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Texas Farms and Ranches in the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance (FARFA)

The Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance (FARFA) includes many individual farms and ranches all over Texas who share in their goal of creating a healthy and productive food supply for American Consumers. FARFA promotes common sense policies for diversified local agricultural systems that just makes sense for local farms and ranches.

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Alford Family Farm

Farm & Ranch in Emory, Texas

The farm opened in 2013. The Alford Family farm offers a diverse number of sustainable and organic crops. They have blueberries and blackberries (close to 4000 trees). Additionally, they grow muscadine grapes, peaches (150 trees), and pecans (370 trees). Moreover, they have a variety of vegetables (cucumbers, onions, peppers, tomatoes, squash, zucchinis, and more). Although […]

Alpha 2 Omega Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Murchison, Texas

Raising registered Red Devon Cattle, Alpha 2 Omega Ranch assists in the propagation of the breeds to reduce the potential of extinction. The Devon Cattle Breed is one of the oldest heritage breeds of cattle in the US. They also sell top-quality meat products free from any residual pesticides or herbicides. “If and when it […]

Applewood Grove

Farm & Ranch in ZZ No Location, Texas

Applewood Grove is located near the communities of Ben Wheeler and Edom. They raise a small herd sheep on pasture and breed registered fainting goats. They also have bees that pollinate a mixed orchard of apples, pears, and blueberries. Also, they take great care to nurture the land and focus on natural solutions and traditional […]

Bandera Grassland

Farm & Ranch in Bandera, Texas

Land to Market verified and a member of the Livestock Conservancy, the Bandera Grassland has been producting highly-nutritious meat since 2003. Their meat contains higher in protein, beta-carotene, vitamin-e, omega 3, and conjugated linoleic acid. They are able to promote superior taste and consistent tenderness through dry-aging, grass-feeding, and grass finishing. Each breeding step they […]

Barking Cat Farm

Farm & Ranch in Rockwall, Texas

The Barking Cat Farm “locally grows flowers, vegetables, and herbs”. Their main farm is Hunt Country while they also have a small acreage at Rockwall Hunt at the North East of Dallas, Texas. Founded in 2004, the Barking Cat Farm “uses organic methods in growing their flowers, herbs, and vegetables” that don’t ship well or […]

Bay Bees

Farm & Ranch in Brownsville, Texas

“Glenn Simpson, a local beekeeper and owner of Bay Bees, is one of a select few who distribute honey in the Rio Grande Valley”. All the “Honeybees that Simpson uses to harvest honey come from all across the Rio Grande Valley- each with their own unique flavor”. You can send a message me or call […]

Bedias Creek Farms

Farm & Ranch in ZZ No Location, Texas

Bedias Creek Farms, Certified Grassfed by AGW, raises the Aubrac and Red Devon cattle breeds because they are a good fit for their grass-fed cattle operation. They selected these “two breeds because of their outstanding genetic expression based on a grass-based diet”. “They graze on only fresh forages and are never given grain, routine antibiotics […]

Belton Veggie Guys

Farm & Ranch in Belton, Texas

Belton Veggie Guys is a small farm in Belton that grows over 100 varieties of peppers, other vegetables, plants, and eggs through sustainable and organic methods. Moreover, they do not use chemical pesticides or fertilizers. You can find them at local farmers’ markets. Satisfied customers said, “The best eggs in central Texas!” “They are the absolute best in the […]

Blackland Farm and Cattle

Farm & Ranch in Riesel, Texas

Blackhand Farm and Cattle offers pasture-raised chicken and eggs. They also provide grass-fed and grass-finished beef. With clean food and a farmer who can tell you how your food raised, you will never look somewhere else for your food. You can book a farm tour with Blackland Farm and Cattle, and they’ll personally tell you […]

BLT Farm

Farm & Ranch in Llano, Texas

In Llano, BLT Farm is a family-owned farm that offers 100% natural grass-fed pork, beef, chicken, and pasture-raised eggs.  Also, the owners have developed their love for ranching since birth. Moreover, their cattle and poultry have no antibiotics, growth hormones or implants, are not fed animal by-products, and no food additives or preservatives; only humanely raised. Other than […]

Boggy Creek Farm

Farm & Ranch in Austin, Texas

Boggy Creek Farm offers a slice of history of Austin and the property gives a unique glimpse of life in mid-19th century Austin, TX. Carol Ann Sayle and her late husband Larry Butler owns and operates the historic working urban firm. Once a foreclosed property prior to their purchase of the area in 1992, they […]

Broken Paddle Farm

Farm & Ranch in Chico, Texas

Broken Paddle Farm Fort Worth is a small free-range production and family-owned farm near the Eagle Mountain Lake dam in Tarrant county, West of Chico, Fort Worth. Since 1997, it has been promoting sustainability and transparency through ethical farming practices. The owners are a small family: Amy Jackson, Janis Brown, Randy Featherston, and Michael Figueroa. Currently, they provide fresh chicken, duck, and quail […]

C & J Bee & Bee Farm

in Canton, Texas

C&J Bee & Bee Farm is not only a farm but also a “great bed and breakfast”. At this farm, you will have a “great breakfast and comfortable stay”. “Very friendly and accommodating” with “nice rustic setting”. “Rooms at C&J Bee & Bee Farm provide a refrigerator”. “You can also enjoy a hot tub while […]

CD&J Mini Ranch

Farm & Ranch in San Benito, Texas

The farm nests in the beautiful countryside of deep in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. It is close to the Southern border and South Padre Island. CD&J mini ranch raises some of the cutest farm animals. They have Kunekune pigs, Nigerian dwarf goats, miniature cattle, miniature donkeys, mini rex rabbits, and turkeys. The […]

Chapin Farms

Farm & Ranch in Edroy, Texas

The primary focus of Chapin Farms is Red Angus grass-fed beef, cotton patch geese, and soil improvement. They have heirloom breed and open-pollinated vegetables, Red Angus grass-fed beef, heritage breed pastured eggs, chicken, and turkey. It all started in the late ’80s when they purchase some farmland. The cattle operations began with the high school […]

Circle S Farm

Farm & Ranch in ZZ No Location, Texas

“Family owned and operated, Circle S Farm is a true gem for the Cypress Community”. “The people are wonderful and so helpful”. “The stuff they grow is free of chemicals and they have a huge variety – some varieties you may not have heard of – and it’s all grown on the Circle S Farm”. […]

Cold Springs Farm CSA

Farm & Ranch in Weatherford, Texas

In Weatherford, Texas, you can find Cold Springs Farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) that opened in 2000. They specialize in quality heirloom, rare and commercially extinct fruits and vegetables. Also, they have free-range chickens, turkeys, red wattle, Mangalitsa, American Guinea Hogs, and bees. Moreover, they practice only sustainable forms of agriculture. On top of that, they […]

Cornerstone Creek Farm

Farm & Ranch in ZZ No Location, Texas

Cornerstone Creek Farm provides “great service and so nice to get local produce, eggs, and meat”. You can buy “some fresh ham steaks, ground beef, strawberries, apples, and raw honey from Cornerstone Creek Farms”. “They’re set up every Friday in Cleburne and Burleson – so fun!” And, “their produce and meat are fantastic”. Check out […]

Coyote Creek Farm

Farm & Ranch in Elgin, Texas

Jeremiah Cunningham, the owner of Coyote Creek Farm, founded the business in 1997. In 2007, they opened the first organic feed mill in Texas. It has helped farmers provide organic food to their animals while lowering the carbon footprint of farming. Their feed only uses certified organic ingredients approved by the USDA. Also, all grains […]

Dautobi Acres

Farm & Ranch in Kingsville, Texas

Dautobi Acres specialize in pasture-raised lambs, whole or half, processed to your specifications. There are also turkeys on pasture and they also sell turkey eggs. They do not give any hormones or antibiotics on the lambs. No pesticides or herbicides are sprayed on the pastures. They believe in the importance of “leaving the land better […]

Donna’s Farm

Farm & Ranch in Beaumont, Texas

Donna’s Farm in Beaumont, Texas, grows over 70 varieties of vegetables and herbs every year. The farm is committed to using sustainable farming practices. They don’t use any chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers. For Donna’s Farm, it is important to eat local food and knows where the food comes. Looking back, Donna’s Farm only starts with the seeds, then the […]

Eden’s Organic Garden Center and CSA farm

Farm & Ranch in Balch Springs, Texas

Located fifteen minutes southeast of Dallas, get your organic gardening and farming needs from Eden’s Organic Garden Center now. In under five miles, you can reach the farm and enjoy their products. Marie Tedei, the founder of the farm, established the business in 2008. But, they have been sharing their produce to the community in […]

Edens Cove Farm

Farm & Ranch in Cedar Creek, Texas

From the hard work and perseverance of JoAnn and Vivian Smotherman, Eden’s Cove Farm was born. Supporting the people’s demands for less processing, less packaging, more nutrition, flavor, and freshness on food, they sell farm-raised pork directly from the farm to the consumers. What’s exciting about their pork is that the hogs grew up eating […]

Falster Farm and Cattle Range

Farm & Ranch in Winnsboro, Texas

‘Falster Farm and Cattle Range’ has been raising excellent cattle breeds since 1998. They carry Mini Hereford Cows, Red Angus, Mini Jersey, and A2A2 Dairy cows and bulls. Nancy and Karl are the farmers behind the success of the farm. They offer organic food, cattle breeding services, and educational events. Whether you are new in […]

Finca Tres Robles

Farm & Ranch in Houston, Texas

Finca Tres Robles is owned and operated by SMALL PLACES LLC, a Houston based social impact business. Also, Finca Tres Robles is Houston’s only private farm inside 610 Loop, located in Houston’s East Side just 4 miles from Houston’s City Hall. “Locally grown, in the city, they carry a wide variety of fruits and vegetables”. […]