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Texas Ranches in The Livestock Conservancy

Farms and Ranches in Texas that are members of The Livestock Conservancy are dedicated to keeping rare and heritage breeds from extinction. Thanks to these local farms, many breeds in danger of extinction are now thriving and are providing healthy meals to families in and around Texas.

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CD&J Mini Ranch

Farm & Ranch in San Benito, Texas

The farm nests in the beautiful countryside of deep in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. It is close to the Southern border and South Padre Island. CD&J mini ranch raises some of the cutest farm animals. They have Kunekune pigs, Nigerian dwarf goats, miniature cattle, miniature donkeys, mini rex rabbits, and turkeys. The […]

Herut Farm

Farm & Ranch in Celeste, Texas

Herut Farm specializes in “holistically-raised heritage breeds like Jacob Sheep and Oberhasli. They also raise sheep, goats, chickens, and turkeys”. This farm “focuses on nutritional Healing and program design by their clinical herbalist, along with sustainable farming practices. Their animals are vaccine and chemical-free”, and they are picky about their feed. Herut Farm also “produces eggs, fiber, baked […]