Review of Mad Scientist Kombucha by TexasRealFood

Small batch makes a world of a difference when it comes to kombucha. Mad Scientist is a local kombucha brewer that produces kombucha in half-gallon jars, the good old-fashioned way. They make fresh kombucha every week for all of the markets and orders so that you have the “freshest kombucha possible”. Mad Scientist wants to bring only the best to our fine city. They use less sugar than most kombucha recipes to create a tasty kombucha that isn't loaded with sugar. They add just enough sugar to feed the culture without starving it and expertly brew the elixir that serves as the base of their raw kombucha. They have different flavors like “Ginger, Hibiscus Citrus, and Peppermint” that is strategically selected to bring additional value to your kombucha.

Local Artisan Products by Mad Scientist Kombucha


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