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A & E Cattle Co.

Farm & Ranch in De Kalb -

A & E Cattle Co., which is located in De Kalb, Texas, raises quail, cows, chickens, and pigs. They also grow vegetables and blackberries. This is a small family ranch, and their inspiration is to be able to help the community by providing healthy food options produced locally. Pick which is more convenient for you - farm pickup, home delivery, or local drop-off to a specific location. You can also shop online to purchase pasture-raised beef, different cuts of pork, and seasonal produce, which are hormone-free, pesticide-free, and GMO-free. If you are near the area, you can even schedule a visit so that you can pick berries on the farm. That's a great activity for the family and friends. Or you might see them selling meat at the local farmers' market, like the Texarkana Farmers Market. Customers are very pleased with the products they've bought from this farm. They said the beef is delicious and you know by the taste of the meat that it is fresh. They also praised the excellent customer service provided by the farm to customers buying meats.

Balm and Honey FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Texarkana -

Owners Brin and Matt of Balm and Honey Farm, which is located in Texarkana, Texas, are honey and vegetable farmers. The farm produces raw honey, vegetables, eggs, herbs, and flowers. The farm and the apiary are both organic and sustainably kept. They offer membership subscriptions. This means a discount on food items. This means first dibs on freshly-harvested honey, which is sold out fast. Most important of all, this means a spot on the farm share (the farm runs a community-supported agriculture or CSA program). There are two options for farm share: large and small. Pick whichever is suitable for your household's needs and consumption. The farm also sells farm-fresh eggs by the dozen and a sourdough starter kit. The farm has been growing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, like tomatoes, okra, green beans, pinto beans, corn, yellow squash, zucchini, butternut squash, watermelon, purple hull peas, cream peas, sweet peppers, spicy peppers, cucumbers, garlic, and more! They also make time to sell to different farmers' markets in Hughes Springs, Jefferson, and Texarkana.

Binning Farm

Farm & Ranch in Maud -

Binning Farm grows heirloom variety vegetables. Aside from promoting seed diversity, they also believe that the taste is better. They do not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. They also have seedlings and herbs plants for sale from their onsite greenhouse. They also have chickens that provide brown eggs. These chickens also run freely on their 6-acre farm. They aim to be as self-sufficient as possible. They also want to share their abundance at a reasonable price to their community. You will "love all the fresh herbs Binning Farm brings to market! And the plants too. They're almost like a market nursery!" One of their loyal patrons also commented, "Mrs. Debbie’s herbal tea is the best! I have tried most of her blends and they have a wonderful flavor. I love the health benefits from each one! Marshmallow Rose and Tranquili-tea is my favorite".

Lone Drone Honey Bee Farm

Farm & Ranch in Maud -

Lone Drone Honey Bee Farm is a local apiary that produces honey and other bee related products. The owner also collects swarms and can also remove problem bees. He doesn't use pesticides in the hives, and the honey is sold raw.  You can even meet them at the Texarkana farmers market.  The owner is "very friendly, knowledgeable and professional!"  They also offer gift baskets which include some containers of honey, body butter, lip balms, jams and more!  

Long Walk Spring Farm

Farm & Ranch in New Boston -

Long Walk Spring Farm is a family-owned and operated farm. The farm grows and sells quality vegetables. They also sell herbal products and eggs. Visitors to the farm are very much welcome, just make sure it is not a holiday or the weather outside is bad because in both cases, the farm is closed. Come by the farm especially during the weekend for the weekend farmer's market. Every Saturday, they sell fresh eggs, Moscadine and Wild Plum jelly, and fresh, homegrown produce from 9 AM until sellout. If you can't visit, don't worry. They update their website to let you know which products are available and which products are out of stock. They have a wide range of items sold on their website, from potted spearmint to Southern Pepper Sauce, dried leaves, salve, and pasture-raised chicken.

Markham Farms

Farm & Ranch in Texarkana -

Markham Farms has been in the industry since 1941 and they produce a whole variety of farm products for the community.  The items that they sell include fresh vegetables, herbs, herb rubs, fresh eggs and homemade salsa.  They also have fruits like figs and Nashville peaches available!  Drop by the Texarkana Farmers Market to check out their produce.

Sullifarm and Kitchen

Farm & Ranch in Hooks -

Sullifarm embraces the full-circle scene in agriculture.  They believe in practices that's all about about restoration, repair, healing and health.  They don't just grow food, they strive to regenerate their soils and pastures in the process, leaving it much healthier than when they started. Sullifarm strives to maintain as local a scene as possible. This decreases the need for excessive transportation, ensures the utmost freshness, and keeps your dollars directly affecting your food production and not towards gas for vehicles or means of long-term storage. Aside from providing great-value farmboxes, Sullifarm and Kitchen also offers private parties known as Sullifarm-to-Table Events. Featuring almost completely locally sourced, naturally produced foods, prepared from scratch in a way that is simple, gourmet, and highlights the deliciousness of each ingredient. The full menu is kept secret from guests to add to the excitement and anticipation, talk about having an element of surprise to a meal! Of course that's not the only reason for the "secret menu" it's also because their meals are intensely determined by what they and the other local farmers are harvesting at that exact time.

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