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B & C FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Ovalo -

B&C Farms, led by Brittany and Chris White, is dedicated to regenerative agriculture and aiding in the healing of Mother Nature. Supporting their mission means thinking globally and acting locally. Explore their website and grab one of their shirts to show your support! At B&C Farms, they care for two dogs, four cats, and 100 free-range chicken egg ladies. These happy hens roam the pasture in a mobile coop, producing the finest farm-fresh eggs. With a commitment to natural practices, their egg ladies are not medicated and enjoy a diet of all-natural, non-soy, non-GMO feed. Find B&C Farms at the Lubbock Downtown Farmers Market or reach out directly to order CSA boxes and savor the goodness they bring straight to your doorstep. Join their journey towards sustainable farming and contribute to the healing of our planet.

Big Stars Farm

Farm & Ranch in Ovalo -

I recently had the pleasure of discovering Big Stars Farm, and I must say, I was truly inspired by the story behind this family-owned endeavor. The husband-wife duo behind the farm are deeply committed to promoting a lifestyle centered around slow and healthy living, and their passion for agriculture is truly evident. With one partner hailing from a cattle ranching family and the other with roots in farming, it's no surprise that their future would revolve around the land. However, it was during the college years that the dream of establishing their own farm truly started to take shape. Their dedication to sustainable and wholesome living is not only admirable but also reflected in the products they offer. If you're looking to support a farm that embodies the values of hard work, tradition, and a love for the land, Big Stars Farm is the place to be.

Brazos River Farms CSA

Farm & Ranch in Abilene -

Since 2009, Brazos River Farms CSA has been running as a farm. They offer more than 25 different vegetables alongside beef, fruits, eggs, honey, herbs, edible flowers, and specialty items. Moreover, not only they are just a farm, but also they accept members for CSA programs such as internships and customer work courses. Volunteers are very much appreciated, as well. Catch them at Farmers' Market in the area to buy their fresh harvest and other goods. For more information, contact Daniel Sutton at 3253702174. Happy customers said, "[Daniel is] very knowledgeable about producing food and a promoter of eating fresh, local, and organic" and "Grows some of the best onions, peppers, and greens."

Certified Criollo Grass Fed Beef

Farm & Ranch in Winters -

Experience the excellence of Americal Criollo Beef Alliance, Inc, a family farm established in 2010. Our passion lies in offering the finest Criollo beef, known for its tenderness and superior quality. Imported from Andalusia, Spain by Columbus, this Spanish cattle breed surpasses even Japan's Kobe and Wagyu beef. Each batch undergoes rigorous DNA testing to ensure maximum quality assurance. Our Criollo cattle roam freely in Central Texas, self-rotating and self-foraging on a sizable pasture, resulting in naturally fat and flavorful meat. Indulge in the most mouth-watering, aromatic beef at an affordable price. Don't miss our exclusive online offer: order now and enjoy a 16% discount!

Childress Agricultural Enterprises

Farm & Ranch in Cross Plains -

Visiting Childress Agricultural Enterprises will be a "super friendly old fashioned fruit picking experience". You will surely "love it" and "will definitely be back". There are "even a few farm animals to see". Their "products are great and this family is amazing". "They are so sweet and treat you just like family when you go to the farm". "The peaches were the best I've ever had!" is what you can say about their peaches. They also have their most important product, the pecans, which comes in both native and paper shell varieties. They sell this directly to consumers and wholesalers either in-shell, cracked or shelled variety. You can also have pick-your-own freestone peaches, blackberries, sweet corn and black-eyed peas. A small herd of purebred Red Brangus cattle are also found and they also sell coastal and Tifton 85 Bermuda hay.

Denton Valley Farm

Farm & Ranch in Clyde -

Denton Valley Farms started in 2017. The farm offers eight kinds of grapes, thorned and thornless blueberries, apricots, peach,  figs, plums, and pomegranates. They are also growing several types of seasonal crops. Some are cantaloupes, cucumbers, peppers, squash, tomatoes, okra, and peas. On the other hand, they are growing cattle, Dorper sheep, Spanish goats, and Boer goats. Recently, they have opened the farm for weddings and events. It is perfect! It can accommodate up to 400+ guests. Furthermore, the farm offers different beautiful sceneries for events: grassland, vineyard, orchard, and more. The farm is just twenty minutes southeasts of Abilene. Check their website to know more!

Grapevine Farms

Farm & Ranch in Abilene -

Grapevine Farms is a nonprofit 501(c)3 urban organic farm in Texas, dedicated to educating the community on food growth, health, and combating obesity. Addressing food insecurity in 22 Texas counties, their collaboration with local nonprofits aims to enhance access to affordable, nutritious food. All profits support their feeding programs. Discover their "L'il Red Barn Store," offering a variety of veggies, fruits, meat, poultry, eggs, and honey. You can also get involved as a volunteer during planting and harvesting seasons or contribute through donations.

ML Farms

Farm & Ranch in Stamford -

Try ML Farms' "keto bread" because it is "delicious" and their "keto cinnamon rolls as well!" You will also like their "apple pie jelly" for your "jelly sandwiches".  You will "definitely will be getting more". You can find them selling their "jams, jellies, pickles, and" their "Keto treats" such as "Keto buns, Keto cinnamon rolls, and Keto Pecan Pies" at "Abilene's Farmer's Market". Check out their social media page too for more updates about their farm. You can also "check the Chrane Ranch Market" because "you can also find all" their "jams, jellies, and pickles there". They also participate "at the Pecan Festival" in "Clyde, Texas".

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