Texas Farms and Ranches that Carry the Buy Fresh, Buy Local Label

The Buy Fresh, Buy Local Texas Chapter aims to assist local Texas Farms and Ranches connect with consumers in a meaningful way. Not only does the chapter assist local farms and ranches, but they aim to educate consumers about sustainable agriculture through community events, local food guides, and educational materials.

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A Garden in Every Home

Farm & Ranch in Bandera, Texas

A Garden in Every Home is “a small working farm in Bandera, Texas”, for many years now. The farm provides “seasonal vegetables and fruits, that is 100% organic”. They are using nature’s herbs and oils, minerals along with beneficial bugs to keep their product healthy. Aside from that, the farm also “offers about Plants Education […]

Hope Farms HTX

Farm & Ranch in Houston, Texas

The Hope Farms in Houston, Texas, is a 7-acre urban agricultural operation. It was a project of Recipe for Success Foundation organized in 2005. Hope Farms “wants to lessen the number of people in the US who are suffering from health problems”. These problems include obesity, heart disease, diabetes, by changing their eating habits. They […]

Profound Kitchen

Artisan Food Producer in Allen, Texas

Headed by Executive Chef Nick Walker, the Profound Kitchen utilizes the freshest farm ingredients and transforms them into value-added products & meal kits! They have ultra-unique salad dressings, salad dressings, sauces, and other products guaranteed to give a chef twist to your food wherever you are!

Tecolote Farm

Farm & Ranch in Manor, Texas

The longest-running CSA in Texas award goes to the Telecote Farm! With over 2-years of farming experience, the farm has continued to be certified organic until today. It is also 100% solar-powered! While the family moved in 1993 to the farm, they have officially opened it in 1994. In 2010 and 2012, Telecote Farm got […]