for being larger, more affordable, and tastier than other local options in Austin. The farm also produces beloved goat milk soap, cherished by many.

Texas Quail Farm

Farm & Ranch in Duncanville - 22.23 mi

Texas Quail Farm is the largest and the only state-inspected quail processing plant in Texas. Texas Quail is a low-fat, low-sodium and healthy alternative to beef, pork and chicken. Their quail is also minimally processed and is all-natural. It does not contain any added hormones, antibiotics, artificial sweeteners, food colors, or flavorings. Also, not soaked or pumped with saltwater. Their Texas Prime Quail is even more prominent, more flavorful and juicy. The meat has a lighter color and a more appealing texture. Their "semi-boneless quail are great". It is also "SO delicious!" With "amazing customer service" too. You will "definitely will be buying more".  

Sand Holler Farm

Farm & Ranch in Dale - 22.40 mi

Established by the Littles in 2008, Sand Holler Farm spans 90 acres in Caldwell County, just southeast of Austin. Rooted in a passion for sustainable living, our farm prioritizes antibiotic-free and steroid-free, organically-fed free-range chicken, guineas, ducks, goats for milk, and sheep for fiber. All our animals enjoy the freedom to roam in the pasture. Experience the bounty of Sand Holler Farm through our CSA program, local farmers market, and catering facilities. We also proudly serve our produce at our bed and breakfast. Contact Marissa Little for more information, and discover the natural goodness of our farm-fresh fruits, vegetables, milk, and eggs.

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