Review of Orale Foodstuffs by TexasRealFood

Headquartered in the heart of Austin, Texas, Orale Foodstuffs is the purveyors of fine, organic, and plant-based fermented foods that distribute and sell their products direct from Wunder-Pilz Kombucha on tap, Oye Canbucha, and Hearty Vegan’s Texas Tempeh. Luckily, this company got the best of three worlds! “No one even comes close” to Wunder-Pilz as it is “the best Kombucha in Austin!” This beverage is “not too sweet because it’s made with herbs, spices, and flowers. The sugar content is super low” as well. And if you want a kombucha that is crisp, effervescent, tart, and refreshing, Oye Canbucha is the way to go. This canned kombucha tea is perfect for those busy folks who wanted their probiotic drink to be on-the-go. Overall, whether you’re starting to clean your diet or maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Oralé Foodstuff is definitely a staple in your homes.
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