Waxahachie, TX
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Farm to Table & Local Ingredients Restaurants near Waxahachie, TX (3)


Bonton Market Cafe

Restaurant in Dallas - 24.69 mi

Bonton Market Cafe is offering a "true farm-to-table dining experience". It serves "healthy" and "chef-inspired" fare curated from fresh ingredients and produce sourced directly from Bonton Farms. This restaurant originates from the Bonton Farms, which currently operated two fully-functioning farms in Bonton and Dallas. Serving breakfast and lunch, the menu features morning fare like "sweet potato hash", lighter options like "yogurt parfait with peanut butter", greens like "the house salad", sandwiches like "house-made pastrami on rye", entrees like "yardbird and grits", and desserts like "honey butter pecan ice cream". The Bonton Market Cafe not only serves "delicious", "wholesome" dishes, but they also host cooking classes when guests can learn how to cook food that doesn't come in boxes or bags.

(972) 707-0274

Tribal All Day Cafe

Restaurant in Dallas - 24.93 mi

Tribal All Day Cafe collaborates with local farmers and artisans to achieve its mission to nourish the community and they are committed to preparing healthy food using authentic ingredients. This cafe believes that food shouldn't just taste good, it is supposed to make you feel good too. From eggs and cheeses to vegetables and fruits, each and every ingredient used in their dishes is locally grown, sourced, and produced. In this cafe, you can find "dragon fruit smoothie", "pesto sandwich", "bean and rice wrap" and more healthy flavors. Whether you're looking for gluten-free, or perhaps you may be vegan or non-vegan, Tribal All Dat Cafe has something for you.

(469) 776-8003


Restaurant in Dallas - 24.93 mi

"Very few restaurants are unique". Some "offer the same types of food you’d expect with a bit of surprise here and there". "But not so at Salaryman". "Cozy is their setting". "Impeccable is their non-hurried service". "Precious are their attention to details". "The menu here is impressive". They offer "creative and innovative courses". "Delectable are their signature dishes". These include "a perfectly grilled chicken", like the "Yakitori". They also have the flavorful "Chintan Ramen". Their "ramen is brilliant". It is "flavorful, like what you would expect from a chef of this caliber"."Here, what is thought to be ordinary becomes the unexpected". Because, "what was initially a small meal quickly become a well rounded dinner" here. So, "if you haven't been here yet, do yourself a favor and GO NOW!"

(214) 364-8902